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One major gift my mother gave me for which I am eternally grateful for is instilling in me the habit of reading as a young boy. I remember receiving and reading story books way back when I was five years old.

I read more of story books and novels back then. Books like Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Things Fall Apart, etc. And as I grew older my taste and volume of books equally increased. I started from James Hadley Chase, and then to Mary Higgins Clark, and of course, John Grisham, and a whole lot of others. These guys were great story tellers, and I was developing a habit without knowing.

But sometime in 2008, I started getting introduced to books like “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “The Impossible is Possible”, and a couple of other motivational books. And before I knew it, I saw myself delving deep into the world of success, leadership, vision, financial intelligence, business development, relationships, goal setting, and motivation generally.

But it all started with reading just about anything, including newspaper.

To be honest, most of the things I know now that are currently helping me today in life are not things I learned in school. They are things I learned on my own, through books and seminars/conferences.

I started building my library back then in my final year in University, and since then, I have always added to it, and I don’t...

So I have been led to write about the year of Illumination.

2018 is upon us and it is a very exciting time to be alive, to be human. I feel it in my heart. The change that us upon us.

So I feel I need to start with semantics, the stuff that is relatable for the representation of physical signs we can all understand. And please note, with all my writings, I ask you, the wise one within, to discern whether this message is for you or not, for I share these words with love a truth from within, if they do or do not resonate with you, is the power you hold.

So with that, 2018 in numerology, adds up to 11. This is a power number and represents illumination. The number stands tall, side by side and strong. It is very powerful, as 1 itself represents, power, self and strength. As there are two of them, in essence the power is doubled.

As the 1’s stand side by side they support each other. They see each other and they recognise each other. This is about illuminating what is around us by seeing it in the other. By recognising it in the world. By seeing it in self by looking in the mirror. The 11 also stand as one.

Let the light shine!

What comes up for you in 2018 will be VERY illuminating to you.

There may be things that have been hidden or in the dark for a very long time and...

  • What is ‘Ours’ and what is ‘Theirs’/TAKING CARE OF ONESELF ENERGETICALLY
  • New Galactic Suns Energies
  • New Dragon Energies
  • Thank you
  • Onwards and Upwards in New Birthing Energies/Ascension in 2018
  • Taking Care of Oneself Energetically
  • Honoring our Space and Energy
  • What is ‘ours’ what is ‘theirs’ ~ Special Insight ~
  • Coming from Another Angle
  • AMPLIFIED Energies
  • Be More Conscious of what one is FEELING
  • Giving yourself the ‘greatest gift’
  • Coming Home to Oneself
  • ‘Before’ is no Longer…

*What is being shared here is from 2 years of very intense feeling, processing and generally ‘working this out’ to be able to share to you all, as my final gift of 2017. Of 22 years leading up to ‘this’ to be ‘able’ to do so.

As this is a MAJOR ‘heads up’ of energies of ‘what is ours, what is ‘theirs’. That was a very intense ‘time’ of ‘discovering’ (what I am about to share below) as a Template/Ascension Pioneer/WaySEER for and with humanity. As I ‘head into’ my 23rd year of going ‘within’ consciously. With 2018 being a year of creating and manifesting and then also a 11 year (also being a Master No:11). Some very ‘exciting’ times are ‘ahead’ indeed!*


We have a New Galactic suns energy that recently ‘came in’ while the old suns energy is shifting away…which this ‘transition’ in itself is so major and huge as this is our Bringing in a New Dawn, right here and now! (Remember this does...

Of all the culturally conditioned behaviors we’ve mindlessly adopted, alcoholism is one of the most curious. We know it is highly detrimental to personal health and that it directly contributes to myriad societal problems including violence and drunk driving. We also know that the alcohol industry is exceptionally lucrative while at the same time the police state uses this addiction to extend their authority.

Some argue that alcoholism is a spiritual disease, and that the consumption of ‘spirits’ is a means of giving the self up to our inner demons. Dr. Gabor Maté sees alcoholism as a means of covering up personal trauma and emotional pain, yet even without getting too deep into this it’s easy to see that abstaining from booze has some pretty incredible benefits for those seeking better health and greater awareness in life.

