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My guest on this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast is the current WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Her father is legendary WWE Hall of Famer, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, considered by most as the greatest pro wrestler of all time.

As a kid Charlotte was a multi sport athlete. She developed the competitive drive, work ethic and champions mindset that she displays in and out of the ring today. Although she initially had no intentions of becoming a pro wrestler she is now proudly carrying on the family legacy. Charlotte has followed in her father’s footsteps while blazing her own trail to the top of women’s wrestling.

Whether you’re a wrestling fan, or just someone who wants to learn what it takes to be the best, there’s something in this episode for everyone.

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Are you living life to its fullest potential or allowing your past mistakes, failures and setbacks to define you? If you want to stop being a victim of circumstance and start being the leader of change in your life you don’t want to miss the all new #RenegadeRadioPodcast with Christmas Abbott.

Christmas is an entrepreneur, online fitness coach, former CrossFit Games Competitor, Olympic Weightlifter and NASCAR Pit Crew member. She is also the creator of Christmas Abbott Nutrition, a keynote speaker and national best-selling author of “The Badass Body Diet: The Breakthrough Diet and Workout for a Tight Booty, Sexy Abs and Lean Legs” and “The Badass Life: 30 Amazing Days to a Lifetime of Great Habits – Body, Mind, and Spirit”.

For Christmas life was not always filled with health and fitness nor success and accomplishment. She started using drugs and alcohol as a teenager and her life quickly spun out of control. It wasn’t until she found herself in the middle of a war zone in Iraq that she began to understand how precious life is. Using fitness as her guiding light she embarked upon a journey of discovery and change. She moved forward despite her past, overcame adversity, and transformed herself into the successful person she is today.

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This episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast features my good friend, multi-talented singer, songwriter, host, television personality, producer and performer, Lilian Garcia. She first captured the hearts of millions as a WWE announcer and singer, best known for hosting the #1 rated television show, Monday Night Raw. She was the first person to sing the National Anthem in a public venue (and on TV in front of millions) after 9/11. And she is now the host of the acclaimed Chasing Glory podcast.

We talk about her rise to fame and the importance of “just going with it.” She goes into great detail about her time in the WWE, women in the sport, and the significance of communication in all aspects of her life. Learn essential life/business skills and mindset tips you need to succeed in all aspects of your life.

If you love the show, please leave a 5-star review and share this episode with your friends/family that can benefit from anything discussed.

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Would you like to know how to dominate your mornings and have undying energy all day long? This episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast takes us through a day in the life of biohacker, and life optimizer, Ben Greenfield.

Ben is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, coach, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life.” Ben breaks down his entire day from the moment he wakes up! We discuss everything from the ingredients in his morning smoothie, how he tracks his HRV to decide his approach to training each day, to the benefits of journaling.

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This episode is brought to you by Equip Foods.  Equip’s founder, Dr. Anthony Gustin, is a functional medicine and sports rehab clinician. Dr. Gustin spent hundreds of hours researching the best ingredients for specific nutrition needs, their effective doses, and combinations. NO synthetic ingredients, chemicals or...

In this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast we explore how to do better and be better with Ryan Munsey of The Better Human Project. Ryan is a high performance consultant helping athletes and entrepreneurs optimize their mind and body so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

He shares inspiring stories of people from all walks of life and provide you with tools you need to become better. He encourages and empowers people to give back in an effort to improve our communities.

Ryan explains how he got into bodybuilding and nutrition. We discuss his transition from a gym owner, to host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, to his current endeavor with The Better Human Project. He drops knowledge on nutrition, outlines his approach to training and so much more.

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This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with eleven different...

In this episode I speak with Dr. Zach Bush. He is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country, with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr. Bush and his colleagues have delivered offers profound new insights into human health and longevity.

This episode is all about gut health and your microbiome. He breaks down the disconnect between the food on our plate vs. what is going on in your body and how our guts have become sensitive to grains, because of the chemicals in them. Find out practical advice/tips you can take to protect your own gut health and why we should all eat lower on the food chain and eat with variety/color. Lastly, why a five day water fast is key for athletic performance and giving your gut time to rest. Ready to get science and knowledge bombs dropped on you?! You will get this and more on this episode of the Renegade Radio Podcast.

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Steve Olsher is America’s Reinvention Expert and has taught thousands how to NICHETIZE! (nitch a tize) by identifying and monetizing their WHAT — that is, the ONE thing they were born to do.

In this episode he discusses finding out what you want vs. what you need, being the critic vs. receiving criticism, and gives actionable tips on blocking out time and public speaking. Get ready to create a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution with this episode of the Renegade Radio Podcast.

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This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with eleven different areas of health, there is no better all-in-one supplement than Athletic Greens. Detoxify your body, boost your energy, and strengthen your immune system. Get all your vital nutrition in 30 seconds or less by going to to claim your...

In this episode, I sit down with 2X World Record holder in Power lifting, and highly successful entrepreneur and success coach, AJ Roberts. We discuss his journey in and out of power lifting and how it almost cost him his life.

