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Happy Monday, friends! Quinn and I had quite the weekend together. Mal was away, so it was just the two of us and we ended up staying quite busy!


I picked up Quinn from school on Friday afternoon, and we headed straight to Target. The kid is obsessed – I mean, aren’t we all? He loves looking at the toys. And, this time, I let him get one – a new Transformer, and he was so excited! When we got home, he said: “Let’s open up this bad boy!” Haha!

At home, we settled in for the night. We ate dinner, Qman took a bath, and then we got into pajamas for a movie night – complete with Quinn Popcorn, of course! 🙂

We snuggled and watched The Secret Life of Pets, which, if you haven’t seen it already, is the cutest movie ever. I’m so glad Quinn picked it – it’s definitely an adult movie too. Although, we had quite a few interruptions with Murphy barking at the dogs on TV. He’s ridiculous. #puglife


We were up and at ’em on Saturday morning! We did our usual CrossFit thing followed by smoothies from Rosa Farms. We also got some dino gummies for Cousin Matthew. It was Quinn’s idea, which was really sweet, but I’m pretty sure he wanted some for himself too! 😉

Hi, guys! Happy Monday to you!

How was your weekend? I have a recap of ours coming tomorrow (as well as the LAUNCH of my leggings!!), but I wanted to share my “fitness & eats” from last week to give you some ideas for your own.

Last week started out a little slow on the fitness front, but it picked up with three awesome workouts in a row. I typically like the “2 days on/one day off” schedule when it comes to workout and rest days, but it all depends on how I’m feeling from day-to-day. Thursday’s and Friday’s workouts weren’t super taxing, so I didn’t feel like I needed a rest day. Plus, I love a good Saturday workout, so three in a row it was! 🙂 Also, below are some extra workouts to try and my favorite meals from last week – I hope they give you some tasty ideas!




TUESDAY: Orangetheory



FRIDAY: CrossFit


“Fight Gone Bad” is a CrossFit benchmark workout, which I hadn’t done since 2012. I got 287, which is 53 more reps! 🙂

More Workouts to Try

No matter how many times I think I’ve come up with all the protein ball recipes possible, inspiration hits! I just love protein balls because they are so easy to toss together with whatever extra ingredients you have on hand. I especially love that I don’t have to be super precise in measuring because, hey, sometimes eyeballing it makes cooking so much more fun!

As you guys might remember, I’m a fan of seed cycling and still trucking along with them in an attempt to balance my crazy hormones. Without turning this into a high school health education class, the basic concept of seed cycling is simply to consume flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds at specific times during the menstrual cycle to promote hormone balance. Women have different hormones that are dominant throughout the month and the seeds are suppose to help to keep your levels balanced (aka keeping annoying monthly hormonal side effects at bay). After using this protocol for several months now, I can say I’m a big believer, especially since when I slack on the flax, I have a rough month, hormone-wise! 

It’s not difficult to add seeds to my diet, but I often get stuck in a rut and eat the same breakfast again and again, which, honestly, just gets boring – hence, my love for this new recipe! Protein balls...

Hi, guys! Happy FRIDAY to you!

I can’t believe Mal’s spring vacation is over just like that. I feel like we were just celebrating the start of it. We really didn’t do all that much this week, so HOW does that happened? Oh, well. Summer vacation is coming soon, right? Honestly, I don’t know… spring even seems a zillion years away. Is it freezing where you are? As long as there’s not snow, I’m happy! 🙂 So, it’s Friday and you know what that means: It’s time for the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

Naked and Afraid – Ok, I’m a little behind on this one, but I caught an episode on the plane ride home from Atlanta, and I’m obsessed. That show is crazy. Mal thinks it’s all fake, but I’m so impressed with these people – mostly because I’d never survive naked in the wilderness!

Striped button-shoulder turtleneck – I’m loving the stripes lately! 🙂 I love this cozy top, which comes in other colors and is on sale right now – perfect for cool summer nights!

Three-time cancer survivor finishes Boston Marathon 13 hours after start – This is SUCH an amazing story!

