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Via Tastefully Offensive:

Johnny Jansen shared this hilariously cute video of his baby son pausing to contemplate his existence while dancing along to MGMT's new song, "She Works Out Too Much."

Open thread below...

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Gibson said “I am not walking away with my head hung low. I am walking away with my head held high," He had decided after talking to friends and family, and prayer that it was best to leave the race, presumably for his earlier hate-filled comments. And it had nothing to do with the well over $100,000 Eryn Gilchrist had raised online in just one day to take on this hatemonger.

Source: Associated Press

Sabattus, Maine (AP) -- A Republican Maine House candidate who called a Florida high school shooting survivor a "skinhead lesbian" and called another a "bald-faced liar" is quitting the race.

Leslie Gibson was widely criticized for insulting the survivors of last month's shooting, which killed 17 people. The Portland Press Herald reports Gibson said Friday he's walking away with his "head held high."

One of the teenage students Gibson attacked online was Emma Gonzalez, a leader in student efforts to combat gun violence. He said there was "nothing about this skinhead lesbian" that impressed him.

Gibson had been unopposed in the 57th District contest. Now Republican Thomas Martin Jr. and Democrat Eryn Gilchrist are running. Gilchrist says she was "horrified" at the idea of Gibson representing her.

Another Friday is upon us. I don't know about everyone else in the music club but I know I am going to use some of this weekend to defrag and decompress. This one from Beach House's upcoming album is helping with that plan.

What are you listening to tonight?

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The Washington Post reports the Keebler Elf has finally fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was scheduled to retire Sunday.

Trump's tiny mincing minion released a statement late last night justifying the move with the Inspector General's report, although we all know the real reason why the Big Cheeto wanted him gone. After all, he was going to testify against Trump eventually in any obstruction case.

He was accused of authorizing the disclosure of information to the media about a Clinton-related case, then misleading investigators about his actions in the matter. McCabe denies it.

Official statement by Andrew McCabe on his firing. What an incredible and honorable man. The President Doesn't yet realize how terrible a move this has been. Thank you for your Service Mr. McCabe — Brian Krassenstein🐬 (@krassenstein) March 17, 2018

Republican strategist Rick Wilson joined Brooke Baldwin on CNN to talk about Donald Trump's "Stormy Situation" and boy, did it get heated. Rick got the (dis)pleasure of meeting Paris Dennard, MAGA Trump lover and idiotic sycophant. It is clear that Rick came armed with intelligence, wit and passion while Paris came with delusion, blinders and stupidity.

Here is how it went:

Wilson said that Trump's despicable behavior with Stormy Daniels won't hurt him "politically" because he feels like his base is "secure." He added:

“They’ve told us over and over they will tolerate any amorality, any scuzzy behavior. We have to think about Melania’s prenup with him. There may be a money equation there as well that he’s putting at risk.”

Notice, Trump has remained completely silent about Stormy. Not one tweet. Odd, right?

Well, when Baldwin asked Dennard why Trump has remained silent, he said that “the president* wants to dignify this story, true or false … this is something that is terribly embarrassing for the first lady.”

Sure, thing, Jan.

Wilson jumped in:

WILSON: Can I jump in on this for a second, Paris? I feel you’re struggling here. Let me help you out here....Trump has had a long pattern of engagement with a variety of women to whom he is not married....

Are you telling me that [the GOP] never once brought up the fact that Bill Clinton screwed his way through Arkansas? No. They did it all the time. It wasn’t the fact that he did it...

Xristian Xrazie sex scold and noted boycott queen Linda Harvey pushed her snout out of her mud hut and it smelled like Spring. Little shoots of green were peaking out of the soil, the birds were chirping, and Linda sensed that soon, rutting season would begin. Linds sighed deeply, and glanced at her WaterPik.

And that’s when she decided the nexus of the ‘mos and the ‘hos are to blame for Gawd’s wrath upon us. Or something. You see, the ‘mos can’t have bebes and the ‘hos are ‘bortin’ bebes, so they must be in league! The Ultimate in Conspiracies, amiright?

