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Dr. Jordan Jiunta and Dr. Jordan Shallow are co-founders of Pre-Script, co-hosts of RX’D RADIO, chiropractors, and competitive athletes. Jiunta competes in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, and is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Shallow competes in Powerlifting and also coaches strength and conditioning at Stanford University Rugby Team. Jiunta understands the importance of learning and training our bodies natural movement patterns to not only prevent injury, but to live a higher quality life as well. Shallow’s patients range from world-class athletes to 9–5 weekend warriors, and he understands the needs of each individual paired with the demand of their lifestyle. In this episode, we dive into why and how they created Pre-Script, a service dedicated to helping its members move better, and perform at their best. We cover how they assess athletes, why stability is misunderstood, why scaled stimulus is more than resistance, and more.
Mobility, Stability and Strength Both Jiunta and Shallow have suffered from sports injuries in the past, learned how to overcome them, and are now stronger than ever, competing and getting PRs. They created Pre-Script, a service dedicated to helping its members move better, and perform at their best. Being an athlete-chiropractor mix is what helps both Jordans come up with their injury rehab and prevention programs, and why they can...
Harrison Maurus is a 17 year old weightlifting prodigy and world champion. Last year, Maurus not only won the 2017 Youth World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand, but also set a new Clean & Jerk Youth World Record of 192kg at the men’s 77kg group. Maurus squatted 200kg at age 13, over 3x bodyweight, and just a month ago, earned a bronze medal in both the men’s 77 kg total and clean & jerk at the 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships in Anaheim, CA, securing Team USA’s first men’s weightlifting world medals in 20 years. In this episode, we dive into Maurus’ path in the weightlifting world, his special relationship with his coach Kevin Simons (a CrossFit Games competitor), and his programming and coaching.
Talent, coaching, and hard work. Harrison Maurus met his coach Kevin Simons (two time CrossFit Games competitor) as his gymnastics coach when he was 10 years old. When Maurus was looking for a change from gymnastics, coach Simons introduced him to Powerlifting so he could get strong. Maurus had an amazing talent and strength at a very young age, and broke all national records around when he was 12 years old. He squatted 100kg when he was 11, 150 kg when he was 12, and 200kg (over 3x bodyweight,...
Drew Canole is nutrition specialist, transformation specialist and national spokesperson for the benefits of juicing vegetables for health and vitality. He is the founder and CEO of Fitlife.TV, where he shares educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity. Drew is also a best selling author and the founder of Organifi, an organic, incredibly delicious greens powder, chock-full of superfoods to make juicing easy no matter your busy schedule. Special offer: Use promo code: “SHRUGGED” for 20% OFF at Organifi.
Juicing daily, eating clean and working out smarter Drew Canole went from being an overweight guy, who liked to consume a bunch of food and energy drinks regularly, including alcohol every weekend, to a rockstar in the world of fitness, nutrition and mindset, with a huge heart to help others and transform the world. Drew used lived in Tampa, FL, where most of his environment led a similar unhealthy lifestyle, which he wanted to break from. He was introduced to juicing by a friend, and decided to give a try as well. Drew...

Dr. Jakob Vingren is an associate professor of Exercise Physiology and Biological Sciences at the University of North Texas. His research focus includes resistance exercise and the effect of alcohol on hormones, muscles and athletic performance. Dr. Vingren received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas before pursuing a Ph.D. in Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut (currently ranked the #1 doctoral program in the country).

