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Don't have a lot of free time but still want to have incredible shoulders? This 12-minute workout creates an insane shoulder pump so you can build muscle in half the time!
Make your back bigger, thicker, wider, and more detailed while building a strong foundation for future growth!
A car crash on a Los Angeles freeway rendered IFBB pro Katherine Portillo a quadriplegic. Now, she advocates for herself and others with disabilities.
Use this month-long training program to get shredded fast!
Abel Albonetti is at it again, thrashing his quads this time in his relentless quest for the ultimate functional physique. Bring a wheelchair to the gym with you. You're going to need it when you leave.
Sure, anyone can look up the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for the macronutrients and vitamins they consume every day. Unfortunately, those numbers, at least for protein, are too low to support maximum healthy muscle growth.
This low-carb casserole satisfies comfort-food cravings without sacrificing gains!
Don't let this man's gentle demeanor fool you: He is on a mission to be the biggest, baddest man onstage. People tell him to make his move now, but he'll make it when he's damn well ready.
When you want serious abs, you need a serious plan. This is exactly how an elite physique athlete stays shredded year-round!
No shortcuts here. Just a solid chest, shoulders, and triceps routine that will allow you to lift some solid weights, chase a crazy pump, and strut out of the gym in 30-45 minutes, feeling amazing.
After a dramatic 135-pound weight loss, figure athlete Teegan Rose hopes to make fitness a full-time career.
If increasing your arm size is why you hit the gym every day, maybe it's time to shed the basics and take your biceps training to the next level.
Want to upgrade your diet and add a bit more summer to your summer menu? Cast your line for any or all of these nutritious seafood options, then head to the kitchen and create these refreshing dishes.
Otherwise known as "deloading," reloading is all about giving your body (and your mind) a chance to take a step back from heavy lifting and get recharged. If you lift big, you'd better reload.
Worth was among the best onstage but left it all behind. Today, she's fighting to reclaim her place.
Trainer and Spokesmodel Search finalist Tyler Holt comes by to talk about 1,000-rep workouts, as well as the joys and challenges of "living the dream" of gym ownership in his mid-twenties.
A quartet of moves might sound easy, but MusclePharm-sponsored athlete Tyler Holt has a few tricks to help you modify your favorite lifts and grow those pecs!
This crazy-simple recipe for a gluten-free, healthy breakfast will change the way you look at toast forever.
Glutes are all the rage, but don't build up one side of the hip while totally forgetting about the other! Here's all the adductor training you need to build a strong, capable lower body.
Interest in bodybuilding is exploding inside this country that has four times the population of the United States. Where it will end is anybody's guess, but India's athletes themselves are prepping up to make their presence known on the world stage.