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NORD STREAM is a product line of preserved foods. The brand consists of 5 different tastes: sardine, smoked mussels, crab, octopus, squid. The main competitive advantages of NORD STREAM are interactivity and responsiveness. Each package in the line is distinguished from the others due to its graphic and colour identification. While creating the concept, we came up with the idea that communication of the product with it's potential customer should be done with the help of the hidden animation, which is based on the work of the moiré pattern. The picture which is on the top of the package starts moving when you open the package. It impresses and involves a customer into the process of communication with the product. Copyright: LOCO studio LLC. The brand is available for buying. ? NORD STREAM ? ????? ???????????????? ???????. ????? ??????????? ???????? ?? ???? ????? ?????????????: ???????, ???????? ?????, ????, ???????? ? ???????. ???????? ???????????? ???????????? ? ??? ??????????????? ? ????????????. ?????? ??? ???????? ????? ???? ??????????? ? ???????? ?????????????. ???????????? ??????-?????????, ?? ????????? ???? ????????, ??????? ??????????????? ? ???????????? ?? ???? ??????? ????????. ???? ???????? ???????? ?? ???????? ?????? ????????? ?????. ????????, ????????????? ?? ????????, ???????? ?????????, ? ???????? ?????????? ????????. ??? ?????????? ????? ??????????? ? ????????? ??? ? ????????????? ???????. ????????? ????? ?? ??? ????????? ??????????? LOCO Studio LLC ? ???????? ??? ???????.

Personal work Q1 2018

A brand identity for a social design concept in Ghent, Belgium.

typography, food, food typography, colorful, bold, snask

CLOUDSCAPES is a personal photo series by German landscape and advertising photographer Jan Erik Waider. The images were taken on the Faroe Islands in December 2017/January 2018. ? Jan Erik Waider offers photo productions in Nordic countries like Iceland, Greenland and Norway and is specialized in landscape and product photography. More information on

Gut getarnt gegen Stereotypie und Durchschnittlichkeit präsentiert sich ab sofort die grafische Fährte des neuen Metzinger Boutique Hotels. Wer die künstlerische Handarbeit des Corporate Designs schätzt, wird den Charme dahinter wittern, den die grüne Insel im Stadtkern versprüht. Mit dem KITZ freut sich Hochburg über eine weitere kleine, feine Jagdtrophäe im Portfolio und empfiehlt einen baldigen Besuch.

"Voces Autorizadas" at Panenka magazine 2016-2017

Espen Andersen is a Norwegian music producer and sound designer. Since Espen works with the most up-to-date technologies, the identity needed a strong digital presence. We created a website that gave Espen a playful and engaging platform for showcasing his work, services, and creative philosophy. Each page was carefully considered to highlight the impact and power of sound. The homepage features an interactive film, allowing users to toggle different audio tracks on and off?showing the true impact of sound in film. The playhead is a recurring graphic element, either marking page position, controlling the scroll, or as a visual timeline marker. Each project is played through a branded visualizer, giving graphic form and identity to Espen's work. Through the contact page, new potential clients can record and send a voice message to Espen directly through the website. To ensure a usable and engaging identity, we created an interactive audio visualizer. Which let's visitors play and create their own branded musical content. A private version, allows Espen to generate animations for social media, putting the power of branding in the hands of the client.

Family and friends, dreams and feelings. That?s life... Oh! And monkeys and space! :) I originally posted this story in my Instagram account. You can follow me at @francospagnolo ! Thanks!

Brand identity and packaging design for Swedish Premium sneakers. Hand made in italy. 2016

We were commissionned by Kostar Magazine to illustrate a series of illustrations for their last winter issue.

Catalogue designed for AOO, a furniture company from Barcelona run by Oriol Villar and Marc Morro. A duality design where we display the collection in two different ways and formats. The smaller format presents random pictures of the furniture, taken in different settings by different photographers, such as Christian Colomer, Claudia Mauriño, Coke Bartrina, Iris Humm, Jara Varela and Yosigo. On the opposite side, the bigger format shows the furniture with it's technical descriptions and pictures.

Highland FLing