Effects of alcohol on training Alcohol affects training, but turns out it’s not as bad as you might think. Dr. Vingren has worked on one of the more out of the ordinary research projects that included resistance training of chronically intoxicated rats. In this episode, you will learn about the effects of drinking alcohol in terms of quantity, frequency, timing (before, during, and after workouts), type, and more. We dive into how alcohol affects the androgen system, immune system, muscle recovery, and short and long-term gains.
Key Takeaways Alcohol doesn’t reduce strength or performance, but it increases recovery time, and you won’t recover as well. Chronic alcohol ingestion leads to less androgen receptors and less gains. If you drank hard last night, you are better off not training today....
Dr. Theresa Larson is co-creator of The Low Back Fix and Knee Fix, and founder of Movement Rx, a physical therapy and wellness company that offers support to wounded warriors and individuals with health and movement issues. She travels all over the world as a speaker for MobilityWOD and the CrossFit Movement & Mobility Trainer Course. She is a lululemon ambassador, and works with nonprofits including Team Red White & Blue,, Resiliency Project, CrossRoads Adaptive Athlete Alliance, and the National Eating Disorder Association. Anders Varner is the co-creator of The Low Back Fix and Knee Fix, and owner of Anders Varner Training located in San Diego, CA. Anders found the weight room at 13 and decided he would call it home for the rest of his life. A four- time CrossFit regional competitor and member of John Cena’s “One Ton Club,” Anders has trained with and coached high level athletes from the worlds of the NFL, WWE, and CrossFit. A true believer in self discovery, Anders finds his true passion in helping the everyday person live a pain free, empowered life through mindful movement. Anders...
Lower back pain is proof that your strength, speed, and power is built on a faulty foundation. There is no amount of foam rolling and mobilizing that can save you. The problem goes deeper, beyond soft tissues and joints, and into the nervous system affecting the way your brain communicates with your body. If you are in chronic pain, it is going to get worse. Your brain recognizes any load on your spine, including bodyweight, as a threat. To eliminate that threat, it signals pain to your low back to stop you from further harm. Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT and Anders Varner have taught movement principles to thousands of trainers and health practitioners on 4 continents, and have coached and treated over 100 CrossFit Regionals, WWE, NFL, and MLB athletes. Through their combined 20 years of movement expertise they’ve witnessed that lower back pain is the most common and debilitating injury you can experience. Lower back pain is a symptom of problems that you can control. It starts with the breath, developing core stability and down regulating the nervous system. This allows you to create balance amidst external stress and structural balance in your body. Practicing these principles creates behavioral changes that help you...
Travis Mash has spent decades studying the barbell. He is one of the few people — if not the only one — to bridge the worlds of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and athletic strength and conditioning. Travis was a World Champion in powerlifting. He competed in a world-class level in Olympic weightlifting. He has coached professional Olympic weightlifters alongside Don McCauley and Glenn Pendlay at Team MDUSA and now coaches the most successful weightlifting team in America. He has coached 8-year-olds, high school athletes landing D-1 scholarships, NFL players, elite powerlifters, average Joes wanting to get in shape, Olympic hopefuls, and even middle-aged mothers who struggled to do a weightless squat. We enjoyed recording this episode with our friend Dr. Andy Galpin at the 2017 IWF World Weightlifting Championships in Anaheim, CA.
Training Weightlifting Champions Travis started his path as a weightlifter, he was also a World Champion in powerlifting, breaking the world records twice, with huge total numbers: 2410 lb. and 2414 lb. Nowadays, Travis coaches lots of weightlifters and this year (2017), he had the team with the most weightlifters in the world championships: Nathan Damron: 94 kg  —  Snatch: 160 kg; C&J: 200kg. Jordan Cantrell: 85 kg  —  Snatch:...
Bob Takano is a highly respected weightlifting coach who was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2007 for his contributions to coaching. He has been the coach of four national champions, two national record holders, and 27 top ten nationally ranked lifters. Bob has been on the coaching staffs of 17 U.S. National teams to international competitions, five of those being World Championships and the Summer Olympics. His lifters have competed in seven Olympic Trials with one, Albert Hood, the third American to snatch double bodyweight, earning a berth on the 1984 team. Bob is also on the teaching staff for the USAW Weightlifting Coaching Education program and presents his own seminars as well. He also has his own gym, Takano Athletics, at 6036 Variel Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367. We enjoyed recording this episode with our friend Dr. Andy Galpin.
Weightlifting Problem Solving Bob Takano grew up as the only Asian kid in a Mexican neighborhood. He got into weightlifting because he was small and weak, and he needed to get strong and big to gain respect and maintain a certain status in the community. Takano was one of the first Asian-Americans pro athletes, and today he’s excited about teaching and coaching weightlifters thanks to never ending problem solving opportunities.

Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA, is an internationally renowned fitness expert and widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on body composition training (muscle development and fat loss). He is a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder, and has won numerous natural bodybuilding titles. Brad is a best-selling author of multiple fitness books including The M.A.X. Muscle Plan, which has been widely referred to as the “muscle-building bible,” and Strong and Sculpted, which details a cutting-edge body sculpting program targeted to women. Brad also has authored the seminal textbook Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy, which is the first text devoted to an evidence-based elucidation of the mechanisms and strategies for optimizing muscle growth. We enjoyed recording this episode with our friend Dr. Andy Galpin.
Hypertrophy and muscle gainz Brad earned his Master’s degree in kinesiology/exercise science from the University of Texas and his PhD at Rocky Mountain University, where his dissertation focused on elucidating the mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy and their application to resistance training. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles on exercise and sports nutrition, many in high impact factor journals, as well as several textbook chapters. In this...


