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Bodysuit, jeans, and Western boots. Spoiler alert: This easy combo will be my go-to spring uniform, and the only thing better than knowing that this early in the game is knowing that the bodysuit in question only costs $34. However, having found it on the Insta-famous, Kardashian Jenner– and even J.Lo-approved site, Naked Wardrobe (which prides itself on its of-the-moment pieces at practical prices), I don’t just love it because it’s affordable—although that’s the most obvious perk.

I love it because it’s comfortable, it comes in a perfect material that’s just the right weight, and it possesses a classic but also timely U-shaped neckline. Also, as someone who tends to shy away from tight, figure-hugging tops, it really does have a flattering effect that gives me the confidence to wear it without a layer on top. Simply put: It is just great. That’s why I can earnestly tell you to buy the rust (seen below in my poorly lit apartment), black, and soon-to-be-restocked white versions, all for just $2 over $100, and I mean it when I say they’re worth every penny. See for yourself why I love it and then shop the bodysuit and other affordable styles from the site below.

You might like to consider yourself the adventurous type; a “yes” person who loves to take advantage of any exciting opportunity that pops up. But if you’re anything like us, when a friend texts you with very last-minute plans, it can take everything not to throw a “new phone, who this?” message back. And usually it’s because the thought of piecing together an outfit in under two minutes is not ideal. We’re here to change that.

We consider the smart casual outfits ahead as ones that don’t feel overly styled or contrived. Instead, they feature a mix of easy classics and statement pieces that come together to feel special, cool, and ready for most impromptu adventures—think along the lines of brunch or a friend of a friend’s birthday party. (Formal affairs and theme parties, not so much.)

Scroll down for the outfit inspiration and then to shop a few key closet essentials that make putting together outfits simple and, most importantly, fast.

Living in a city comes with its own set of fashion rules, especially when that city is San Francisco—a place famous for its tall hills. Curious to find out how fashion girls navigate the tricky terrain and still manage to pull off cool looks, we reached out to four stylish SF girls to break down the shoes they wear (and the ones they stay away from).

It turns out that comfort is king in San Francisco, but with a focus on fashionable footwear. From pointed mules and slides to sneakers and ankle boots, there are a number of stylish options to combat the tricky landscape challenges. And if you’re not ready to give up on something with height, block heels are the answer for a comfortable choice. Keep reading to find out the shoes San Francisco girls would never wear, and then shop their city-friendly picks.

Dolce & Gabbana is on the move again. After showing its over-the-top Alta Moda show in New York last week, the brand hit the road and brought the collection to Mexico City. None other than Sophia Loren was in attendance, and the 83-year-old truly stole the show in her beautiful floral gown and ankle boots. We can only hope to look this chic at her age (or any age, for that matter). 

Presented at the Museo Soumaya, the collection was an homage to Mexican culture. "The Virgin of Guadalupe was stitched into a silk-fringed red lace dress embroidered with flowers. … The closing gown was painted by Romero Britto as a tribute to the trailblazing Mexican artist," wrote of the colorful affair. Scroll down to get a glimpse of Loren's red carpet look, and head over to Vogue for an inside look at the show. 

Power dressers, you already know that red is your color. But, like for anyone who has a go-to look, there's always a need for a little inspiration as to how to make it feel fresh all over again. Which is why we're here to offer up a host of new red outfits for spring. With bold hues dominating the runways, there's no shortage of inspiration to help you embrace the color head on (and head to toe).

Just to prove that there are plenty of cool ways to tackle red in the coming months, we rounded up seven on-trend ensembles to embrace a little burgundy, wine, or crimson in your wardrobe. So, no matter what temperature it is these days, the one word to describe your outfit is hot.

If you ask me, the below jeans from Cotton Citizen are the best skinny jeans to wear with heels this spring. If you’re anything like me and wear jeans on repeat throughout the year, you most likely understand the repetition of wearing the same outfit combination on loop. Skinny jeans, heels, and a cool tee or top week after week. Thanks to Cotton Citizen’s high-rise skinny jeans (pictured below), I’m changing up my go-to denim look this spring and swapping this pair into my rotation.

