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Mahlo Brunch Bar Mahlo is serious about brunch, while not taking themselves too seriously. Run by a French-Australian couple, they set out to create a new cafe in Neukölln that was eclectic and unconventional when compared to the contemporary cafe scene in Berlin. With this ideology in mind, we created a fun and quirky identity which extended as far as coffee packaging, copywriting, mural painting and everything in between. Personified, the Mahlo brand is someone you can have fun with and relax around. At Mahlo Brunch Bar you can be sure you'll always come welcome?and you'll always leave full.

Illustrations depicting the coral reef fish life , card game design, for a client from Kuwait.

dragon shield

In 2017, QT approached Bureau Oberhaeuser to design a demo interface for an in-car infotainment system that illustrates the system's performance capability. The demo was shown at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The design is based on Bureau Oberhaeuser's 2015 Tesla Infotainment Concept.

Nikopicto converts Hong Kong into cool Esport game battlefield! You can watch it on one of the biggest outdoor screen at Sogo Causeway and everywhere in HK!

Casa Lupe is an Airbnb located in Colonia Lafayette, a hip neighborhood in Guadalajara, Mexico. Menta was commissioned to create the identity that would capture this essence. We created a wordmark with great simplicity and timeless feel. A sparrow just landing, represents hints of an Art Deco reinterpretation. We also created a series of botanic illustrations inspired by the flowers and trees of our patios, where Buganvilias, Primaveras, Jacarandas and Geranios, brighten up the city.

Kalø Castle staircase in Northwestern Jutland, Denmark by David Garcia MAP Architects

HENNIG-OLSENS SLOW CHURNED ICE CREAM "In 1924 Sven Hennig-Olsen came back to Norway from Chicago, with him he brought recipes and equipment needed to make ice cream. This was the start of Norway's very first ice cream factory." For this new ice cream line Hennig-Olsen goes back to the 30s when the freezing process was slower, and made with more cream, which gave the ice cream a fuller taste and texture. Sakte Kjærna Iskrem (meaning slow churned ice cream) is a revival of this old good quality. Natural Ice Cream, traditionally made, with rich taste and texture. DESIGN For this product series it was obvious to look back at the brand history, as well as packaging from the 30s to the 50s for inspiration. Based on our research we decided to re-introduce the old Hennig-Olsen script logo, combined with simple, bright graphics. Our goal was to communicate nostalgia, flavour and quality, but still keep a fresh, playful look to reach a wide target group.

Inspired by the unique musical history of Leith Theatre, independent design agency Touch has created a series of hanging banners ? each a response to one of the acts that has played at the venue over the years ? from Thin Lizzy's career-defining early performances to Kraftwerk's electrifying 1975 show, from Anna Meredith's intoxicating compositions to Young Fathers' triumphant gig on home turf earlier this year. Limited edition risograph prints, tote bags and t-shirts are available on the online shop ? with all profits raised going back towards the ongoing transformation of the historic venue of Leith Theatre.

Rebrand identity for Studio Banana, 2017

Analog sound

Creative Chef Jasper Udink Ten Cate and design studio Autobahn launch a new bespoke and thrilling concept that mixes various disciplines in a new product. Creative Chef Records is a series of music titles from various popular music acts, presented with a ceramic design plate inside a record sleeve. On the back of the sleeve there is a Spotify link to one song of the artist. Follow the step-by-step instructions to cook the favorite dish of that artist and serve it on the ceramic plate.

Co. Means Coffee is a pets friendly cafe in Kharkiv. It is located in the business center of the city and designed for people who live or work here. Our main challenge was to develop identity and interior, and the main conditions were the presence of an accent color and a sign. The name is phonetically associated with coffee, cocoa, company, so we decided to continue the line of such associations and use the blue cobalt color and image of the cow. Additionally the cow symbolizes the animal friendly orientation of the cafe and adds an image of fun and home comfort. Blue color has been complemented with warm shades of pink and ocher, and the cow has been depicted as simply and calmly as possible. The company typography consists of serif and sans serif fonts, which underline the youth and at the same time restrained character of the brand. The brand identity visually distinguishes Co. Means Coffee among competitors and clearly marks the sympathy for visitors with animals.