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Hello everyone. Brand new to the website and excited to start getting involved. I currently am 20 y/o, 6' 0, and a little less then 210 pounds. I am looking to truly devote my self to health and fitness. I know already my over all goal is to become aesthetic (I hate having fat on my body).. but I have no idea how to start even though I have read through the forums.. Here is some background info... I am not a newbie to lifting... I lifted hard for football my entire high school career and was overall... pretty strong.. That being said.. All I did (and was told to do) was eat everything in sight and lift hard.. so I did.. Now, two years later, I have not lifted seriously or worked out seriously since high school. (2 years ago). I have lost the majority of my muscle and my fat remains (Especially my waist and below). As you can see from the pictures.. my handles and waist has so much fat... but even worse.. I feel I am very think below the waist ( lots of fat on butt, thighs, etc) (I wear a 36 - 38 waist). I am truly ready to start making my dream into a reality.. Do I cut calories, lift hard, and do cardio and then clean bulk after im lean... Do I go on a small surplus, lift hard, and do cardio... Do I eat maintenance cals, lift hard, and do...
Doesn't have to be a chain restaurant, could be a stand alone local place. Describe your favorite thing on the menu if you want. Pass happy league where defenders can't play defense anymore. Your thoughts?
Im sure the misc will hate it but damn they are comfy.... Set to close on house feb 1... Will post pics once its all done.. Also the breakfast bar for the kitchen, bought matching stools for it as well. upload photo
Just signed 702 Bill to reauthorize foreign intelligence collection. This is NOT the same FISA law that was so wrongly abused during the election. I will always do the right thing for our country and put the safety of the American people first! Why would Trump sign the 702 bill to reauthorize foreign intelligence collection? Remember he tweeted against it, moments before doing a 180 and suddenly supporting it. Not the same as the FISA law that was used to spy on him? That would seem to be intellectual dishonesty or ignorance -
Spinal erector on my right side was kind of bothering me the other day. No pain just discomfort. Went ahead with my work outs and started my barbell row warm up sets, when i got to my second set I felt a sharp pain as i lifted the bar. Immediately set the bar down and pain went away. Afterwards for next 2 days i had a mild discomfort in the area but no pain or anything until one day after work it was really bothering me. Decided to nurse it a little and just get some sleep and it would feel better in the morning. When i woke up i was in extreme pain. Took 10 minutes to get out of bed, everything from walking to breathing hurt. The only relief I could get was stretching it for a few seconds (which hurt like hell), which would grant me 3-5 seconds of relief afterwards. I figured i really ****ed up and i was done for at least a few weeks however as the night progressed and i did more and more at work it hurt less and less. It seems like the more work I do (gym and professional) the less and less it bothers me. Any idea what is causing it and should I be resting it or keep working out (taking it slowly and lightly of course)
i've been on the keto diet for a few months now. last couple of weeks ive been struggling with a an extremely bloated stomach, i don't know whats causing it and fyi i don't do carb ups i ONLY eat meat, fish, eggs and the occasional 30g walnut snack aswell as a few "drops" of milk in my morning coffee. i take multis to cover vitamins... salt intake is ~3g-5g/day and water is 2-5 liters depending on whether im working out or not got a couple of pics from this morning, all i ate before the pics were my 4 eggs and coffee. left pics= relaxed, right pics= flexed abs any ideas on what may be causing this? its only been like this for 2 weeks roughly Attached Images bloat1.jpg‎ (72.6 KB) bloat2.jpg‎ (28.1 KB)
Ive been lifting 6-7 days/week for about 6 months now using a ppl split. I started as a complete beginner and Ive been gradually adding volume but im at the point where i have to spend at least 2 hours in the gym every day to feel like i hit enough muscle groups and with enough volume. Is this a sign that i should start looking for a new split that targets individual muscle groups or should i keep riding out these long ass gym sessions?
Posting in the Supp misc rather than main section because I think people will assume I'm trolling. I have used magneisum up to a ~2g per day for some weeks/months and I think I am now quite dependent upon it. If I stop taking it, I'm overwhelmed with anxiety, nervous feelings, thoughts of inferiority and anger. If I take a gram I calm right down and feel ok and optimistic again. I fear that I am proper ****ed now and need to go cold turkey with it and feel like crap. Has anyone experienced this? I also basically can't fall asleep without it. LOL A simple mistake, he obviously meant to say aborted, but I still laughed pretty hard.
Oddest miscer I've ever seen. And I definitely include Preston, troton, car salesman, fake lambo guy, etc etc I won't link his post history since it may be bannable, but literally 95% of his posts are normally 'thread subject' lol, or 'random word' lol. You have to look hard to find even a complete sentence in any of his posts. I've no idea what he gets out of the misc. I know some of the other oddballs get off on trolling and being deliberately obtuse, but with Vulgoo it's like there's a catastrophic brain stem injury that still lets him spell words correctly.
Here it is. I assume FBI will release a separate report. That's quite a read I'm still digesting. Pag2 42 lists weapons and such, and there were quite a few equipped with bump stocks I see. His room and houses had lots of guns, but his family nor GF had any idea he was into guns? Ok...I'm no expert on such reports, but it seems they make a convincing case he acted alone. One thing that continue to bother me, he was obviously an intelligent man and who'd taken his time in preparation with hand written bullet drop tables and all. He obviously knew there was not even a remote chance he'd ever use all those guns. I'm personally ignoring theories of gun deals gone bad and such and still feel he was trying to make some gran statement about guns and their availability and such. In his twisted mind, he was "exposing" how easy it was to obtain guns and such. Was he not an established Bernie supporter? By all indications, his beliefs, such as they were, were far left leaning. What a POS The news picking that up yet?
Sup brahs I'm from the UK and I don't know if my look helps - but getting girls is easy as fuk. Went a pre carnival party the other day and literally had people coming up to me asking them to meet their friend. ALL of these girls that they were asking me to meet were 7+/10, and I was just standing there. I'm 5'11, blonde hair and blue eyes - and it's just heaven fuk!
There is nothing more pathetic to me than getting your political opinions from a cnn or fox news comm major peasant. The only reason why they are in business still is they create headlines for us to get butt hurt about.
Hey! So i've read some and heard it's not really efficient to bulk above 15/17% bodyfat? I'm currently at 17,5% according to my weight tracker app. Dont know how accurate that is tho. I would like to bulk some more as i dont really mind the way im looking right now, but not sure if it's a good idea as it seems its not a good idea to go over 15-17%?
The dunk where he wears red tank top
This thread is not about you- it's about the movie showing on Netflix called "Bring it On" I used to think this movie was hilarious, now I don't even know.. the people in this movie aren't that cute Except this bish- For your time-
Im not one to go by but i usually wont see a girl if she isnt down for rawdog. after years on relationships i have trouble staying hard if i dont knw im about to cum deep inside those sugarwalls always ask if they are on birth control, which they always are. Feel free to bust inside, stds are over reported anyway. My stats arent crazy compared to some, but ive rawdogged and cum inside over 30 tinder chicks and never caught anything or had any preg scares. Im not a chad tho but i still get better than avg tinder chicks who arent copping d from everyone. I'd personally rate them as the club sloto youd wanna approach but dont have the balls to (me included). Maybe a 7/10 with tits out and make up. I never touch the 4/10 that every chad raw dogs and asks betas for $200 to fcuk. Rawdog or nodog crew. cheers