All fat is not created equally, and its effect on disease risk can vary widely. Read more for a comprehensive review of obesity and CVD research.

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Holly, like many people has difficulty moderating her diet. Thus, at BioLayne we have developed Protocol 1587 on How to Stop Overeating.

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Trying to get the most out of your training? Watch out for these ten sneaky mistakes that may be sabotaging your results without your knowledge.

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Layne and Holly discuss nutrition and training strategies to lose fat, increase muscle mass and maintain healthy metabolic rate.

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In this episode we discuss how protein is digested, absorbed, and utilized by the body. This will be a real eye opening video for many people.

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Is the “organic” label worth paying more for? Check out this research-based analysis of both conventional and organic foods before you decide.

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In the final part of this series Brian and Dr. McGill take me to Brian's gym and show me how to properly execute some of the rehab exercises and also give me pointers on squats and deadlifts.

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Are watches that display heart rate and caloric expenditure really worth their hype? We say yes, but only if you know how to use their data wisely.

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Layne discusses how protein degradation aka breakdown play into muscle growth and turnover.

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Don’t miss a beet! Read on for the latest research surrounding beet root juice and its benefits on muscle gain and performance in the gym.

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Chill out! Cold exposure may actually be a good thing. Read on to learn about the extensive benefits of cryotherapy on health and athletic performance.

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Dr. McGill discusses my injury, how it occurs, and ways to manage it. If you've ever suffered a disc bulge you don't want to miss this!

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What’s all the hype about elastic bands? Do they REALLY make a difference? Learn to use accommodating resistance in your training for max results.

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Are there actually benefits to jumping in the sauna post workout? The answer may surprise you. Read more for the extensive benefits of heat therapy.

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The answer is, it depends! The rep range question is highly dependent on your specific goals. Read more to determine which range is best for you.

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My back injuries have been well documented and many people have said that I should retire from powerlifting, that it just isn’t in the cards anymore. I don’t believe that and never have. Brian Carroll reached out to me on instagram after my latest injury and asked about helping. I…

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Ever wonder how much your diet and gut health impact your daily life? Look no further. We’ve compiled all the latest research to bring you answers.

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Do you prefer the structure of a meal plan, or the freedom of a flexible diet? Read on to discover the pros and cons of a structured diet for fat loss.

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Much has been made of both of these diets, but who really wins when it comes to weight and fat loss? A new study sheds light on some of the answers.

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What are Omega-3s? Where do I get them? How much do I need? All your questions are answered in this research-backed review on the infamous supplement.

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