Actually, I’m not sure what her point really is, but that’s never stopped her from speechifying about the horror of people getting their freak-on, while she sits in her hut, fuming, and swearing to her ancestors that no one will ever accuse her of licentiousness. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, as she opens her folders of sexual anarchists and reaches for the WaterPik, kicks the diesel engine on and takes aim.

You know, Linda, a little less of the Old Testament and a little more of that dirty hippy Jeebus and the Beatitudes would do you a world of good. Or knowing that your New Testament has (probably) never been cracked open (um, so to speak?), how about you read the Song of Songs? You know, the really dirty love poem in the front of the book?

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My colleague Heather caught this moment on Fox's Outnumbered yesterday. Trish Regan is trying to launch another Fox News attack on Andrew McCabe, their whipping boy of the week.

She includes the irrelevant information that McCabe's wife ran for office and received money from Democratic politicians.

Amidst a lot of crosstalk, another host asks Regan, "So cabinet member's spouses shouldn't be political?"

"Absolutely not!" says Trish.

I guess in the heat of the moment Trish Regan forgot that Commerce Secretary Elaine Chou is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But hey, if Trish Regan wants to call for Mitch to step down due to conflict of interest, I'm all for it.

Before Trish could be embarrassed on air, Harris Faulkner cut her off -- Fox had BREAKING! NEWS! that Donald Trump was in a room with a camera in it.

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With the news that Fox News requisite blonde Heather Nauert has gone from being the State Department spokeswoman to Deputy Secretary and #4 in the State Department and Kochster Pete Hegseth is being considered as head of the VA, it's time for all of us to understand that Fox News is the incubator for high-ranking White House jobs.

On The Five, they discussed the reality show reality of this White House, with much jocularity, of course. No one wants to take the chaos seriously, except maybe Juan Williams.

Williams correctly observed, "It's reality TV. If you want to get in, You need to get in the Fox green room. Apparently that's the staging."

Yep. Fox News is Donald Trump's informal cabinet, advising him on everything from personnel to policy. State TV is here.


GUTFELD: ...Putting in place people that he trusts in that like him. It's very important for them to support the president's agenda, agree with it, and personally like the president. We've heard a lot of people that are kind of doing their duty and rolling their eyes. Those leaks hurt the president. They do him a very big disservice.

He is consolidating the group of people around him. He still likes the diversity of opinion. That serves him well but at the same time, he wants to have people votes around him that agree with him and like him. It is safe to say Kellyanne Conway is safe and Stephen Miller is safe and Sarah Sanders was doing an...

Yes the fact that she's a Republican Congresswoman now is supposed to give Liz Cheney even more of an excuse than the "shopping in Dubai" Bush State Department position she had when her daddy was vice, to hog the airwaves when it comes to defending torture.

But what I said about Liz Cheney in 2011 is still true:

The idea that her father's war profits...
pay for cosmetic surgery...
to make her look more telegenic...
so she can promote and defend the murder of innocents and the torture of any...
in order to "keep me safe"?

Liz Cheney, and the networks who give her a stage, make Jesus himself vomit.

And now that another woman with torture on her resume in whatever way they finally parse it, is set to be an officer for the CIA, Liz decides to open her Twitter pie hole because John McCain thought a torture person shouldn't hold that position.

The torture of detainees in U.S. custody during the last decade was one of the darkest chapters in American history. The Senate must do its job in scrutinizing the record & involvement of Gina Haspel in this disgraceful program. — John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) March 13, 2018

Comrade Trump has officially chosen shouty CNBC television personality, Reagan-era TV economist who blew Chimpy’s financial disaster—along with every other call he’s ever made— Larry Kudlow to replace the soon-to-be departed living volleyball, Gary Cohn (seriously, he could have played Wilson in Castaway!), as Chairman of the National Economic Council.

When the Russian Usurper called Kudlow to give him the news, Trump told Kudlow “You’re looking handsome, Larry,” because in Reality TeeVee what else matters?

And Kudlow has accepted.