Here is a list of the many common things people realize when they quit drinking booze, as compiled from a number of personal stories found online, all listed below in the footnotes:


The first major thing people see is a dramatic improvement in overall...

The theme in my life was broken relationships.

When I was in high school, I was playing video games in my room one evening and I heard my mother calling out for me to come down to the basement.

I thought nothing of it until I got downstairs and saw the red skin around my mother’s eyes. You could tell she’d been crying a lot. She was sitting with my father and I could tell something serious was happening.

My father looked over at me. His face was downcast.

© Shao-chun Wang | Dreamstime Stock Photos

“I’m going to be leaving. Who do you want to live with? Mom or me?” my father said in Korean.

“I’ll live with mom” I replied. I was thinking I’d rather stay in the neighborhood I grew up in rather than move away and start life over again.

“Ok,” my dad replied

“Ok,” I replied back. I went back upstairs to continue playing my video game.

He was gone the next day.

My parents weren’t getting along for a while, but this moment was officially the day they decided to separate.

My dad was great at having fun. He took me on a lot of trips. He was the type who would pay for the restaurant bill for all of his friends even though we didn’t have...

You’ve seen the constant plague that any society fights nowadays.

You’ve seen people slowly deteriorate and slip in this world. You’ve seen how it can destruct any person and life.

It’s painful to see. And you wish you can do something about it.

Drug addiction is the unwanted practice some people use to numb the pain. They want to escape reality for a few hours to get some form of relief.

All of us have different ways of dealing with pain.  Avoidance. Escape. Running Away.

© Eldar Nurkovic | Dreamstime Stock Photos

But all of these will only get you to a certain degree. It will never solve the problem and will always nudge you if left unattended.

Unfortunately, for some people, their way of escaping the pain leads to their deterioration and destruction. The news is filled with stories of famous people who seemingly have it all, yet, lose their lives because of the way they deal with pain.

Your Response Determines The Outcome of Your Life

No one is immune to experiencing pain. However, the difference lies in how we perceive and respond to it.

Pain is a test of life that gives you two options: surrender and fail or fight and rise...

A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking. A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking.” (repeat it until you believe it) Abraham Hicks

Many articles read, many days passed, many desires not manifested.

What am I doing wrong? – I asked myself daily, watching how my dreams “successfully” remain only as dreams.

I am doing it all wrong and it will not work as usual! Oh no, I just had a bad thought! I am so bad for having bad thoughts! Oh no, that was another one! Oh c’mon Yuliya, you know how this stuff works, you have just created a disaster!

Luckily for me, I have confused the Universe so much, that disaster did not come. But so did my desires – they refused to materialize too.

So what’s wrong? – I asked the Universe, and soon enough, trough other articles, my own thoughts and new experiences, I found the answers.

I am not a bad person for having bad thoughts.

Criticism will never bring anything good into my life. It’s not my fault that I have “bad” thoughts. It’s years of conditioning of upbringing, society and all the people and events which crossed my life. What I’ve created before – is not my responsibility, in a way that I simply couldn’t know that I’m creating it.

What I’m creating now is my responsibility, but...

It is the most wonderful time of the year once again. Christmas, indeed, is the most festive season, not to mention, also the best season for indulgence. Of course, that includes all things but, most especially food — the fattiest, most sinful kinds. Unfortunately, it could also be the most stressful season that some people, perhaps including yourself, have stopped looking forward to the Holidays.

Where Did All The Extra Pounds Come From?

It’s the question you end up asking yourself at the start of the New Year, that is, just about when you find yourself bloated and unable to fit into your clothes, even the ones you just shopped for during the Christmas rush. Here’s why the Holidays are so not good for your body:

1. The traditional Holiday foods are too fatty and too sugary. Who can ever resist the smell of cinnamon on oven-baked bread? American pie anyone? All that ham and cheese and salami and salted chips that came with your bubblies are a major culprit too.

2. The snow is stopping you from working out. This particularly is true if you love outdoor workouts, including lap running around your neighborhood. At a time when you eat more and workout less, you know what naturally happens next.

3. The weather is too cold and gloomy. Your natural reaction? Stay under the covers all day and night when you can. It’s not very healthy indeed.