We talk about why chasing the dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, discovering your path to self-love, how to train with flow and out of love, not anger. AJ goes deep into topics steaming from childhood trauma and how if you can’t love yourself, you cannot love someone else. We also cover some great tips to help you grow your finances and add to your bottom line.

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This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with eleven different areas of health, there is no better all-in-one supplement than Athletic Greens. Detoxify your body, boost your energy, and strengthen...

In this episode, I sit down with business and marketing legend, Perry Marshall. Perry is endorsed by FORBES and INC Magazine, and is one of the most expensive business consultants in the world. Clients seek his ability to integrate technology, sales, art and psychology.

Perry explains the 80/20 principle and how to apply it in all aspects of your life. We discuss finding your superpower, comparison syndrome, and embracing being the product. What is the Unique Selling Proposition, the 5 % method, and racking the shotgun? All this and so much more from one of the greatest marketing minds out there in this  episode of the Renegade Radio Podcast.

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This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with eleven different areas of health, there is no better all-in-one supplement than Athletic Greens. Detoxify your body, boost your energy, and strengthen your...

In this episode I sit down with Brandon Lilly. Brandon is a top ranked power lifter, author of “The Cube Method”, and “365STRONG”, as well as a respected strength coach. Brandon is ranked as one of the strongest power lifters of all-time. He has world class totals in multiple weight classes, both raw, and equipped — *2,110 lbs Raw Belt Only, 
*2,237 lbs Raw with Knee Wraps and 
*2,612 lbs Multiply Equipped.

We discuss learning from every situation, how a devastating injury changed his life, being happy is his new drug, self-awareness, and, of course, training to get jacked and strong.

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This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with eleven different areas of health, there is no better all-in-one supplement than Athletic Greens. Detoxify your body, boost your energy, and strengthen your immune system. Get all your vital nutrition in...

IFBB pro bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski joins the show to tell you precisely how to build the most amount of muscle in the most efficient way possible.

We talk about the importance of tension, volume, frequency, and intensity. Ben also tells you how to determine the optimal exercises for YOUR body.

You’ll also learn the mindset secrets Ben uses to achieve incredible success throughout his life. He shares his morning routine, his favorite books, best advice and much more.

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Want to listen to another episode that will help you gain muscle, build strength and get jacked?  Listen to this episode  with Bret Contreras.  Bret is a renowned fitness expert with a ton of knowledge about the science of building muscle.  In this episode he talks about how heavy you should lift, whether or not training to failure is helpful, great training splits, how much volume you...

When you wake up every day there are 5 things you need to pay equal attention to.

They all need nurturing. If one slips the others will suffer.

We all know the unhappy rich guy.

The guy who is in sick shape but broke.

I believe you can have it all.


By working to optimize these 5 things every day.

To help you remember them I use alliteration and call them the Ferruggia 5.




Family (friends)


I recorded a short podcast on these 5 things for you. I explain what needs to go into each and how you can get the most out of every area. I teach you how to form habits that will last.

The best part is it’s easier than you think.

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This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens. With 75 ingredients working together to help with eleven different areas of health,...

If your life is missing purpose and passion the all new #RenegadeRadioPodcast can help you find both.

Zander Fryer is my guest in this episode. He is the creator of the “SH*T You Don’t Learn in College” program, which helps people overcome their fears and turn their passions and goals into reality.

Like so many others, Zander lived a “good” life and was successful by most peoples’ standards. He was a well paid IT Sales Executive for a large corporation and had a bright future ahead of him. The problem was, none if it made him happy or fulfilled. With some encouragement from his mentor, Zander made the decision to leave corporate America to pursue his passion for coaching. By taking action in the face of fear and using his purpose to guide his decisions he has experienced rapid success while doing what he loves.

To learn tips and techniques to help you find your purpose listen as we discuss:

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If you ask any of my closest friends I’d guess they’d tell you I’m a super nice guy.

Genuine, present, making people laugh and feel good.

Always there when they need me. Always able to offer some valuable insight or feedback to whatever problem they are having.

Always able to make a connection or two, since I know a lot of cool, successful people.

I focus on others and always come with a giving hand, looking to add value.

But I’m also relentless in pursuit of the things I want.

You might even say ruthless. Like MC Ren. (If you know who that is without googling it I love you).

Not in a dick kind of way. But in a focused as fuck, unapologetic, nothing-can-stop-me kind of way.

And that’s where so many people fail. They want to be loved by everyone. They want to always be the nice guy. They don’t understand the balance. They don’t know how to walk the line.

It’s not a case of being Mr. Rogers or Mr. T. You can take the best of both.

You can be REALLY nice and still dominate every obstacle in front of you.

You can also be generous with your time. A great listener, giving, empathetic.

You can make everyone feel special.

You can stop and give people compliments all day long. Help the old lady cross the street. Hold the door, pull out the chair, pick up the check.

That’s the way to live.