Compared to your standard skinny jean silhouette, these jeans caught my eye for a couple of reasons: 1. I’m a sucker for high-rise jeans, so the waistline immediately had my attention; 2. The frayed hemline and the cool exaggerated slit on the outside of both sides (the detail that makes these jeans perfect for showing off a new pair of heels); 3. The assortment of colors available and the matching cropped denim jacket (this style is available in 13 different dyed denim colors). See how I styled the skinny jeans with heels below and shop similar denim styles at the end. Plus, be sure to show us how you’re styling skinny jeans and heels this spring using the hashtag #WhoWhatWearing.

Jeans are probably one of the wardrobe staples that get the most use. They’re the ultimate pieces to wear for the weekend, a date night, and even the office. But with all that use, what is the best way to take care of them. Really, it comes down to knowing how to wash right.

While there are lots of tricks you can follow to make sure you’re taking care of your denim, it turns out the biggest mistake you can make is to stick them in the dryer at high heat. Not only does this shrink denim, but it can also distort the shape of your jeans. If you’re interested in finding out how to wash jeans the right way, we’re breaking down our top tips ahead.

1. It is recommended to wash your jeans about every five to 10 wears.

2. If you are worried about washing your jeans too often and fear they might be fading, soak them in cold water and vinegar for an hour, and hang them to dry instead.

3. If you opt for the washing machine, turn your jeans inside out to protect against fading and also to ensure the dirtiest part of the jeans get clean.

4. Jeans can be hand-washed using cold water and a little bit of detergent. Soak the jeans for about 15 to 30 minutes and rinse. To make sure the jeans are fully cleaned, try repeating this process two to three times.

5. When drying jeans after hand-washing, don’t wring them....

Baseball season is in full swing (pun intended), which means there's probably one question lingering on everyone's mind: What do you wear to a baseball game? Luckily, there's plenty of sporty celebrity outfit inspiration out there that can offer some much-needed guidance when piecing together a look that is both stadium-approved and stylish.

Sure, a team jersey is a classic sports game staple (and as the many celebs prove below, can look very fashion-forward), but don't limit your baseball attire to just that. Jessica Biel, for example, opted to wear a chic pair of wide-leg jeans and a blue-and-white striped tee. Sneakers and a Dodgers hat (that blocks the sun and reps her team) are the sporty finishing touches.

Meanwhile, Hailey Baldwin, while not technically at a stadium, wore a game-day essential: An oversize flannel. Style it with a pair of jeans à la Baldwin or cutoff shorts during the summer months. On-trend white booties are also a great alternative if you're just not feeling sneakers. Now read on to see what some of our favorite celebrities wore (or could be wearing) to a baseball game.

Gigi Hadid stepped out with her family ahead of her 23rd birthday over the weekend wearing an all-black sneaker outfit that has us wanting a pair of subtly ruffled treggings. (Treggings are trouser-legging hybrids, FYI.) The verdict is still out on who makes the treggings (which closely resemble this Gucci pair), but you can bet that our curiosity lead us to DM Hadid's stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, about them.

The ruffle trend has been hanging on for several seasons now (which we're definitely not mad about), infiltrating everything from denim to swimwear to shoes to statement tops. It's a pretty detail that adds interest, especially to an otherwise all-black look à la Hadid, who wisely chose a pair of sneakers in the same color as the contrasting frill. We recommend making note of this styling trick if you ever find yourself in a pair of ruffle-hem pants.

Check out Gigi Hadid's chill pre-birthday look and shop similar pants below.

For Kim Kardashian West, a beauty line, a reality show, an emoji app, and a website aren't enough. TMZ reports that the multihyphenate is now working on a lingerie and shapewear collection. So far, the details remain under wraps, but the collection will reportedly "serve all women," so we're expecting to see a wide range of sizes and colors.

Per TMZ, Kardashian West "had a hand in just about every aspect of the line's foundation—from design to marketing—and will run it top to bottom." One look at her Instagram and it's clear that no one knows lingerie better than her, so it's definitely an on-brand move for the star. Stay tuned as we learn more about the forthcoming launch, which is reportedly slated before the year is over. In the meantime, read on for her best lingerie and shapewear Instagrams.