Eyelet-back sweatshirt – Another J.Crew favorite! How amazing is that back of this sweatshirt? I’m obsessed. It also comes in white and navy.

Can you still eat intuitively while meal planning? – This is such a great blog post from one...

Hi, friends! I have a special surprise that I have been keeping a secret, and I am so, so, so excited to finally be able to share it with you! Thanks to this blog, I’ve done some really cool things over the years and, guys, this opportunity is definitely at the top of the list. I designed to a pair of leggings with Four Athletics!!! Woohoo! Additional details coming soon, but I wanted to give you guys a little preview and tell you about the design process.

When Four Athletics reached about working together to design a pair of leggings, I was ALL about it. I mean, how cool is that!?! Designing my own pair of leggings?! Whoa. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Plus, some of my favorite fitness women, including Joy and Claire of Girls Gone WOD podcast, Juli Bauer from paleOMG, and Jen and Kristen from Fit Bottomed Girls (FBG), launched their own leggings, and I knew I wanted to follow suit after seeing their beautiful legging creations! FYI: The FBG’s leggings are available until April 25th, and they are super cute!

When the designer from Four Athletics contacted me to see what I had in mind for my leggings, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted my leggings to be functional yet flattering, a pair that could withstand a tough workout, but then be stylish enough to become part of my everyday...

Hi, guys! Happy Thursday!

I started my morning with the most deeeelicious breakfast: Bacon, egg, and avocado on a rice cake. Mmm! I could seriously eat this breakfast every day. It was a little tricky to eat, so I was careful as I took each bite of the rice cake. It did, though, fall apart at the very end. I wish I had made more breakfast “cookies,” which, FYI, aren’t sweet like a cookie. That would have been a tasty combo! Oh well, next time!

After breakfast was… well, fun. Quinn wasn’t a fan of the medicine that we needed to apply to his eyes for the conjunctivitis, so there was a lot of fighting/tantrums/bad moods. Mal and I were both at our wit’s end, so we decided to head out for an adventure. We swung by Southfield Union Point to let both of our boys run around – Murphy at the dog park and Quinn at the playground.

Things turned around and we had a blast chasing each other around pretending to be “airplanes.”

Quinn was in charge of the “control center” and told us when to blast off! 🙂

Back at home, Mal and Quinn ate lunch while I hopped on a work call. When it was over, I threw together a quick lunch of leftover Cuban Turkey Picadillo (recipe in meal plan below)...

Guys, this Smooth as Honey White Bean Spread is absolutely delicious – the texture is so incredible and is just bursting with flavor. Mixing white beans, almond butter, honey, and cinnamon together might sound a little strange to you, but I promise it’s a winning combination! It reminds me of my favorite flavored nut butter, but with additional nutrients from the beans. The honey sweetens up the spread, so you don’t taste the beans at all!

Prepare this recipe ahead of time and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. In the morning, just spread on toast, an English muffin, or pancakes. You can also mix this into oatmeal or a smoothie for a quick and seriously satisfying addition to breakfast. Enjoy!

Serves 4


  • 1/3 cup canned white beans, drained and rinsed
  • 3 T creamy almond butter
  • 2 T honey
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

Directions: Combine ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth. Use a spatula to transfer spread to a glass container with a lid. Store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Spread on toast, rice cakes, or fresh fruit.

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Tuesday in a nutshell! 🙂

Quinn slept until nearly 7:00 AM, which was awesome, but also meant that our usual morning was cut short a bit. Usually, we lounge around the house, drink iced coffee/milk, and take our time getting ready, but we had places to go and people to see! 🙂 On the agenda: Orangetheory! Mal and I love taking classes together, but we don’t get to go all that often because 1) it’s not super close to our house and 2) it doesn’t have childcare. But Mal is on school vacation this week, so we made plans to go. Woohoo!

Pre-Orangetheory fuel: A delicious “cookie” with peanut butter and banana slices on top. Mmm! So good!

After breakfast, we got ourselves together, dropped Quinn off at school, and then headed to Orangetheory.

The workout was a fun one with a lots of switching back and forth between treadmills, rowers, and the weight floor, which made the class fly by. I love when workouts have you doing a zillion different things – it keeps your body and mind engaged!