Scott Caulfield is the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Scott is responsible for the day-to-day supervision and training of all athletes, interns, and coaches at the NSCA’s 6,000-square-foot Performance Center at the NSCA National Headquarters. Caulfield works diligently to promote the NSCA and its coaches, including work with the Professional Baseball Coaches Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (PBSCCS), the National Basketball Strength & Conditioning Association (NBSCA), as well as national governing bodies such as the U.S. Anti-Doping Association, United States Olympic Committee, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, and U.S.A. Hockey.

We enjoyed recording this episode with our friend Dr. Andy Galpin.

Strength and conditioning coaching Scott shared with us his thoughts on how one can become a strength and conditioning coach, what the day-to-day might look like, coaching differences between high schools, colleges, and major league athletes, coaching salaries, and more. Both education and experience are crucial to getting S&C jobs. So if you’re starting out, get your education and then find a place to intern or volunteer. Nowadays, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum to get into coaching positions, and master’s degree is the minimum for higher level positions. But besides education and certifications, find internships or volunteering gigs to get experience. Scott volunteered for an entire...
Max Aita is the head weightlifting coach at Juggernaut Training Systems. He has spent the better part of 20 years in the sport of Weightlifting and Powerlifting. He draws his training methodology and knowledge from the many great coaches whom he has personally worked with including; Steve Gough (USA), Ivan Abadjiev (BUL), Boris Sheiko (RUS). Max has produced over half a dozen senior national medalists in Weightlifting, Multiple All time World Record holders in Powerlifting, and has worked with CrossFit Regional and Games level competitors to develop strength and Olympic lifting technique. He also competed in Powerlifting himself. We enjoyed recording this episode with our friend Dr. Andy Galpin in the backyard of Juggernaut’s founder, Chad Wesley Smith.
Bulgarian olympic weightlifting training Max shared his experience training under an intense Bulgarian olympic weightlifting system, which he got into as a teenager. He lived and learned from Bulgarians to understand their training systems, which are very demanded. Athletes had to live under the same roof, and Max’s bed was in the dining room. Bulgarian coaching was focused on winning. It didn’t care much for individuals. It was a system based on pushing hard, with the hopes...
Marisa Inda is currently the American record holder in Bench, deadlift as well as total in the 114lb class in the USAPL, but she is probably better known as the “pull-up dancing girl” from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. We enjoyed recording this episode with our friend Dr. Andy Galpin in the backyard of Juggernaut’s founder, Chad Wesley Smith. More info: Scroll to the bottom to watch the show, listen to the show, and connect with Marisa Inda. Note: timestamps are based on YouTube version.
[2:20] Athletic Journey [4:20] What Marisa didn’t like about bodybuilding [6:10] Bodybuilding is great for strength training [8:00] Powerlifting career [11:45] Bodybuilding exercises help powerlifting training [13:45] Training partners [17:36] Marisa teaching the crew how to deadlift [25:26] Try various technique to find what works best for you [30:30] Training for 25 years and avoiding major injuries [34:20] Training while pregnant [37:50] Training as a mother 2:20 Athletic journey Marisa trained in gymnastics as a kid, but realized as a teenager the sport had a short shelf life. At 17, she got into a weightlifting gym and fell in love with body parts...
Chad Wesley Smith is the owner/founder of Juggernaut Training Systems and one of the most accomplished strength athletes of recent years. With a background in track and field, Smith took his 2 collegiate national championships and continued his success in powerlifting and strongman. We enjoyed recording this episode with our good friend, Kenny Kane, in Chad’s backyard. More info: Scroll to the bottom to watch the show, listen to the show, and connect with Chad Wesley Smith. Note: timestamps are based on YouTube version.
[1:20] Chad Wesley Smith’s book: Scientific Principles of Strength Training [6:45] Powerlifting meets [8:00] Chad’s knowledge prep for weightlifting [11:40] Specificity — #1 principle for strength training [18:20] