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Hi, guys!

Just wanted to share a challenging, high-intensity Kettlebell workout that I did the other day. It’s only 3 exercises, but it works your entire body from head to toe. It was a tough one for sure, but I felt totally invigorated and accomplished once I finished, which is the best kind of workout, right? I hope you like it!

5 rounds for time:

10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Sumo-Deadlift High-Pulls

10 Burpees


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Good morning! I receive lots of questions about how I make my sweet potato toast, so I’m sharing a quick video tutorial. It’s such a simple, nutritious, and delicious breakfast and snack – I hope you try it! Question of […]

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Hi, guys!

I just landed in Austin a little while ago, but I wanted to share a quick recap of my impromptu “day date” with Mal yesterday. He had Monday off from school, but Quinn’s daycare was open, so we used it as an opportunity to hangout just the two of us. I mean, it was “free” childcare since we have to pay for it if he goes or not. And, well, childcare just gets expensive, especially when you go out for a nice meal and then need to pay a babysitter on top of that. I dunno why I’m rambling about this, but I’m envious of those of you who have family nearby to help out for free. Anyway…

Our morning started like a lot of them do: Up and at ’em before the sun, iced coffee, breakfast, pug walk, and then getting ourselves ready for the day. After dropping Quinn at school, Mal and I headed to the gym for a workout.

The workout started with box squats and then finished with a 12-minute AMRAP of Double-Unders, Wall Balls, and Ring Rows and Dips (for me). My lungs were on fire for this one!

The workout was definitely a fun one – short and sweet, but high-intensity and a great way to kick off the week!

Wearing: Nike Dri-FIT Knit Women’s Long Sleeve Top, which is a staple in...

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

After the long weekend, I’m playing a bit of catch up this morning, especially since I’m off to Austin in just a few hours. I’m heading there along with another DTFN coach (Kerrie is staying behind because the new KFIT is mid-demo) for a conference, which is part of our mentorship with Dan Martell. It’s a quick trip. I’m flying out this afternoon and coming home on a red-eye Friday morning. The trip is definitely going to be a bit of a whirlwind (I’m also trying to meet up with one of my college roommates while there), but I’m excited to get ALLTHEKNOWLEDGE and explore Austin a bit. I visited Austin a little over a year ago and immediately fell in love with the city. It reminds me of a southern Burlington, Vermont and you guys know how I feel about that city! 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to share a few highlights from the weekend as well as a cookie recipe that we just can’t get enough of lately. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It’s a fun one to make with kids!


Friday night was pretty low-key in the Haupert household.

We had a bit of a crazy day, so the four of us were all ready to relax and unwind.

The Brancott Estate Flight Song, pictured above, was actually really good. You never...

I’ve partnered with Nike to bring you this blog post. As always, thank you for supporting CNC! 

Good morning and happy weekend!

With the start of a new week right around the corner, I wanted to share some high-intensity, bodyweight workouts with you. Monday is always my favorite day to GET MOTIVATED for the week ahead, especially with regard to my fitness. And with it being the New Year and all, many of us are probably feeling pretty inspired to get fit. Perhaps it’s Week 3 of your New Year’s resolution and you need some new workouts to keep you going and help you stick to your goals for 2018. Whatever your reason for wanting (or needing!) some #motivation, here are 3 workouts that don’t require any equipment, which means you can do them just about anywhere. I hope they’re just what you need to keep rocking your goals this year!


Follow the links below for a video tutorial of each exercise. If you have questions about any of the exercises, please let me know. I’m more than happy to suggest a modification if needed.


*** Right now, take advantage of Nike’s “Last Chance Sale” and save up to 50% off last season’s styles. It ends on 1/16, so be sure to hop on it for the best size and color selection! ***

Nike Breathe Cropped Women’s Training Tank – How fun...

Oh my gosh, how have I not shared a What I’m Loving Lately post since October!? WHERE does the time go? A bunch of you guys inquired about this blog post series, so I’m bringing back – hopefully, on a weekly basis! That said, let’s get right to it. I have all sorts of fun favorites to share with you guys!

Avocado saver – I’ve actually owned this baby for a few years now, but I lost the bottom part at some point. I was using plastic bags and tin foil to save the other half of my avocados, but when we redid our kitchen counters, it magically appeared. Hooray! I never thought I’d be so happy about finding a random piece of plastic! I’m also glad to stop wasting plastic baggies and tin foil.

Nike knit tank –  LOVE this tank – new favorite for sure! It’s not too tight and too lose, so it’s comfortable and stays put at the same time. It’s also super soft, comes in 8 (!!) different colors, and priced right at just $49. Also, be sure to take advantage of Nike’s “Last Chance Sale” and save up to 50% off last season’s styles (now though 1/16)! There are LOTS of great deals, including this knit jacket that’s only $69 now. (I bought it when it was full price.) New sale items were just released, so hop on it for the best size and color...

