In this episode, I break down factors that influence fat loss vs. lean body mass loss. I also discuss what is a normal amount of lean body mass to lose vs. fat mass while on a diet.

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Health? Wellness? Fitness? What do these abstract concepts even mean, and which one should you be pursuing? Our answer may surprise you.

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The BioLayne series of camps and seminars have become legendary in the fitness industry. BioLayne was the first company to organize these kinds of camps combining lifting instruction with high level nutrition and training seminars. Now, in another first, BioLayne heads to Asia for the first time ever. Dr. Layne…

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To keto, or not to keto? The answer is- it depends. A less drastic approach may be just as effective for you. Read more for the low-down on low-carb diets.

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A new study reviewed in MASS this month demonstrated that IIFYM was equal or in some cases superior to meal plans and 'clean eating' for getting in the full spectrum of micronutrients.

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When we diet, we inevitably move less and burn less calories through NEAT. But being mindful of this lets us get creative with new ways to stay active.

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Is sleeping well a struggle for you? Don’t neglect this crucial piece of the dieting puzzle that impacts both your physique and athletic performance.

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Layne discusses how Fat Metabolism works and how Fat burning occurs on a physiological level and how this is influenced by diet.

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Diet breaks are renowned for psychological benefits, but research indicates they also play a physiological role in successful fat loss diets.

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The ketogenic diet is the greatest diet in the world. You will have more energy, you will get ripped as a greek god, and NONE of the calories count.

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In powerlifting, competition frequency is a crucial consideration. Learn to align the number of your platform appearances with your specific goals.

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If you are a female looking to get ‘toned,’ this article is for you. Read more to learn how resistance training is the key to your ideal lean physique.

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Layne explains how fat loss and calories in vs. calories out works, why it's not a myth, and why people get confused on it.

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Time-tested over more than a decade of competitive bodybuilding experience, these four tips from Peter Fitschen are guarantees for a great physique.

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In this video I discuss why people so easily buy into bullshit and why they let themselves be manipulated by snake oil salesmen

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Regarding fiber intake, staying regular isn’t the only factor to consider. Read to learn how over consumption of fiber can impact training performance.

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I discuss my most recent setback and why my approach is the way it is.

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Still think cardio will ruin your gains? Think again. Read more to get the skinny on cardiovascular training and its impact on strength gains.

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In this episode we talk to Greg Nuckels about strength training, muscle growth, and fat loss as well as why people tend to want to buy into nonsense fads.

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Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Conventional wisdom says no, but the answer is not as clear cut as you might think.

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