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A lamp by Bertjan Pot, you say? And it’s not too terribly expensive? Well, sign me up. The ‘Pion’ lamps for Wrong.London and Hay have a shape that references a pawn chess piece (‘Pion’ is the Dutch word for “pawn”). Crafted from a stitched composite ‘Nomex’ paper, the lamp gives off a soft, diffused glow that’s sure to set the right ambience in any room. The shape is supported by a steel frame and carbon-fibre rod, and, don’t worry, the shade is both UV-stable and flame resistant. Suitable for floor or table use.

Designer: Bertjan Pot
Material: ‘Nomex’ paper composite, steel

LED light source, dimmer switch on Large size.

Small: Width 1800mm, Length 1400mm
Large: Width 344mm, Diameter 119mm, Height 460mm, € 275.00

Updated price and link; originally posted Apr 5, 2017.

Raise your hand if you like strange shopping bags. This one from Milk Design and Feel Good Home has a different sort of 3D shape made from Tyvek and leather handles, which will surely tote your purchases safely home with a fair amount of style (don’t be surprised if people ask you where you got it). Tyvek is durable and water resistant, and very light… plus, did you see the price?

Materials: Tyvek, leather
Color: Paper

Big Shopping Bag: $35.00
Size: L55 H59 W33 cm
Weight: 170g

From our archives; originally posted June 27, 2013.

Ah-ha! This proves that some designers are mercifully kind to those of us that can’t afford to just plonk down a thousand plus dollars for a beautiful book/magazine stand. Chen Chen & Kai Williams have designed the Folded Vessel for Good Thing, and it’s similar, though less expensive, to their Third Eye Vessel design. Three identical petals fasten together to form the floor-standing container, giving you an excellent spot to keep your records, books, and magazines. The pale pink or cobalt blue are very appealing options if you don’t mind a little color.

Designer: Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Material: Powder Coated Steel, Rubber, Aluminum
Dimensions: Length 19.5″, Width 17″, Height 14.5″

Updated link; originally posted Jul 28, 2016.

Yep, it’s a flashlight and a camp lantern, but it would look just fine left out on your beside table. Not too bad, eh? The Torch Latern’s collapsible head lets it function as either a flashlight or a lantern. For a focused beam, keep it screwed tight, or unscrew the top to spread the light out in your tent or room. And, get this: it has a bottle opener (in its base, I think?). Also, check out the smaller Stashlight.

The Torch comes in a gift-ready green craft paper box.

4.25 x 1.5 x 1.5″

Requires AAA batteries (not included).
Stainless steel.

As you might have guessed, this Ash Wood Wall Hook is made from a steamed strip of solid ash wood. The two upward ends provide a resting place for all manner of accessories while the curved bow allows for a gentle hold of sweaters and coats without the bothersome indentation you’d get from other small hooks. It’s a smart choice for an entryway or bedroom, or wherever else you need a tiny bit of extra clothes storage.

Designed by Line Depping / Hay

Dimensions: 10.5″ H x 8.5″ W x 7.17″ W.
Materials: Steam bent solid ash

Updated price and link; originally posted May 6, 2014.

Now, isn’t this a convenient cutting board? Designer Alain Gilles’ All On Board is a wooden cutting board just like your others, yes, but it rests within a useful plastic scoop. This scoop slides along the board, allowing you to separate food from their scraps for easy disposal and move ingredients directly from board to pan. The funnel-shaped handle acts as a pouring vessel for juices or stocks- handy for those ‘au jus’ dishes, right?

Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 1.5 inches / 46 x 25.5 x 3.7 cm
Materials: Oak, ABS

-Solid oak surface slides in and out of durable scoop
-Allows user to easily discard of scraps or conveniently place cut items in pot
-Available in green or grey
-Hand wash

What about buying something for tabletop for a change? The Ridge set somehow hits a new-yet-vintage vibe, and the hand blown pieces with their rippled surface is sure to be a hit when you’re proffering beverages. The collection is now back in stock, thankfully.

Dishwasher safe.

Small Pitcher, $40.00
Small Glasses (set of 2), $28.00
Ridge Kitchen Bundle (Pitcher + 2 Glasses), $86.00

Updated price and link; originally posted Dec 5, 2017.

Okay, sign me up- it’s a Tic-Tac-Toe game and a trivet. Fun for your family and friends, and functional. The five Xs and five Os also can double as drink coasters. Three uses, all in one product- score!

Made of heat-resistant, food-safe silicone. Dishwasher-safe.

