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Sacred tobacco, From football to MMA, Exploring consciousness, Integrating psychedelic lessons, Meditation post psychedelics, and more. [2:45] Sacred Tobacco [15:30] From football to MMA [23:30] Exploring consciousness [32:45] Integrating psychedelic lessons [42:45] Meditation post psychedelics [50:05] Life at Onnit [54:00] The grind mentality
Guest: Kyle Kingsbury Kyle Kingsbury is a former football player (Arizona State), a retired American professional mixed martial artist (UFC six years), and currently Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and host of The Onnit Podcast. While fighting at the highest level, Kyle became fascinated with nutrition, performance, and recovery. Since his MMA retirement, his focus has shifted to learning more about longevity, plant medicines, and inner peace. In this episode, we cover Kyle’s path from college football, to MMA fighting to joining Onnit as Director of Human Optimization. We learn about shamanic tobacco, the power of plant medicine, various types of meditation, and...
 In chapter 2, Kenny shows the value of context through stories about growing up in a fitness business, playing sports, performing stand up comedy, and becoming a human performance coach. Kenny’s life experience has significantly contributed to the development of the Mastery Method, a philosophy for teaching life lessons through the template of physicality.  Enjoy! -Kenny and Andy Having context and foundation Kenny takes us on the journey of his life and what landed him in his approach to training. Coming from a family of high level swimmers, Kenny has always been drawn to the physical and towards challenge. His experience in martial arts, stand-up comedy, hip-hop, soccer, and performance coaching have allowed him to gain profound insights not only on athletic performance, but the mentality surrounding it. In this episode Andy draws out some of Kenny’s tools for improvement, perspectives on training, ideologies, methods, and approaches. Kenny and Andy explore sustainability in a movement practice and taking each day at a time, deciding whether it is a performance or a mental toughness day.  “
 Julie Farha is one of the Nation’s most sought out intuition experts. She understands the importance of intuition and teaches people and companies how to apply it to everyday life and decision-making. She also has over 10 years of global experience as a recognized intuitive expert, speaker, corporate trainer and author. Julie has coached hundreds of people, including professionals, executives and leaders. She has delivered business and corporate workshops across multiple industries as well as personal group events and transformative programs. Julie noticed her heightened awareness as a young girl. In this episode, she explains the gift of intuitive clairvoyance and how it affects all of us. She covers the specific areas of the body in which intuition speaks to us, as well as the forms it can be recognized in, and much more. Enjoy! – Jeff and Mycal “Psychic ability comes through knowing, hearing, feeling, or vision. Everybody has at least one.” — Julie Farha
Seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing. There are a range of factors known to have a profound impact on our field of energy, namely the foods we eat and levels of hydration. But...

 Mind Pump is an online radio show/podcast that has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. It is sometimes raw, sometimes shocking and is always entertaining and informative. The hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews have over 40 years of combined fitness experience as personal trainers, club managers, IFBB fitness competitors and fitness thought leaders. This episode covers training tips, gym owner business tips, mindful eating, and everything in between. Adam and Sal discuss how they are working to combine the worlds of health, wellness and aesthetics, and much more. Enjoy! – Mike, Doug and Anders
“Dr. T, I have been having some nasty knee pain every time a workout pops up with running. I have really tight ankles and it can affect my squats as well. My knee will flare up with higher rep squatting, but nowhere near as painful as when I am running. It usually takes me three full days before my knees stop hurting even after just a few 400’s. I know this is not normal as I have been a runner in the past. I thought lifting would help the problem, but it looks like my ankles are in really bad shape. I know there is nothing structurally wrong (yet) with my ankles, but I need to nip this in the bud quickly.” — Brandon (Denver, CO) Brandon, Instead of thinking of running as a skill inside a vacuum, think about each step as a repetition of a single leg movement. Running is and incredible complex movement that is rarely understood by strength athletes. Every time your foot hits the ground, 200 pounds of force is being driven into your foot, absorbed, and then shot back through your body. The ankle absorbs the majority of the impact as the foot rolls through the running motion. If the ankle is missing full dorsiflexion, it is unable to...