Once again, I’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos to bring you this blog post. Right now, the brand is hosting a “Good Choice Challenge” to encourage consumers to make good snacking choices by choosing Wonderful Halos over other traditional unhealthy snacks in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. Now that it’s the New Year and cleaning up our diets is on all of our minds, here are a bunch of snacks that you can quite literally take on-the-go. With a little bit of prep, healthy snacking doesn’t get easier than this! As always, thank you for your support!

One of the most common requests that I receive from both blog readers and nutrition clients is ideas for simple, on-the-go snacks. A lot of us (myself included) are often rushing from one activity to another – shuttling kids to school, commuting to work, or cruising around town running errands – so it’s not always easy to eat well, but if there’s a will, there’s a way! And now that the New Year is here and healthy eating is on our minds, I wanted to share some of my favorite quick and easy, totally on-the-go snacks that I count on again and again. Some of them I prepare at the beginning of the week, so they’re ready to go when I am, but the other ideas are truly grab-and-go options that don’t require any planning. The majority are high in protein, so they keep me satisfied for the long...

Oooh, sugar… everyone’s favorite topic this time of year.

I know a lot of us are trying to clean up our diets right now, especially on the sugar front, so I wanted to share how I managed to get control of my “addiction” without going cold turkey and making myself crazy. Also below is an awesome blog post from Nicole Holovach, RD of Whole Health RD (you might remember her from past blog posts) about how to talk rationally about sugar. Basically, it’s not all bad and you don’t need to give it up all together!

How I Beat My Sugar Addiction 

Revisiting My Sugar Addiction 

How to Talk Rationally about Sugar

And one more things to add to the discussion: I recently started to eat more savory breakfasts, which include a decent about of protein and fat to start my day. It has definitely helped with mid-morning snacking and cravings!

Question of the Day

Your turn! What’s your relationship with sugar? Anything to add to the topic? 



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This post is sponsored by Haven Life but opinions are my own.

You guys know I’ve been busy lately. I’m running three businesses, all while parenting and helping to manage our household. Every morning I wake up with a To-Do list a mile long, which often makes prioritizing what needs to be done first rather difficult.

A lot of the time it seems like everything is important, but when I step back from the madness, it’s the two (well, ok, three) sweet boys that live with me who are most important. Mal and Quinn (and Murphy) are the reasons that I work so hard and run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I want to make sure I can take care of them the best I can.

I know I don’t usually blog about financial topics, but I’ve recently learned firsthand how important it is to talk about life insurance (despite how unpleasant it is to think about). I mean, you’re talking about what would happen to your family if you passed away. But, it’s important to have a backup plan. If I wasn’t around, we’d be in a very bad financial state, and the last thing I want to happen is add money-stress on top of loss. Sure, Mal has a good job and we have a good nest...

Hi, guys! Happy Sunday!

It’s freeeeezing here (it was -3 degrees F when I woke up), so we’re just hanging out and getting things done around the house. More on that in a minute!

Since it’s Sunday and you might be doing some meal planning or food prep today, I wanted to share one of the easiest and most delicious dinners I’ve ever created. Seriously, we’ve made this same meal 3 weeks in a row now, and we’re still obsessed. It’s a recipe for 5-ingredient (yep) barbecue chicken with bacon (!) made in a single pan. Guys, it doesn’t get easier than this! Definitely check out the recipe below, give it a whirl, and let me know what you think. It’s definitely a good one! But, first, here are some photos from yesterday.

My Saturday morning started with a new favorite breakfast: Two rice cakes – one with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon and the other with avocado and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. So good and so filling!

After breakfast, Quinn and I headed to CrossFit while Mal got started on tiling the backsplash in our kitchen. (Thanks to everyone who weighed in on our options!)

At CrossFit, I did a fun partner workout with my friend Marisa. I made it to the front squats, no problem, but then scaled the weight to #35 just to be safe. I didn’t feel any pain in my back or hip, but there was definitely some...

Hi, friends! Happy New Year’s Eve eve! I’m so excited to ring in 2018, especially since we’re off to a wedding tomorrow night and it’s our second totally kid-free night since Quinn was born. We’re staying at a hotel in Boston! Woohoo! And, truthfully, our first night away from Qman was a bit of a bomb because I barely saw Mal, so we’re really excited!

Last week, we treated my family and Papi (Mal’s dad) to a day at Legoland (Quinn’s favorite place ever) followed by lunch. I know you guys love a good “what I ate in a day” blog post, so I decided to snap my eats from the day to share on CNC. I mean, I love seeing what other people eat too because it gives me fun ideas for my own meals and snacks, so I hope mine do the same for you!