What you can’t do is give your power away...

Has attempting to climb the corporate ladder left you worn out and uninspired?

Do you dream of making a living doing work you’re passionate about? In this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast you’ll learn how The Paleo Chef, Mary Shenouda, changed her health, career and life.

Mary is the creator and founder of as well as the popular Paleo food product, Phat Fudge. As a kid she struggled with serious health issues. For years doctors failed to treat her with any success. Upon discovering that she has Celiac disease, Mary began following a Paleo diet. For the first time her condition improved. The rapid and dramatic changes inspired her to start sharing her recipes with friends and followers on social media. Before long, well known personalities and pro athletes began requesting for Mary to cook their food, and The Paleo Chef was born.

This episode is jam packed with actionable advice on how to turn you passion into a career, improve your relationships and become more successful.

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How can you overcome your insecurities and be a stronger, more confident person? I’ll tell you what took me from being shy, insecure and socially awkward to the person you see me as today.

In addition we’ll talk about the safest, most effective ways to include Progressive Overload in your training. What’s the ideal training split for someone who is burned out and beat up? You’ll learn what’s worked for me and thousands of my clients.

Wanna know how to improve your fitness biz, or any business for that matter? I’ll give you actionable steps to help take your business to another level.

Don’t sleep, son. Grab some pen and paper, press play and get ready to learn all this and more including:

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This episode is brought to you by Four SigmaticThey make a powerful, brain-boosting coffee with the active ingredient, Lion’s...

How’s your diet going during the holiday season? Are you resisting temptation or giving in? Are you getting your workouts in or making lame excuses about not having enough time?

Are you working on your personal development? Your relationships? Your finances? Or putting it off til tomorrow? Waiting til New Years like those who will never even come close to reaching their goals?

F*ck New Years resolutions and whatever lies you’re telling yourself. It’s time to make some changes NOW.


This episode is sponsored by MVMT Watches

Classic design, quality construction, and styled minimalism. Movement Watches start at just $95. At a department store; you’re looking at 400-to-500 bucks. Movement figured out that by selling online they were able to cut out the middleman and retail mark up, providing the best possible price. At such great prices, MVMT watches make great holiday...

Think about the times when you’ve performed at your absolute best. The times when your focus and clarity were so intense that you knew exactly what to do from one moment to the next. The instances where you were your most productive, creative and powerful self.

Athletes call it “the zone” but it’s also known as the flow state. Unfortunately, for most people flow states are sporadic and by accident, if they happen at all. But what if you could put yourself into a flow state anytime you need to? Imagine what it would do for your business, training, success, and life. Steven Kotler is my guest in Episode 216 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast and he holds the keys to unlocking flow on command.

Steven is one of the world’s leading experts on ultimate human performance. He is the co-founder and director of the Flow Genome Project, a global organization committed to mapping the genome of flow by 2020 and making it available to everyone. He is also an award-winning journalist and the NY Times best-selling author of several amazing books including “Stealing Fire,” “Bold,” “The Rise of Superman,” “Abundance,” “A Small Furry Prayer,” and “West of Jesus”.

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Whether you’re a player striving to elevate your game, a coach looking to lead your athletes to victory, or a weekend warrior with the desire to win, everyone wants to improve their performance. If you want the slight edge to help you rise above the competition look no further than the new #RenegadeRadioPodcast with Dr. Fergus Connolly.

Dr. Connolly is the University of Michigan Football Performance & Operations Director. He previously worked as a performance expert with several NFL teams and Major League Soccer clubs. In his new book, “Game Changer: The Art of Sports Science,” Dr. Connolly tackles the misconceptions about sports science and provides a comprehensive view of team sport performance.

In this episode we discuss the ideal training schedule for the average person looking to get jacked. Fergus explains why data can be useful, but obsessively tracking everything can be problematic. We delve into the difference between maximal and optimal strength, what makes a great coach, how to select the best training and recovery methods and much more.

For tips to help improve your performance, straight from one of the world’s leading performance experts, listen as we discuss:

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Are you an Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph? If you don’t know and understand your body type it’s likely that you’re not optimizing your nutrition and training. If you wanna learn how to reach your health and fitness goals faster don’t miss this episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast with Dr. Stephen Cabral.

Stephen is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and Certified Strength and Conditioning Professional. He’s also the host of “The Cabral Concept” podcast and he’s the author of outstanding books such as “A Man’s Guide to Muscle and Strength” and the Amazon Best Seller “The Rain Barrel Effect”.

At only 17 years old he suffered severe health complications. He saw multiple doctors, and tried over 100 different treatments, but his health still didn’t improve. It wasn’t until he met an Alternative Health doctor that his body began to recover. The experience instilled a passion for health and wellness in Stephen and opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Over the past 20 years he has studied and researched health and wellness, acquired dozens of certifications in the natural health field and completed thousands of sessions with health and fitness clients.

His knowledge and experience have put Dr. Cabral at the top of his field and now you have the opportunity to benefit from both.

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