For a president who gets his national security news not from daily briefings but from the crotch couch at Petunia & Pals, this moron is the perfect guy to dole out economic advice.


Kudlow has a track record that was too good for Prznint Stupid to pass by, you know, with Kudlow’s time in St. Ronnie’s administration bleating and mewling VooDoo economics that have never once worked. Allegedly Kudlow stopped taking drugs in the Reagan Years.

He may regret THAT decision soon.

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There is always another sex scandal around the corner for Donald Trump. And the problem is he's such a pig it's not that, like everything else in TrumpWorld, they have to be true they just have to be "a story" and we're off to the races.

How utterly ironic that Stormy's lawyer Michael Avanti is doing his job, fighting for his client on television rather than in the courtroom.

The bombshell that Stormy Daniels was threatened physically for speaking out is this morning's headline, but last night Avanti also noted that six other women have contacted his office for "help" regarding Donald Trump and affairs, and two of those six appear to have non-disclosure agreements regarding their "relationships."

All of this is unvetted hearsay but why not bring it up? Avanti isn't under oath and is playing Trump's game: say the outrageous, get attention, and make trouble to get more attention.

And with Trump's attorney Michael Cohen all at once claiming he will fight "to the death" to get all of his money back from Stormy and at the same time speaking through an attorney himself -- as Avanti said, "It's Christmas and Hannukkah all rolled into one" for him. Keeping up a TV shouting fight with Donald Trump, his attorney, and his attorney's attorney?

That's a win.

The White House continues to be a place of incredible upheaval and instability, with staff leaving weekly, or sometimes even daily. The Washington Post reported Thursday night that H.R. McMaster, NSA Director, was going to be let go as soon as Friday. Now CBS is reporting that John Kelly may be next.

This is pure speculation right now, but the hoofbeats are getting stronger. CBS reports that two sources told them that John Kelly may also resign as early as Friday. Kelly has managed to hold on to his job since the the Summer of 2017, when he was brought in to replace Reince Priebus. He has used his military training to bring a minor amount of order to the Oval Office, although not nearly enough to contain an erratic, vindictive and mentally unstable President*.

Friday night a user named Storm Durham (@chelstorrm) posted a completely fanatical story claiming that she was fired from her government job in Roanoke Virginia Department of Social Services because they found out she had a concealed carry permit. If you possess an IQ of at least 60, you would realize that this story is utter crap. Not only are CC permits legal in Virginia, but there is no reason to be fired for possessing one.

Here is what she posted:

I was fired today. From Roanoke City Social Services, serving as a damn good social worker. I was fired for having a concealed carry permit. Not the gun, the permit. I was escorted by 3 city police officers bc I am a "safety risk to the building" — Storm Durham (@chelstorrm) March 10, 2018


Then she started tagging the typical right wing echo chamber tools: Tomi Lahren, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld Show, Laura Ingraham, Shannon Bream, Kim Guilfoyle, Laura Loomer, Clint Eastwood and Donald Trump. Dana Loesch's husband tweeted at her, among others.

Oh, a funding page is up:

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Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend? You probably don't want to read this Bloomberg News report.

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued an alert yesterday that "extremely sophisticated" Russian hackers are aggressively attacking on our electric grid, nuclear plants, aviation infrastructure and water plants. It was the first official confirmation of a story Bloomberg first reported in July.

"Since at least March 2016, Russian government cyber actors" have targeted "government entities and multiple U.S. critical infrastructure sectors," the statement said.

But the intrusions also include commercial facilities and manufacturing sectors, which hackers used to spread malware and gain remote access to targets including industrial control systems used by power plants and other infrastructure.

The attackers could, given the right access, leave millions without power or water, and cause massive aviation emergencies. Oh, and then there's the nukes:

Many of the targeted power plants are conventional, but the attacks included at least one nuclear power plant in Kansas, Bloomberg News reported in July. While the core of a nuclear generator is heavily protected, a sudden shutdown of the turbine can trigger safety systems. These safety devices are designed to disperse excess heat while the nuclear reaction is halted, but the safety systems themselves may be vulnerable to attack.