BREAKFAST: Breakfast sausage (Trader Joe’s brand) with half of a roasted sweet potato with peanut butter and cinnamon on top + an iced coffee with Churro protein powder, collagen, and coconut creamer (also Trader Joe’s brand). Mmm! Such a tasty combo!

After breakfast, it was off to Legoland, and I took my iced coffee to go!

Yayyyyyyyy! Qman was so pumped!

Mal was too! 🙂 I love that he’s such a kid at heart and, obviously, an awesome...

Are you ready to get healthy in the New Year? Sign up for Designed to Fit’s “Not Another Sh*tty New Years Resolution Diet!”

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, January 7, 2018. Click here for more details!

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It’s January 3rd, and I’m finally publishing this blog post, but, hey, it’s better late than never, right?

Above: Photos from New Year’s Eve

I actually wasn’t even sure if I wanted to write a “goals” blog post. I didn’t write one last year – although, I’ve written many over the years – so I went back and forth whether I really wanted to do the whole New Year’s resolution thing. But after a New Year’s Day chat with Mal (we talked about how 2018 felt like a good “reset” and what we wanted to improve upon in the year), I was pretty motivated to set some intentions. Here’s what I came up with!

Compartmentalize work life and home life – Ah, yes. This one is a never-ending battle, but I *think* I’m finally getting the hang of it. Three things that are working for me right now: 1) Putting my phone in our bedroom when my family is at home, so I’m not tempted to check email, social media, etc.; 2) Working ahead and not leaving things to the last-minute; and 3) Asking myself what really matters at the end of the day. The answer is pretty much always my family.

Use fewer iced coffee cups – A reader reached out about my plastic iced coffee cup consumption on New Year’s Day, so I took it as a sign that I needed to get it together and use my tumbler more often...

Good morning and happy 2018, friends!

I have some New Year content coming at ya this week, but I wanted to share a video about one of the most common questions I get from CNC followers: How I make my morning iced coffee!

Here’s how I brew my iced coffee – Mal and I have been making it this same way in the same coffee maker forever. It’s super simple and works great for us! Pro tip: The VARIETY of coffee that you use is much more important than the amount, especially when it comes to the grinds to water ratio. The better (i.e. bolder, stronger, more flavorful), the better your coffee will taste!


Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker Bottle – Ok, so this shaker is not featured in video, but only because I forgot it at the gym, but it’s my favorite go-to shaker. It works awesome, and it’s so pretty! 🙂

Marine Collagen Powder – I use this mainly to add extra protein to my diet, but it’s also great for anti-aging, digestion, and boosting hair and nails.

SFH Vanilla Protein Powder – Vanilla and Churro are my favorite flavors of protein powder. I switch it up depending on my mood in the morning.

SFH Churro Protein Powder – I like SFH because it’s pure whey protein without any funny stuff, which means it doesn’t mess up my stomach like a lot of protein powders on the market.

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler –...

Oh, 2017 has been a YEAR. With the way it started, I wasn’t sure I’d actually make it out alive and in one piece. But, I took life day-by-day and managed to survive the roller-coaster ride of running – not one – but two start-up companies with my usual full-time job “on the side.”

(Mug from Kerrie at the start of 2017.)

Prior to the start of 2017, Kerrie and I had about 30 nutrition clients between the two of us (over the course of 6 months). We used spreadsheets with all sorts of handy calculations and shortcuts to make our meal plans, but it still took us more than an hour per client per week. At this pace, we knew we couldn’t keep up with the demand for meal plans, so we went to a local development company, took a (big) leap and had custom software built for us.


Our software was suppose to be finished prior to January 1st, but, as we now know, software deadlines are very rarely accurate, so we didn’t have it in our hands until mid-January. With a slew of customers waiting to begin their meal plans just after the New Year, it was a very stressful time for us. Eventually, our software was up and running (woohoo!), BUT Kerrie and I had about 25 additional clients each and all at once. We were drowning in meal plans.

Last week, Kerrie, Katie (one of our DTFN coaches), and I grabbed lunch at Whole Foods. We were on the verge of “hangry,” so a couple of treats ended up in our shopping basket, including a box of Better Bites, a “top 8 allergen-free” treat from a bakery located in Austin, Texas. This post is not sponsored in anyway; Kerrie had just heard they were good, so, of course, we needed to see what they were all about. I mean, taste-testing new healthy products is all part of the job!

Well, the “Sun Better” bites were 8 million times better than I expected them to taste. I’m not even kidding you, I probably said, “Ohmigod, these are so good” like 10 times while eating one, which is another awesome thing about these little treats. They’re actually a good size, so they’re not gone in a single bite. You truly have a chance to enjoy it, which also inspired my Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Protein Truffles recipe below. I wanted to make a tasty treat that is rich and wonderful, but not gone in a hot second.