After class, Mal and I headed out in search of (iced) coffee. I heard good things about Redeye Coffee Roasters, so we went there. It was adorable – right on the water – and the iced coffee was bold and super flavorful. We’ll definitely be back! 🙂

Hi, friends!

Just popping in real quick with a new recipe that I whipped up yesterday. I was away for the weekend, so I did the majority of my meal prep yesterday, including making a batch of these breakfast cookies.

Recently, you might have noticed that I’m really digging rice cakes with peanut butter, banana, and sometimes ground flax for breakfast. It’s simple, delicious, satisfying, and mostly nutritious. I say “mostly” because rice cakes don’t have all that much to them. Sure, they’re low in calories, but, other than that, they’re just puffed air, no real nutrients. I joke that rice cakes are just the means to more delicious and nutritious foods! 🙂

I wanted to amp-up the nutrient profile in my first meal of the day, so I played around in the kitchen and created this recipe that you can prep ahead at the beginning of the week and then just grab and go in the morning – heat in the microwave or just eat with your favorite toppings. These breakfast cookies are also loaded with ground flax, which is perfect for those of you trying seed cycling.

Another great thing about these breakfast cookies is just how “durable” they are. They hold up to heavy toppings, like nut butter and cottage cheese, and don’t explode into a million pieces as you eat it. They’re quite the hearty cookie! 🙂

I’ve partnered with Deep River Snacks to bring you this blog post. As always, thank you for supporting CNC!

It’s finally April, which means we are on the homestretch (fingers crossed!) to some warmer weather here in the Northeast! April will hopefully be the month we all come out of winter hibernation – but did you know that it’s also National Volunteer Month?

It’s so important for me to be able to spend my time giving back to the community by helping in any way that I can. Volunteering is SO necessary – even a little bit of your time can go a long way towards bettering someone else’s life, and, at the very least, bring a smile to their face! That’s why I’m so excited to partner with Deep River Snacks, a company that is truly devoted to giving back. In fact, their “Give a Chip” program is committed to donating at least 10% of net profits (in addition to truckloads of chips!) every year to charitable organizations that touch the lives of their employees and families. If you pick up a Deep River Snacks chip bag, you will find a different charity on the back of each one. I mean, awesome-tasting, better-for-you, and non-GMO (!!) snacks that are also dedicated to giving back to the community?! It doesn’t get much better than that!

The founder and CEO of Deep River Snacks is committed to helping charitable organizations that support families,...

Hi, guys!

If you’re looking ahead and planning out some workouts to try this week, I’ve got ya covered for keeping it fresh. Here are 11 workouts you can try – most of which require minimal (if any) equipment, which means you can do them just about anywhere. I hope they inspire your sweat sessions this week!

Triple Tabata Bodyweight Workout

10-to-1 Bodyweight Running Workout

Do-Anywhere Running + Bodyweight Workout

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Hi, guys!

Woah. What a whirlwind week. I feel like it was crawling by so slowly, but now it’s Friday. I feel like Wednesday and Thursday happened in a flash!

Mal is on April break next week, so we’re kicking it off with a little happy hour action before we pick up Quinn from school this afternoon. We’re both heading out of town for trips to Atlanta – me this weekend, him next weekend – but other than that, we don’t have much planned for his vacation. I’m usually antsy to do something when Mal is off from school, but I’m very much going to embrace some downtime with my family next week.

So, it’s Friday and you know what that means: It’s time for the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

Our new Berkey Water Filter – We seriously couldn’t have been more excited when this thing arrived in the mail. We spent weeks and weeks researching the best water filters because we were pretty specific about what we wanted. We didn’t want a pitcher filter (like a Brita) or one that attached to our sink because we’d need to get a whole new faucet and we just didn’t want to replace it. There actually aren’t a ton of stand-alone water filters on the market, so we had a little trouble finding quality options…. until I crowd-sourced on Instagram Stories for recommendations. And, guys, I can’t even tell you how many people (enthusiastically) responded about the Berkey. I must...

Hi, guys! Happy Thursday to you!