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Stunning. Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti disclosed on Morning Joe this morning that Stormy Daniels was physically threatened regarding the NDA she signed.

Knowing Trump henchman/thug Michael Cohen's pseudo-Godfather persona and past history, I'm gonna guess it was the classic "You won't be so pretty if someone throws acid in your face" kind of coercion -- which, if it happened before she signed, may invalidate the agreement. But we won't know until after the 60 Minutes interview appears on March 25.

"Was she threatened in any way?" Mika asked.

"Yes," Avenatti said.

"Was she threatened physical harm?"


"Was her life threatened?"

"Again, I won't answer that. People will have to tune in to '60 Minutes.'"

Avenatti refused any details. He would not say whether the threat came from the president (I doubt that, he uses Cohen for that sort of thing), although when asked directly if the physical effects came from Trump, he said, "I will neither confirm nor deny."

"I think it will become apparent to people. People can judge for themselves on who is telling the truth and not and, again, we're not trying to silence anyone," the attorney said.

"We want both sides to lay out their version of the facts so the American people can decide for themselves what happened."

After further questions, he said, "I'm not at liberty to discuss it. You can ask it 17 different ways, I'll give you the same answer. I applaud your tenaciousness."

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This is the jerk who decided replying to an article in The Hill about the Parkland kids and using his own name was a good idea. Said the piss-poor excuse for a human being about Emma González:

'There's nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing to say unless you're frothing at the mouth moonbat

And then decided he had to come to the defense of NRA whore Dana Loesch, when the NRA was criticized by student David Hogg for owning congressmen:

'Dana Loesch 'owns' Congressmen? Completely absurd. Hogg doesn't get a pass when he blatantly lies.'

Source: NBC News

Leslie Gibson came under fire this week for maligning two teen survivors of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. His comments may have gone unnoticed if he hadn't been running unopposed for a seat in the Maine House of Representatives.

He got some company Thursday.

Democrat Eryn Gilchrist decided to take him on, filing her candidacy just before the 5 p.m. deadline.

Gibson, a candidate in the state's 57th district, provoked outrage after he took to Twitter to attack Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, who have emerged as prominent voices for stricter gun control in the wake of the Feb. 14 attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students and staff dead.

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Heard any good Caeser jokes today? Anyone want to take a stab at telling one?

What are you listening to tonight?

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This guy might be the biggest jackass in a cabinet replete with jackasses.

Here, he somehow manages to offend when asked a serious question about Japanese-American internment during World War II.

Source: NBC News

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is facing criticism from some lawmakers after he responded to a congresswoman's question about preserving the history of World War II-era Japanese-American incarceration with "konnichiwa."

During Thursday's House Natural Resources Committee hearing, Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, asked Zinke about the future of a grant program that advocates say is in danger under President Donald Trump’s proposed 2019 budget.

“Are you committed to continue to grant programs that are identified, I believe, as the Japanese American Confinement Sites grants program which were funded in 2017? Will we see them funded again in 2018?” Hanabusa, who acknowledged her grandfathers were interned during World War II, asked.

Zinke replied, "Oh, konnichiwa," before beginning to answer Hanabusa's question.

"“I think it’s still 'ohayo gozaimasu,' but that's OK," Hanabusa said, correcting him with the Japanese greeting for "good morning."

Konnichiwa means "good afternoon."

Others were not amused either.

You think what the DCCC has done in undermining Laura Moser is unique?
It isn't. It's been fairly standard operating procedure since 2006 when Rahm Emanuel and Steny Hoyer decided they should determine who Democratic nominees should be, not local Democratic primary voters. The only thing unique about the Laura Moser incident was how incompetently it was handled and how embarrassingly public it became. 

More "normal" DCCC interference in local primaries is better illustrated by how they're trying to destroy another progressive, Levi Tillemann, on behalf of yet another corrupt New Dem from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, Jason Crow, in the Denver suburbs (CO-06). The Republican incumbent, Mike Coffman, is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country. Hillary beat Trump 50.2% to 41.3% in this district, which has a D+2 PVI.

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