It’s THAT time of year again…

Rampant commercialism. Frayed tempers. And of course, the inevitable family get-togethers.

Now if you’re someone who savours the enchantment of the Festive Season and basks in the bosom of the extended family unit then this article is NOT for you.

For the rest of you, you’re in good company.

The Festive Season has always been a time of begrudging familial obligation for me and in my younger years I believed that I had to simply suck it up and get through it. And I did. Most of the time.

It’s not always easy to deal with family. Add a few glasses of tipple and a simple meal can become a potential war zone. With explosive tendencies. You enter bravely holding your breath and exit many hours later (emotionally) battered and bruised.

And so, dear readers, if you simply can’t avoid the inevitable beckoning from home, here are a few simple coping mechanisms that I’ve picked up over the years that may (just may) ease your journey through this year’s episode of “Xmas Lunch”.


This self-explanatory really. Our self-control and tolerance levels decrease rapidly with each glass of wine. They’re family remember – there is no “drinking them interesting”.
“Wine-induced honesty” is NEVER a good idea. Ever.

Staying sober and clear-headed will allow you to put into practice ALL of the points following this one. If you’re tipsy/fall-down-drunk, you’re a lost cause…

Pre-Pave the...

Clean and neat is how every man should look. You owe it to yourself, your partner and others who deal with you on daily basis. It only takes a conscious decision to look clean and energetic even on a tight budget. The how is easy if only you have the desire, and won`t cost much either. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you`re all set.

Have a haircut that actually fits you

You don`t have to wait until you look like captured Saddam Hussein to see your barber. A well-groomed man will hit the barber not to get a complete makeover, but to maintain his cool looks. Don`t wait until the hair grows exponentially to get a haircut. Hit the barber once a month to make sure you always look neat. There are many cool haircuts to choose from, the Side Part, the Modern Slick Back, Textured Pomp Fade are some among many options you can choose from.

Fragrance: Your own signature

When talking fragrance, a well-chosen perfume will tell much about you the same way your cigarette, or car model does —at least financially. Scents play a decent part in the attraction game and the perfume you wear must make you more desirable.

The next time you`re shopping for a perfume, remember the word “Consistency”. Your perfume is simply a sign that you put everywhere you go. Anyone taking the elevator ten...

This color test will let you know your dominant color and what it means for you.

Colors can tell you a lot about a person.  What colors they wear, what colors they paint their rooms in the house, what colours they like, and what colors their general environment is.


So the colors you choose are really important as it can convey a lot about your personality.  Imagine you see someone a woman wearing a red dress for example, this displays confidence, they don’t mind being seen, they stand out, it just conveys an air of confidence.

Color therapy is also huge in psychology.  It looks at the energy patterns of certain colors and psychologists say that what you wear can change your energy and how you feel about yourself.

Take This  Beautiful Color Test Can Determine Your Dominant Personality Trait!



Did we get it right for you? Leave a comment below to let us know how accurate this was. Please share this with a friend and find out what their dominant personality traits are.

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How do you feel?

Most of the time?

Tired? Stressed? Worried?

It’s the modern way. There’s just too much to do today that should have been done yesterday and as for tomorrow…don’t ask!

Truth is, most of us would like to be less tired, stressed and worried.

But there’s a missing ingredient….

And exercise is probably part of the answer. And healthy eating. And the perfect lifestyle.

But that brings with it more stress, more worry.

Will it ever stop!

The trouble is, the world is screaming at you about all the things you need to do to live longer and happier that it’s having the opposite effect.

So I’m going to whisper an alternative suggestion here instead: Tell the world and all it’s problems to take a hike for a moment.

You’ve got stuff to be thankful for.

Because ridiculously the answer I’ve found is gratitude. And even as I wrote that I groaned, because you probably did when you read it.

Gratitude’s been touted as the magic pill, the cure-all, the ultimate answer to… everything.

And the latest fad, like hot yoga or coconut oil.

But gratitude is no fad. It’s been here since people existed.

Why because it works. it’s honestly life-changing in so may different areas.

Here’s three that will help you live longer and happier – without the stress and worry.

1 Longer and More refreshing Sleep

Have you ever investigated what your body is busy doing while you’re asleep?

