Disney XD is hosting a Pokémon movie marathon for the first three weeks of January, showing most of the Pokémon movies.
Pokémon GO now supports AR+, an enhanced version of Augmented Reality (AR). This allows Pokémon to appear in a fixed point in space when using AR mode.
The Holiday 2017 event for Pokémon GO is now live. The event coincides with the release of new Water- and Ice-type Pokémon in the game.
On Jan. 18th, 2018 London, UK announced its Legendary year of Pokémon. The event will distribute Legendary Pokémon, release special Pokémon TCG products featuring Legendary Pokémon, will air movies associated with the Legendary Pokémon on the Pokémon TV app, as well as events across apps Pokémon GO, and Pokémon Shuffle.
The English version of Pokémon Duel is celebrating its first anniversary with a new content update and bonuses available for a limited time. The new features are a log-in gift, monthly loyalty rewards, gem discounts, new Pokémon and an Ultra Beast in the game.
The 2018 Pokémon Japan Championships will be held the weekend of June 9 at the Makuhari Messe convention center outside Tokyo in Japan.
Detective Pikachu has been announced for an international release both digitally and at retail on March 23, 2018, expanding on the content from the Japan-exclusive Detective Pikachu - Birth of a New Duo. A Detective Pikachu amiibo will also be released alongside the game.
The Water type legendary Pokémon Kyogre is now available in Raid Battles in Pokémon GO. Kyogre will only be available until 1:00 P.M. PST on February 14, 2018.
Pokémon GO Community Day is an opportunity for players around the world to meet up at their local parks to make friends and create a community.
Aegislash and Blastoise have been announced to be available as playable characters in Pokkén Tournament DX as part of upcoming paid DLC.
The 2018 International Challenge - January tournament has been announced. All participants will receive a 50 Battle Points.
The Pokémon Movie Music Collection is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify.
Pokémon GO has announced that the field test period for EX Raid Battles will conclude, with them now being officially launched. Details on the changes to EX Raid Battles and Raid Battles in general have also been announced.
A new update for Pokémon GO that brings the game to version 0.83.1 (labelled 1.53.2 on the iOS App Store) is currently being rolled out for iOS and Android.
Pokémon GO is launching a new Pokémon GO Travel video series, accompanied by a worldwide Global Catch Challenge.
Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter have both been updated to support Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Pokémon Gold and Silver, respectively.
New Pokémon filters are now available for Snapchat, Facebook and LINE for a limited time.
The upcoming live action film Detective Pikachu, will star Justice Smith in the lead role.
The first major update for Pokkén Tournament DX has been released. This update has added the Team Battle mode with 3 on 3 battles to the online battle mode. This update has also added a recording feature to Practice Mode's Free Training. This recording feature allows players to control the opposing Pokémon to have the Pokémon repeat specific commands in order to record its movements so that they can be played back during training. Players can now receive special titles based on their ranking in Official Group Matches. Group Matches allow players to create or join a group with other players to have matches for a set amount of time. Official groups from Pokkén Tournament DX will be also available in the online battle mode in Group Match events.
A new theme for Nintendo 3DS based on Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released on November 17 to promote the release of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the same day.