Designer: Alexa Forney from the SVA x MoMA Design Store collaboration.
Size: 10″sq
Materials: Silicone
Date: 2017

Umm, designer soap? Sure, if it’s pigment and fragrance free, why not? You’ll find four bars of glycerin soap molded together, to be broken apart for individual use. Plus, it’s “designed” by Jasper Morrison. Perhaps bookmark it for a discerning friend’s housewarming gift?

Designer: Jasper Morrison
Dimensions: Length 7.25″, Width 0.75″, Height 4″
Ingredients: Pure Water, Sugar, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Pamitoleic Acid, Myristic Acid, Glycerin

Fun! These embroidered bracelets from OMY are pure sartorial candy. Maybe your wrist needs a few of these to help brighten up your outfit for the day? Luckily, there’s several designs to choose from, so pick your favorites for a “sweet” stack.

One size : 2 snaps to adjust to your wrist.

Embroidered with colored satin thread by artisan embroiderers.
Composition: 83% Polyester – 17% Laiton – Nickel free
Size: 21 x 3 cm

Maybe there’s nothing particularly wrong with your current task light, but does it pivot smoothly? Does it offer a 0-100% light level adjustment with just one hand? The Superlight LED Table Lamp does both, thanks to its 3-axis range of motion and ergonomic light switch. Plus, a 90 degree lens rotation gets light exactly where you want it.

Designer: Peter Stathis from Pablo Designs

Dimensions: 32.75″L X 22″H
Base: 8″D
Cord: 108″L

Also available directly from Pablo Designs.

Look at this little knife. It’s perfectly suited for your keychain, so you’re never left without a knife/bottle opener/screwdriver/pry tool. And just look at the Black + Black color option; it’s super sleek. It’s packaged in a reuseable, resealable Loksak® waterproof bag, so you can keep it from damage by sand, snow, or water.

OVERALL LENGTH: 4.33” (11.0cm)
CLOSED LENGTH: 2.60″ (6.58cm)

WEIGHT: 1.3oz

Just what you didn’t know you needed: strange, minimal hangers for your clothes. Choose between a shirt/dress hanger, a pant hanger, a round towel hanger, or, hey, go all out and get all three. They’ll make your closet look a little more cool, that’s for sure.

Handmade in Los Angeles

Materials: Steel, clearcoat finish

shirt/dress hanger: 17″ l x 4″ h (hook) x 3/16″ thickness
pant hanger: 17″ l x 2 1/2″ h (circular body) x 4″ h (hook) x 3/16″ thickness
round towel hanger: 8″ w x 12″ h (4″ h hook) x 3/16″ thickness

Need a place to stash your favorite pens and pencils, your smaller toiletries, or your extra cash? Take a look at this vegan leather Double Up Case. It has two compartments; folded in half and snapped, it’ll keep your belongings secure in your drawer or bag.

Vegan Leather.
3″ height x 8″ length (7.6 cm x 20.3 cm)

Tired of tripping over your laptop cord? Here’s an idea: put a break-away magnetic connection at the outlet point, so it instantly disconnects. It’ll also work for lamps, vacuums, etc., to save you from your clumsiness. The TUG also works as a quick switch (just tug the cord to turn off whatever is plugged in).

Available for preorder only.

$19.95 each.
Set of 3 for $49.95.

It’s April, and that means you need to get yourself ready for outdoor grilling weather. Whether your usual fare is meats or veggies, know that the Una Grill is very convenient to cart around to the backyard, local park, or even your next camping trip. There’s two cooking heights for grilling, and it all nests down to a compact size for easy storage and transport.

Features a sturdy leather strap handle and stainless steel parts (cooking and charcoal grates, ash collector) that are dishwasher-safe.

Designers: John Spaven, Jeroen Verbrugge, Willemijn Verduijn, Amir Soubra

Closed:4.25h x 19w x 6.75″d
Open:8.25h x 19w x 6.75″d

Materials: Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Steel, Leather

Take this portable LED light practically anywhere- outside on the patio, over to the beach, or beside your chair or bed for reading. The steel base and handle holds an opaque glass shade while the internal LED light is rechargeable via USB. When you’re not toting it around, you can remove the handle for a simpler shape. Currently on sale, fyi.

Materials: Opal Glass shade, Powder-coated Steel base & handle, USB Cable

Dimensions 5.3″ x 5.3″ x 9.6″H or 13.40cm x 13.40 cm x H 24.38cm
Internal LED light source (no bulb needed)
Dimmable, 4-steps 0%, 10%, 50%, 100%

$149.95 119.96

Updated price and link; originally posted Nov 22, 2016.