It’s fascinating! And incredible. It’s also essential to...

While most of us are celebrating Christmas with family and friends it’s easy to forget that some are spending it alone. As someone who has spent Christmas alone, I know first-hand how sad, lonely, and down-right depressing this is.

I’m going to be alone again this year, but unlike other times, I’m looking forward to it. I plan on spending the day with a few drinks, vegging on the couch, and eating myself into a food coma.

No, I’m not anti-social, or a humbug, and I’m not crazy. And yes, I have family, but we don’t get along, and I’m currently rebuilding my social network, so I don’t have anyone close to hang out with.

But I’m OK with that.

“How are you so relaxed about it?” I hear you ask.

Simple. It is what it is.

I’m not being blaze about it. In fact it’s the complete opposite. Life is about ups-and downs, twists and turns. Rather than dwell on it and play the victim I see it as a ‘new chapter’ and an opportunity to grow.

Being OK spending Christmas, or any other day for that matter, alone didn’t just happen. It took me ages to get there, and a lot of hard work and investment in myself, as well. I mediate daily, practice self-care, do correct breathing exercises, and count my blessings. All that effort has paid off as the whole experience has made me a better...

For long, green tea has been one of the most healthiest beverages in the history of mankind. In fact, the first book to ever highlight the benefits of green tea goes way back to the year 600 AD when the Chinese monk, Lu Yu, wrote what he called “The Classic of Tea” which is known by historians to be the first definitive work on cultivating, making and drinking tea.

Green tea has many healthy benefits like decreasing inflammation and fighting cancer, but what most people neglect is that green tea has many beauty-related benefits that will make you want to drink it even if you`re not a tea fan. Some of these benefits are….

Green tea protects your skin against photoaging

Photoaging is the premature aging of your skin cells caused by the repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Fortunately, green tea can protect you from photoaging and keep your skin young and elastic because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

According to a 2009 study, people who used green tea —orally or through topical application— were able to recover from photoaging and saw a significant improvement in the elastic tissue of their skin as opposed to a placebo group.

It can protect you from skin cancer

Epigallocatechin Gallate —EGCG— is a major antioxidant in green tea that belongs to the catechin group. Studies found that EGCG has many benefits to your skin, the most important...

It’s the season for holiday parties at the office. They’re great for building workplace camaraderie and team spirit, but when was the last time a colleague – perhaps fueled by too much alcohol – said something that showed they are looking at their professional world through rose-colored glasses.

It happens more often than you might think. A four-year study by found that 23 percent of CEOs got fired for denying reality, meaning refusing to recognize negative facts about the organization’s performance. Other findings show that professionals at all levels suffer from the tendency to deny uncomfortable facts in business settings.

Dealing with truth denialism – in business, politics, and other life areas – is one of my areas of research, consulting, and speaking. It’s also the topic of my recently-published Amazon bestseller, The Truth-Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide. One of the strategies described there can be summarized under the acronym EGRIP (Emotions, Goals, Rapport, Information, Positive Reinforcement), which provides clear guidelines on how to deal with colleagues who deny the facts.

What Not To Do

Our intuition is to confront our colleagues with the facts and arguments, but research – and common sense, if the colleague is your supervisor – suggests that’s usually exactly the wrong thing to do. When we see someone believing in something we are confident is false, we need to suspect some emotional block is at play. Research on the confirmation bias...

1) Allow yourself to want what you want

For whatever reason we buy into the story that we always need to temper our wants and we need to be content with less than what we really want. If you believe in an abundant universe, then you know that you having what you want does not take away from anyone else. Everyone gets to choose to want what they want and do the work to create it – Just the same as you do. So how does holding yourself back, actually help anything?

I personally believe that your vision, your dreams, your desires come from a deeper place than just you. They come because the universe requires certain things to be manifest for it to continue the evolution process and guess who gets to do the manifesting – YOU!

As you allow yourself to live out the vision and dreams in your heart of hearts, it impacts the planet. So please stop holding back thinking you are being all spiritual and noble. It is spiritual to go after everything!

