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The Papillons de Nuit Festival has renewed its trust in Murmure to design its visual identity. A special request was made this year: to pay tribute to the Monterey Pop Festival "Music, Love and Flowers".

Helping California based Algorithm Coffee Co. percolate through the market. Algorithm approached us to design a new packaging style for its range of single- origin coffees.

A collection of textured illustrations exploring environments and the interaction of characters

EMERGING FROM A RICH HISTORY ? Bentwood Cafe introduces the process of exploring to the dining experience, allowing visitors to discover something new as they journey through the space. Reflecting the rich history of the building, the interior creates a multi-layered space that adds depth and intimacy to the cafe which keeps the visitor intrigued and engaged. Bentwood is a statement and confidently 'climbs' to a new level for the business owners. The brand direction uses the interior response as a starting point and likewise considers how the visitor will interact with the brand as they go on their 'Bentwood' journey. The identity further emphasises the pulse and energy of the cafe by using stacking and layering. This also creates a playful, adaptable and dynamic response whilst also maintaining a connection to the iconic Bentwood chair.

Character design for the TYRUT brand of Spain

Letko Brosseau came to us for an actualization of their corporate identity. Celebrating 30 years of activity, this successful and well renowned portfolio manager wanted to convey an image more in line with his current reality. Long perceived as a two-man show company, we have instead depended heavily on teamwork ? symbolically represented by a multitude of busy hands measuring, calculating, forecasting the market or formulating tailor-made solutions. This modern approach, supported by a contemporary color palette and typography, confirms the relevance and vitality of the company.

In an effort to provide consumers with more enriched content, the Museum launched the My MCQ app, available for Android and iOS. The app provides its users with real-time access to its various exhibitions, allows them to select their individual interests in order to obtain more personalized content, to consult maps outlining the museum as well as see different exhibitions and their schedules, and finally, to better discover the London exhibit in Quebec by interacting with augmented reality content. It's not just an app, it's a valuable companion that serves to enrich the individual Musée de la Civilisation experience.

Situated in London, Tower Hill is one of the oldest parts of the city. We were approached by General Projects to create a proposal and bespoke presentation case to showcase their plans for a 175,000 sqft. commercial development within the area. The packaging was designed to hold both the project in hand as well as two previously completed development publications.


Socio Design were commissioned to create a strong packaging system that leveraged KNNOX's minimal ethos. Each hand-crafted component is put together by the consumer, emphasising the incredible detail an accuracy put into its production. The end result is a high-end product that considers, texture, finishing and engineering of superb quality.

The History of the Merrion Hotel, Design HQ, Ireland. Portraits of historical figures who lived in Dublin. ©2018 Balbusso Twins

THE ELECTRIC VIBRATIONS OF THE FLY Proposal not retained of new visual identity for LA MOUCHE, cultural space of Saint-Genis-Laval / Season 2017/2018 "Can the flapping of a fly's wings in Saint-Genis-Laval cause a tornado in Texas?" The hijacking of this famous formula used by Edward Lorenz to describe the chaos' theory illustrate our vision of the new visual identity for LA MOUCHE cultural space. By using graphic codes from optical art, the Monogram "M" becomes the symbol of a place that assumes its mission of cultural epicenter on a territorial level. This seismic shock wave becomes the motif of a vibrant and radiant season that unfolds joyfully in the urban space. It is also an opportunity to introduce motion design and digital as new communication tools to create a new identity resolutely modern.

Created graphics for HVMN Ketone. HVMN Ketone is a clinically validated superfuel that can be used to improve training, recovery, and performance. This product was born out of collaboration between HVMN and T?S Ltd and $60 million in research funding.

We made brochure for Kustom Hotel from Florida. An independent boutique hotel offering totally customisable, unique and affordable experiences. Their name embodies this 'à la carte' concept that is at the heart of who they are and what they do.

Visual identity and packaging for watch manufacturer Verk. Watchmaker Verk, meaning 'artwork' and 'clockwork' in Swedish, came to Studio Ahremark at the beginning of their journey as a company. They needed a strong visual identity and elegant packaging that would elevate them above your average watch brand and present customers with a luxurious experience. The resulting applications accommodate a simplistic yet bold visual system based on clean cuts, an all-gray color palette and sharp typography in the form of Proxima Nova Alt.