If there's one accessory that is so often forgotten about come warm weather, it's a summer scarf. While yes, sandals, straw bags, and statement jewelry can dress up (or down) a look in a pinch, the oftentimes bold printed fabric may just be the easiest and most versatile way to refresh your existing wardrobe pieces for the new season ahead. Now, if you're not quite sure about how to wear a scarf in the summer, you've come to the right place because we've rounded up a few of our favorite ways to style the accessory.

If the summer heat and humidity are getting the best of your hair, loosely tie a breezy silk scarf over it to conquer the frizz (while channeling Old Hollywood glamour). Or do you want to change up the look and feel of a classic button-down? Style a colorful neckerchief underneath the collar to instantly transform the wardrobe staple.

Remember that there are no limits or set rules on how to wear a scarf this summer. Instead, have fun with the accessory by testing out various prints, fabrics, and tying methods. Your closet basics (and hair) will thank you. Now read on to see how fashion girls are wearing scarves in the warm weather, and then shop a few of our favorites that are perfect for summertime.

Finding the perfect bandeau bra—one that checks off all your boxes—is no easy feat, especially when you're shopping for it online because there's no "try on" option. Thankfully, however, there are helpful customer reviewers you can turn to that oftentimes address the product's fit and comfort, making it much easier for you to feel 100% confident about clicking "add to cart" without actually having tested it out.

Now we did the hard work for you and sifted through the bountiful search results on the internet, narrowing it down to the five best bandeau bras that are all available on Amazon (and are all very reasonably priced.) From the "best 'one size' bandeau," to one that "feels as soft as skin," these are the five most raved-about styles to add to your undergarment drawer right away.

Am I one of those crazy girls who thinks about her wedding more than she thinks about her potential (and at this point, hypothetical) husband? Yes, I am. Ever since I was little, I started obsessing over wedding dresses, imagining the most picturesque venues, and dreaming of how much fun it will be to have all the people I love under one roof for the evening. But what trumps all those aspirations is by far the dress. As a fashion editor, I am exposed to a lot of gowns, both bridal and couture, that infiltrate my opinions of what I want in a wedding dress, however, I have yet to see one I absolutely love or even a designer who embodies my goal aesthetic. That is, until I met Danielle Frankel.

I'll never forget the day I got to preview her first collection. My jaw must have been on the floor throughout the entire preview as I gawked over silhouettes, fabrics, and separates unthinkable for a bridal collection, and that's what I loved about it. While I have never really had one specific style I envisioned myself in, I have always known that my wedding dress will be forward, different, and something people will discuss outside the context of "her dress was really pretty."

Fast-forward to last week when I went to view Danielle's second collection and it was further confirmed that a Danielle Frankel dress is what I will be wearing on my...

A dress is a wardrobe staple that can be worn year-round—with the proper stying techniques, of course. And come springtime, the warm-weather classic returns with a fiery vengeance. But the unpredictable climate in April and May (we're talking about snowfall, rain, and below-freezing temperatures) means we might not be able to wear it on its own just yet. Enter our favorite outfit formula for that indecisive, in-between weather: a jacket over a dress.

Sure, this may be a foolproof outfit combination, but there are several jacket styles that simply look the best when worn with a dress. Not sure what to pair with that polka-dot midi? Consider a transparent raincoat that covers up without actually covering up. Or how about a blazer-and-maxi combo? It's the perfect pairing that will take you straight from office meeting to dinner date. Now read on to shop our favorite outerwear pieces to wear with dresses this spring.

We’re in the middle of spring, which means that summer will be here before you know it. And if you plan on working out on the regular or simply love the appeal of athleisure (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), you’re going to want to get in on the best leggings for summer.

Whether you’re prepping for that brand-new swimsuit or want something easy to throw on for running errands or brunch, a pair of leggings makes for a chic and comfortable option. Of course, when you’re working with the heat of summer, having the right pair of leggings is key. So we asked personal trainer and health coach Jill de Jong for her expertise on what to search for when you’re shopping for your next workout outfit.

“Look for soft, stretchy, and breathable fabrics,” she says (since you’re more likely to sweat more). “Go for a beautiful print or combine different shades of pinks, grays, blues, and purples for a summer feeling.” The trainer also mentions that anything you can wear from the gym to the streets will look great during the summer when you have those coffee runs.