I have the meal plan for week 2 coming at ya soon (link below), but, first, I wanted to share my love for my breakfast this morning. I swear, I could eat peanut butter and banana just about everyday – and sometimes I do! I love that it’s so darn filling, especially when loaded up on a rice cake. It keeps me full for hours. I know you’ve probably seen this same breakfast 8,000 times on CNC in the past, but it tasted especially delicious this morning. Maybe it’s because I mixed the peanut butter with ground flax? I dunno, but peanut butter and banana are definitely two of my favorite foods. Speaking of which…

Back in 2010, I published a post called “Top 10 Favorite Foods” with a list of current favorites. Fast forward 8 years and my list has only changed a little bit!

2010 favorites:

  1. Cake
  2. Cookies
  3. Nachos
  4. Peanut butter
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Bananas
  7. Apples
  8. Coffee
  9. Chocolate
  10. Pizza

Please note: The comments about “pug meat” on Mal’s list of favorite foods from the blog post. They’re hilarious! 🙂

2018 favorites:

  1. Cake
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Iced coffee
  4. Bananas
  5. Brussels sprouts
  6. Cheese
  7. Avocado
  8. Chocolate-covered nuts <– I really like when chocolate involves nuts!
  9. Wine
  10. Donuts

And here’s the meal plan with recipes for week 2!

CNC Meal Plan_Week 2

Some notes:

  • Our meal plans include 3 build-out days (here’s why), so you’ll see a Workout Day 1, Workout Day 2, and a Rest Day, which I’ll rotate accordingly throughout the seven days of the week. You’ll see that there are different calorie needs...

Hi, guys!

Just wanted to share what my doctor said when I asked him if I could stop Entyvio. I received a bunch of questions on social media about his response, so I figured I should fill you guys in over here.

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

Ok, first a little backstory…

My GI doctor that I loved so much left MGH to work for Takeda, the company that makes Entyvio. This makes me both sad and happy. Obviously, sad because he’s not my doctor anymore, but happy because he’s helping to further IBD research and create more treatment options for patients. Even though “Big Pharma” gets a bag rap, I believe there are lots of good people – like my old doctor – who honestly want to help others. I still remember him saying: “I’m a dreamer and hopeful guy. I don’t know if you’ll be on these drugs for the rest of your life,” and I truly believe him. With his help and that of others, better and safer treatment options will be available to patients.

Anyway… my old GI doctor left MGH, so I was assigned a new one. Knock on wood, I’ve been doing really well health-wise, so I’ve had no reason to make an appointment with him. I recently posed the question of stopping Entyvio to one of the Nurse Practioners that I typically meet with, and she said that I needed to chat with my doctor about it and encouraged...

Hi, guys!

Today has been the slowest day ever. Maybe it’s because I was up so early? Or maybe it’s because I miss my sweet boy after having him home with me yesterday? We have a “date” after school to get his hair cut, which involves a lollipop and prize, so we’re both very much looking forward to it.

After I dropped off Qman at school, I headed home to eat breakfast and then get to work. On the menu: Rice cakes with peanut butter mixed with ground flaxseed and banana slices on top. I also drank a decaf vanilla bean iced coffee mixed with Churro protein powder, which is the best flavor combination!

The rest of the morning was spent glued to my computer before digging into an early lunch. In the mix: Leftover General Tso Chicken mixed with roasted butternut squash, spinach, and crumbled feta. Not the prettiest picture, but it was delicious! And filling!

After lunch, I joined Kristin from Thrive by Food for a Facebook Live interview about maintaining positivity with a chronic illness + some meal planning tips. It was so fun chatting with her – be sure to check out our conversation!

Kristin does a weekly FB Live for her followers, and I just love the idea. Would you guys be...

Hi, guys! How was your Monday? Mine was especially great because I got to spend it with Quinn! 🙂

One of new work-life goals is taking off at least a couple of days per month to spend some extra quality time with my sweet boy. I miss him so much during the week, and I make my own schedule, so I’ve started to plan “Quinn and Mumma” days into my calendar.

With a flexible schedule comes flexible hours, so I was up and at ’em at 4:45 AM working away before our tiny human woke up. I made myself an iced coffee with collagen and chocolate peanut milk and immediately got to work on my laptop.

A little while later, I broke into my breakfast: Protein Chia Pudding, which just happens to be the easiest recipe ever. Just combine 3 tbsp of chia seeds with 1 scoop (30g) of protein powder and your choice of milk (I used unsweetened almond milk). Place in the fridge overnight and then eat in the morning! I heated mine up and added a scoop of tahini butter to it. Yummmm!

Quinn slept until about 6:45 AM, so I managed to squeeze in about 2 hours of work. Awesome! After he woke up, I made him breakfast and then got him dressed. We spent the rest of the morning playing while simultaneously getting myself ready for the day. Quinn is loving the “new”

Good morning, friends! And a very happy Monday to you!

I love a good High Low High blog post, so here’s a recap of our weekend. It shares both the high and low points from it. I always like to focus on the positive side of things, so there’s typically more highs than lows! 🙂 With that, here’s how our weekend went. And, of course, I’d love to hear about your weekend too, so feel free to share some highs and lows in the comment section below!

HIGH: Picking up Quinn early from school on Friday afternoon and then visiting Clover, the bunny, at Rosa Farms. Qman had the best time and, my gosh, it was adorable!

HIGH: Dinner with friends at a new local restaurant: Hook & Harvest.

The food (farm-to-table) and service were both excellent, but what I loved most was the atmosphere and vibe of the restaurant. Hook & Harvest kind of reminded Mal and me of Scarlet Oak Tavern – and you guys know how we feel about that place! 🙂 We’ll definitely visit again – there were so many things on the menu that I still want to try!

HIGH: A fun team workout at CrossFit, which you could totally do on your own. It’s basically just 6 rounds of the exercises listed below (1 minute per exercise). And, whoa, it was a full body workout!

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good cookie (or two) on occasion. But ever since I (mostly) cut eggs from my diet, I try to be mindful of recipes that include them. I’ve enjoyed the positive changes and improvements with regard to my skin since eliminating them, and it’s been fun playing around with egg-free recipes. This super simple recipe for Blender Chocolate Chip Cookies hits the mark by being egg-free and gluten-free – not to mention insanely delicious!

I love baking with Quinn and enjoy the process of whipping out the mixing bowl and making a bit of a mess with him. I mean, who doesn’t love creating something delicious with the assistance of an almost 4-year-old sous chef? 🙂 However, some days I’ve done enough dishes and just want a sweet treat to finish the day. This quick and easy cookie recipe only calls for a blender, a baking sheet, and enough time to heat the oven. It doesn’t get much easier than that! I also love that Quinn is all about being my kitchen helper. He may not be quite ready to chop veggies, but he is the best cooking buddy when it comes to adding ingredients and hitting the blend button on our blender! 🙂

I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we do. They’ve become a go-to recipe for us! I’m sure you could easily customize them if you enjoy nuts or dried fruit, too. Happy baking!

Quick &...

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Hi, friends! Happy FRIDAY to you!

I got home late last night because I went to the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE concert last night with my friend Marisa. And, my gosh, we had an awesome time! What an incredible performer. Our evening also included a CrossFit workout and dinner and drinks at Legal Harborside, so it was quite the “moms’ night out!” If you’re on IG Stories, you can still see some of our adventures! So, it’s Friday and you know what that means: It’s time for the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately!

Kashi Go Lean Peanut Butter Crunch – OMG, this stuff is delicious! It actually reminds me of my Healthy (& Highly Addictive) Peanut Butter Granola, which is one of my favorite granolas ever!

Hornstra delivery – We’ve talked about getting Hornstra products delivered to our house basically since we discovered the service, but we never pulled the trigger until Mal’s school field trip a couple of weeks ago. He learned so much about the farm and its operations, it totally sold him. Now, we’re loving the convenience of the service as well as the “farm fresh” products!

How To Actually Get Sh*t Done, According To Science – Lots of helpful tidbits and ideas for getting stuff done!

Samina Dress – I freakin’ love this dress and just ordered it in black heather. Lovvvvveee! I...