2) Allow yourself to change your mind

You may get to a place in life where the things that you used to want, you no longer want. Allow that to happen. You change, you evolve, you want different things and that is completely okay. Stop holding on to the desires of the past thinking that it is irresponsible...

As we finally sit back and sip on our peppermint mochas, the year end generic habit is to answer a question: What should we do next year? Or, more precisely- what should we add next year in our lives, that, we somehow missed this time.

Yup- I am talking New year Resolutions.

Change, most of all, has been related to *adding* things, *doing* stuff in our life. Whether you want to work out more times in a week or improve your sleep by taking a supplement, isn’t it a bit bizarre that we always equate change to adding things? What if change involved subtracting? That is- what if instead of overloading ourselves with tons and tons of stuff, we started subtracting the extras and learned to thrive with the essentials?

We’re so focused on answering what should we do, that, we often fail to question the alternative- *what shouldn’t we do?* Stripping out the unnecessary, in a very real sense, leaves room for the necessary.

This year, I did tons of subtracting, and let me tell you- I feel as if a weight has been lifted. More importantly, my physical and emotional health has improved significantly.

Here are just three things I subtracted from my life this year and where it got me.

#1 Food

What I did: Started Fasting
Where it got me: Improved Productivity and Health

Something I always noticed after breakfast was how sleepy and sluggish I got,...

Probably one of the most frequent questions that each and every student has at some point in his education: “Will I be able to handle my work as my studies at the same time?” The answer is yes.

Although clearly, studying and working requires more sacrifices than studying full-time, do not worry! Thousands of students have demonstrated that this is not only feasible but also something everyone recommends doing.

1. Prioritize your daily tasks and learn to manage your time

We have all gone through a situation where we had to organize our time so as to meet a deadline. But, what would happen if instead of organizing our time occasionally we do it continuously? Sooner or later it will become a routine and all our time management problems will disappear.

Generally, university lectures are held in the morning, so it’s important to make the most of the lectures and pay attention as much as possible, so that less time has to be invested in studying the material given in class.

Another factor to keep in mind when looking for a job is its schedule. If work is going to make you skip class, then it is better not to work, or to look for something alternative.

Besides, to organize your time well you have to make an effort and go home after work as soon as possible (so you will have time to study). Limit your...

I’ve recently started to take notice of the moon cycles.  Mainly due to the talks given by Maria Flynn on here live shows on Facebook

I’ve noticed energy shifts in me over the last year and put it down to just the way I was feeling on different days.  But what I have noticed is real energy changes within me; some really positive energetic changes that drive and push me forward and some really quite negative where everything seems to go wrong.

It turns out that these energy shifts coincide with the moon cycle so I had to sit up and take notice.

In light of this I have started preparing myself for certain changes in the moon cycles.  First of all I am more aware of the cycles and when I need to stay grounded I will mediate more or do more mantras to keep me grounded and balanced.

December 3rd 2017

This is going to be a big day in the moon cycle calendar, for a number of reasons.

December the 3rd will bring about a lot of spiritual energy. Not only will there be a full moon, Mercury will also be going into retrograde.

Not only that but the full moon on December the 3rd is going to be a supermoon.

supermoon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. This is not something that happens often. Because of this, the moon itself will appear at least...

The desire to have a glowing skin is a goal that seems way out of reach for many people out there especially those approaching their 40s. Besides, some have undertaken risky and expensive procedures to get a glowing skin in an instant. However, you can get a bright skin in short period by using readily available products at home and eating healthy. Your kitchen has some of the magical items you need for the make skin makeover. Even Exfoliation your skin will also help .

Thus, the article covers on natural remedies to ensure you do not expose yourself to future skin complications and hurt your budget. You can get a glowing skin without spending on beauty products that you are not sure of their ingredients and reactions to your delicate skin. Here are some of the ten best natural remedies to having a radiant skin so effortlessly within a short period without exposing yourself to lots of risks.

Almond and Egg Facial Mask

Get one egg from your kitchen, beat it in a bowl and mix it with a freshly grounded almond. Mix gently to ensure the two mix and apply the mixture on your face. Give yourself some 15-20 minutes and wash gently with warm water. It is recommended to use the mix before going to bed to get the best results as it helps work on dry skins. You are sure...