Now shop our favorite summer-appropriate leggings that’ll make you look and feel great during your next workout.

With the temperature slowly but surely making its way up, we can’t help but think of days filled with sunshine and the outdoors (is it beach season yet?). But while we’re anticipating next season’s arrival, what better way to motivate yourself than with some cute workout outfits for summer?

Hit your personal health and fitness goals in style this season. After all—simply looking chic will make you feel even more confident about heading to that boxing class or personal training. With outfits that are this good, wanting to show them off is enough reason to head to the gym and then to brunch after.

To help you create the coolest gym-ready outfits, we rounded up our favorite looks from celebs who have mastered the athleisure aesthetic. Then shop our favorite pieces that’ll instantly take your workout attire to the next level. Whether you’re headed to hot yoga or going for a run in the park, these pieces will have you looking as good as you feel when you’ve finished those summer sessions.

Now that wedding season is in full flux, you’re probably finding yourself prepping for the big day. If you prefer a contemporary look over traditional styles, why not top it off with a mixed-metal engagement ring?

Your wedding aesthetic is rooted in your personal style, and your ring should reflect that. And if you simply can’t choose between the gold, rose gold, platinum or silver, a ring combining each of those is perfect for you. Not only will your engagement ring garner the best kind of attention as you plan your nuptials, but it’ll also be unique.

Whether you want to keep it simple and timeless with a solid band in one metal and a setting in another, or would rather opt for something completely unexpected, we rounded up some of our favorite mixed-metal rings that’ll fit your bridal style seamlessly. Check them out now.

Sunglasses are a key accessory when it comes to transitioning from season to season. But despite having a pair for just about any occasion, there’s nothing more stressful than not being able to find the exact shades you’re looking for. So why not invest in a sunglass organizer?

Instead of leaving your frames strewn everywhere from the top of your dresser to the inside of your purse, a simple organizer will keep your shades all in one place. So when you’re heading out, you can grab your favorite pair without a second thought.

If you know the joy that comes with a beautifully arranged closet, you’ll know too that having something to hold all your smaller pieces, sunglasses included, is just as important as having something to hold your boots and sweaters. To help you jump-start your cleanup, we rounded up our favorite ways to keep your eyewear neat and tidy. Then shop some of our favorite stylish sunglasses to fill your new organizer.

Whether you’ve got a few destination weddings in your calendar or simply have the urge to hop on a plane to the next tropical destination, you’ve probably got traveling on your mind. You’ve already bought your ticket and planned your travel ensemble, so make your next trip as relaxing as possible with the best travel dresses that’ll pack into your carry-on neatly without getting too wrinkled.

We asked organization expert Faith Roberson for her best advice on what styles of dresses to take on your next vacation, as well as how to pack them to avoid as many creases as possible. “I love wrap dresses and shift dresses, which can be dressed up or down,” she says. Roberson also mentions that shift dresses can double as tunics when you’re thinking about packing light. “Anything that can ultimately provide double duty when packing is always great.”

When it comes to packing, Roberson advises that dresses should be folded lengthwise in thirds, and then folded in half and folded again so that they stand up in your suitcase. “Whatever you’re packing can be folded this way, and it helps with wrinkling, as you’re smoothing the item out.”

Now, shop our favorite travel-friendly dresses that you’ll want to wear on all your vacations and to every occasion afterward this season.

While we could go on about how much we love Stan Smiths and other white sneakers, there’s something about high-top sneakers that gives us a retro vibe that we can’t deny. Perhaps it’s our love for all things athleisure or the fact that we could walk a mile in them, but this basketball-inspired trend is a look that keeps coming back.

And maybe the best thing of all is that high-tops are easy to wear, no matter your personal style. Whether you pair them with a patterned sundress or wear them with a classic ensemble of skinny jeans and a white tee, high-top sneakers will ensure you’re comfortable while also giving your look an edge of cool—and who doesn’t want that?

To illustrate our point, we rounded up some of our favorite street style looks featuring the look. Check them out now to inspire your next weekend outfit, and then shop the classic Converse sneakers, as well as some of our favorite high-tops, to add to your closet.

If you’re wearing bright colors or patterns, a pair of white high-tops will keep your outfit centered without taking the focus away from your statement pieces.