In addition to being a substantial treat, these Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Protein Truffles are so ridiculously easy to make. They only call for 6 ingredients (and you could probably skip the vanilla extract if you really wanted to) and most of them you probably already have in your kitchen. I’ve made these truffles again and again – in large part because...

Good morning! I can’t believe Christmas is over just like that. I hope you had a very merry one! Our holiday overall was really great, but there were a few bumps in the road along the way. Of course, I could share how “perfect” it was for us, but, as you guys know, I like to keep it real over here on CNC, so here’s a little recap of both the highs and lows from our Christmas!

HIGH: A fun partner workout at Salt Shack. It was the “12 Days of Christmas,” which is one of my favorites. I teamed up with Marisa and enjoyed the first 3/4 of the workout.

LOW: Messing up my hip/back during the workout. It wasn’t one single thing – it was just an injury waiting to happen. (My theory: Scoliosis —> GHD sit-ups —> front squats + broad jumps –> not listening to my body.) After the workout, it hurt pretty bad, but I could function for the most part. The pain got worse and worse over the course of the afternoon, so, by the time Mal got home, I was in agony and no amount of OTC painkillers helped (at all). So, we dropped Quinn at a friend’s house and headed to the ER for some heavy-duty pain killers and muscle relaxers. Since then, I’ve managed to stand up straight and walk for short periods of time, so I’m making progress. I have an appointment with a...

I can’t believe this year’s 24 Days of Togetherness is over just like that. The holiday season seriously FLEW BY this year. I’m a little sad that it’s over, but we definitely had a blast and created some wonderful memories together as a family. And, of course, I love that I was able to document and share them here. Although, truth be told, we didn’t exactly stick with the plan this year as you’ll see in this little recap of our final days of 24 Days of Togetherness. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Day 20: Drink hot chocolate. 

Day 21: Have a holiday happy hour! Mal and I (obviously) went to Scarlet Oak to enjoy some drinks and apps.

Day 22: Buy each other $5 gifts. We actually ended up using these as stocking stuffers for each other. Mal and I ended up getting each other new kitchen counters for Christmas, so we didn’t do traditional gifts this year. We’re planning to install a backsplash next week, so I’ll share photos of the final product then.  Related: If you’re local and looking to upgrade your counters, definitely drop me an email. The contractor that did ours was amazing and SO AFFORDABLE!


Day 23: Have a fire. We ended up at the ER instead. I seriously messed up my back and hip at CrossFit, so we spent the evening in the hospital...

With Christmas just days away, I wanted to share some tips for finding the right CrossFit gym – just in case you’re planning a drop-in while you’re away from home. I love to travel and I love CrossFit, so I try my best to get a WOD in when I’m on the go. Some people are restaurant people; I’m a gym person. But part of the fun of CrossFit is the community, so I try to research the box as much as possible before I go because I like to know what I’m getting myself into. Knowing what to expect is key, so here are some of the strategies I use to find a CrossFit gym when I’m traveling.

How to Find the Right CrossFit Gym When Traveling

Crowd-source at your home CrossFit and/or social media – Asking fellow CrossFitters for recommendations is typically my go-to for finding a high-quality CrossFit gym (or ones to stay away from). CrossFitters love to travel, so this strategy is often really reliable.

Use Google Maps (or similar) to figure out which gyms are closest to where you are staying – If I can’t find a personal recommendation, using Google Maps (or similar) when I arrive at my destination is what I do to find a CrossFit. Typically, there’s at least a couple of (if not more!) gyms nearby, so, to narrow-down my choices, I utilize these following methods…

Check out the class options...

I’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos to bring you this blog post. Right now, the brand is hosting a “Good Choice Challenge” to encourage consumers to make good snacking choices by choosing Wonderful Halos over other traditional unhealthy snacks in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. We LOVE Halos in our house and, most days, we’re eating at least a few – if not more – from our fruit bowl. Here’s a peek inside a Quinn and Mumma day and how we incorporate Halos and healthy snacking. As always, thank you for your support!

Quinn “boop-boops” me on the nose, and I’m instantly awake. Whatever dream I had the night before, mixed with him poking my nose, startles me awake. Haha! Once I figure out what the heck is going on, we head downstairs to see Dada. He’s already in the kitchen making himself breakfast.

Most mornings, I start my day with a glass of iced coffee (+ collagen), but I’m starving. Quinn says he’s hungry too, so I make him breakfast and then grab some Powerseed Protein Overnight Oats from the fridge for myself. Mal finishes his breakfast and heads upstairs for a shower, so Quinn and I eat in the living room, which is a special Friday treat! 🙂

Once I finish my oats, I give Murphy (his middle name is “spoiled”) my empty jar of nut butter. Look...