Paige Hathaway is a 26 year old fitness model and bikini competitor, who fell in love with training in 2011. She went through a health and fitness transformation and placed 2nd at Ronnie Coleman Classic, the biggest NPC statewide competition in the United States. Today, Paige is an Instagram sensation and a fitness consultant expert who helps others make their own transformation. She developed her own programs, where she shares her unique method and all of her tips and tricks. In this episode, Paige shares her story of how she became a fitness entrepreneur, and what strategies she uses to make it to the top in the health and fitness industry. She also offers social media tips, her thoughts of the varying levels of “dedication”, and chats about training after  breast augmentation. Enjoy! – Ryan and Yaya “If you’re trying to get your name out there, do Sh*t for free. Anything for free.” — Paige Hathaway
Fitness model transformation After moving out on her own at the age of 16, Paige Hathaway left school before graduation to pursue a career in fitness. With no exposure to the world of bikini competitions, she took up a hometown friend on a coaching offer and jumped right in....

Falling in love with obstacle course racing, Specificity training, Why CrossFit is not so functional, Sterilized training, The power of belief, and more. [1:35] Falling in love with obstacle course racing [11:05] Specificity training [17:05] Why CrossFit is not so functional [37:05] Sterilized training [42:50] The power of belief [49:35] Do you carry the fire? 🔥 [1:00:35] Living his true self
Guest: Kevin Gillotti Kevin Gillotti is an insanely fit 48 year old with an unmatched mindset. An elite racer for almost 30 years in both duathlons (running and biking) and obstacle course racing (OCR). Kevin was introduced to duathlons in college and almost won his first race. He then went on to become a 8 time confirmed All-American with USAT (duathlon), has been on numerous USAT Duathlon World Championship teams, and has won most of the North County-based duathlon races for the past 20 years. Kevin now focuses on OCRs in the Spartan Race series and is already ranked 12th overall in the Elite NBC Series, second overall in the...
 In chapter 1, Kenny and Andy dive deep into the science and applications of physiological adaptation. Research has shown that people can significantly change the composition of their muscle fibers and the magnitude of such changes can be shockingly high. Human beings can alter their physiology with exercise and nutrition far more than previously believed. Enjoy! Kenny and Andy P.S. Before you dive in, make sure to check out volume 1 prologue episode: Body of Knowledge  —  Prologue  —  Origin Story. Deep adaptations In this chapter, Body of Knowledge addresses the fact that physiology can actually be built depending on the activity of the athlete. The days of labeling an athlete as having “fast” or “slow” twitch fibers are nearing the end as we understand more about how fibers can be conditioned and trained to actually change fiber type. Andy helps us to understand the history and evolution of how we understand the function of muscles and the differences between fiber types from the early 1700’s until present day. The future of this knowledge is to determine why certain...
 In the prologue, we introduce Kenny, Andy, and Josh who each tell their side of the show’s origin story. They individually explain their motivation for launching the project and provide context for what’s to come in volume 1. The first volume focuses on how human beings can change their minds and bodies to improve overall quality of life. Enjoy! Kenny and Andy “The conversations we have in this volume are more about just the science or just the fitness. We are all motivated by better health and wellness.” — Kenny Kane The intersection of science and Fitness Body of Knowledge is principally about the intersection of science and fitness, which will be released in volumes. Each volume will have a specific theme with respective episodes. The conversations are centered around health, fitness and wellness, but often go places the listener won’t expect. The idea is to give listeners the scaffolding to make changes that we want and need as athletes. One of the main things identified are that the consequences of being wrong, are increasingly negative. One of the primary motivations around the conversations is that is...
 Rachel Balkovec is the first female strength and conditioning coach in the history of professional baseball. She has spent the past seven years as a strength and conditioning coach for organizations such as Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, Los Tigres Del Licey Beisbol and the St. Louis Cardinals.   Most recently, Rachel has joined the Houston Astros as their Latin American Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. Her mission is to live courageously while empowering others to do the same. In this episode, we learn the value of being persistent, why academia isn’t always the best route, why you need to work to learn, not to earn, and much more. Enjoy! – Jeff and Mycal “You’re only as good as what you can communicate. If you have all this information and you can’t communicate it, what good can you do as a coach.” — Rachel Balkovec
The power of persistence and passion Rachel Balkovec broke through continuous barriers to become the first female strength and conditioning coach in Major League Baseball. As a collegiate softball player, she aspired to change the world, from a philanthropic stand-point, through professional sports. Having gone through five internships in both academia...

 Jen Esquer, DPT, PT, has been on a ruthless ongoing journey to learn about the body and movement since she was a child. She was a professional gymnast until age 16, studied yoga and pilates, studied physiotherapy, and is continuously exploring and learning more . is creator of and The Optimal Body Preventing Pain & Injury Optimizing Lives. Dr. Jen is also the creator of The Mobility Method, which is designed to give the everyday person the opportunity to take themselves through a basic screening process and self-diagnose limitations. In addition, there are various modules to help individuals address their own personal needs, whether it be their neck, back, shoulders, etc. In this episode, we learn why the neutral spine doesn’t exist in the real world, why foam rolling gets misunderstood, how much of training has become robotic, why you need to have more appreciation for your body, and much more. Enjoy!

Kevin Lawrence is a fitness and nutrition expert and the founder and CEO of Power Crunch, a line of “smart” protein products. Kevin is a former college football player, former IFBB World Bodybuilding Champion, and renowned speaker and writer who is knowledgeable in exercise physiology and applied nutrition. In this episode, Kevin touches on various types of proteins from whey to plant-based, what our diets should look like, the nitty gritty on stevia, the benefits of high DH proteins over whole proteins, and MUCH more. Enjoy! “Get quality animal protein, eat colors, don’t eat grains, don’t eat any food you can’t eat without processing.” — Kevin Lawrence
Developing a passion for nutrition Kevin Lawrence realized his passion for nutrition at the age of 13 when he read Adelle Davis’ book Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit. Coming from a low-income family with five children, nutrition was not prioritized and was often neglected. Often sick and malnourished as a child, Lawrence pursued a career in sports and nutritional supplements. Kevin’s career really gained steam when his newborn son was unable to nurse...
A gallon of milk a day, a barbell, and a spreadsheet named after your favorite eastern bloc weightlifter is the simple recipe for back squat PR’s, lower body strength, and chronic knee pain. Spending the last 20 years as a strength coach, physical therapist, and athlete, I have witnessed every squat cycle that has ever graced the internet. Embarking on McCallum’s 20 rep breathing squats, Wendler’s 5-3-1, Smolov, and baby Smolov, you are guaranteed two things: Increased and imbalanced lower body strength Knee pain Sadly, without proper training and perfect technique, you cannot have one without the other. Knee pain, however, is not limited to strength athletes or squatting. Running, lunging, jumping, and landing have created an epidemic of knee pain among all athletes. Structural imbalances, poor movement patterns, and excessive volume create the perfect storm for knee pain. Fortunately, you already possess all the tools you need to assess and heal yourself. Anatomy of the Knee – The Middle Child of the Lower Body The knee gets no respect. Positioned between the hip and ankle, the knee is the middle child, often forgotten, until it acts up and sidelines your training. The sequence of joints in your body creates a symphony of mobility and stability that allow you to move through a...

Prolonged experimentation, Training capacity and PEDs, Communication is the key to coaching, Creating a legacy, and more. [5:10] Prolonged experimentation [10:50] Training capacity and PEDs [22:40] Certified fitness professionals [30:20] Community, process, and coaching [46:50] Communication is the key to coaching [54:35] Creating a legacy
Guest: Mycal Anders Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS, is owner of Crossfit PHX and CryoPHX. Men’s Fitness magazine ranked Crossfit PHX as #1 CrossFit Box in the US in 2017! Mycal Anders is also co-host together with Jeff Thornton of Feed Me Fuel Me podcast, which is about how to use the 3-pillars of success everyday in your life: Manifestation, Business, Fitness & Nutrition. We’re happy to announce Feed Me Fuel Me podcast has joined the Shrugged Collective and will be sharing episodes every week starting Thursday! More on...

 John Cena is an American professional wrestler, philanthropist, movie star, and most importantly he loves to lift weights 😉 He is currently signed to WWE, where he is a free agent who appears for both the Raw and SmackDown brands. He also stars in the new comedy movie, Blockers, and has trained under Anders Varner as a member at his gym.   Cena has been lifting weights since he was 12, was a football lineman in high school, studied Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology in college, has trained and worked with Mark Bell and his brothers at Gold’s Gym Venice, became a professional wrestler, opened his own gym called Hard Knocks, and created the One Ton Club. Cena is a true hard worker, who is not afraid to fail, always up for the challenge, and knows how to enjoy the ride. In this episode, we learn about his athletic background, life journey, life philosophy, and much more. Enjoy! Don’t be afraid to fail John Cena is known as a wrestler and movie...

This is part 2 of a two shows series welcoming Anders Varner, the new host of Barbell Shrugged Podcast! Make sure you check out part 1: The Future of Barbell Shrugged with Anders Varner — 307. In this episode, our good friends Kenny Kane and Dr. Andy Galpin welcome Anders to the Shrugged fam, and talk about the Dunning–Kruger effect, muscle fiber types, the difference between an authority and an expert, and more. Kenny and Andy have co-hosted a lot of Barbell Shrugged shows in the past, and they have their own show, Body of Knowledge, which is coming to the Shrugged Collective soon!

Adam Von Rothfelder is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Native and a former professional MMA fighter currently living in Venice, California. He developed himself through family tragedy, learned primal movement from Ido Portal, sparred with Brock Lesnar, and was featured on NBC’s show Strong as one of America’s top 10 trainers. Von Rothfelder currently coaches some of America’s top CEOs and corporate executives to sustain success in life by building physical strength through movement. When he’s not coaching clients he’s operating as the CEO of Strong Coffee Company, a new venture that allows him to connect the things he loves most: creativity, movement and motivation. In this episode, we look into what it means to Earn the Day, why bodybuilding is the best entry point for most athletes, why eating carbs before bed is good for you, and much more. Enjoy! Fun fact: Von Rothfelder became a good friend of Barbell Shrugged, has co-hosted previous episodes, and is co-hosting some future shows.
“Dr. T, Every time I attempt handstand pushups, my shoulder blade seems to feel like it is on fire. I have been doing CrossFit for over a year and the problem only seems to get worse. I have spent hours with the foam roller and lacrosse ball and it never seems to go away. Recently, I started to notice that the pain was moving from my shoulder blade and into my traps, creeping into my neck. I think I have a pinched nerve but I have never been diagnosed. I live a healthy life, eat well, and love being active but this shoulder pain stops me in my tracks and I am worried I am stuck with this forever.” — Jeff (Santa Barbara) Thank you, Jeff. In assessing shoulder pain, the first thing you want to think about is above and below the shoulder joint. It is common to have pain in the shoulder blade even though the impingement is coming from somewhere else (like your traps). The overhead position in the handstand push up is very difficult. Depending upon a multitude of lifestyle factors, tight traps or lats can lead to a loss in external rotation. Additionally, any kipping movements will only amplify the pain. Adding power to dysfunctional movement patterns will only make the problem worse. The...

Ryan Fischer’s entire life has always been about fitness. At the age of 12 he was a world ranked BMX racer. In high-school he ran track, played lacrosse, and football. Then, he got into skeleton and bobsled, and even qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials for both sports. Fischer is also a big time crossfitter, who finished top 5 in the CrossFit Regionals for the past 3 years. He went from being homeless, couch surfing, stealing food at Whole Foods, and a stint as a male stripper, to becoming owner of the most successful gym in Orange County, CrossFit Chalk. He also created Chalk Online, a groundbreaking corporate wellness program. Fischer always had a belief that life would work itself out if he kept working hard on his passions. In this episode, we look into look how hard everything has to be if you’re going to dream big and try to be your best everyday. Enjoy! Fun fact: Fischer used to train under co-host Anders Varner, who was a teacher and big inspiration to Fischer opening his own gym, CrossFit Chalk.
“Dr. T, I love CrossFit and I have recently taken my strict pull ups to kipping and I am learning the butterfly kip. Everything is going well with my form and technique but I have developed chronic pain behind my shoulder blade. I spend a lot of time stretching and rolling on a lacrosse ball but I cannot find the right spot to make the pain go away. I know that my form is getting better but the pain continues. Is there a way to keep progressing these skills and eliminate the pain without stopping completely?”  — Patti (Northampton, Ma) Patti, it is time to learn about shoulder STABILITY. To understand why you have shoulder pain working on your pull ups, you need to understand the differences between mobility and stability. Mobility is the shoulders ability to move through a full range of motion. If you have tight muscle and connective tissue, getting your arm over your head will be limited by the length of that tissue. This is what you are working on with the lacrosse ball. Stability is the joints’ ability to control movement throughout that range of motion. Beginning the journey into kipping pull ups is an exciting time. You’re getting better, faster, and the changes happen fast. Sadly, there is often shoulder pain that can occur if you jump in too...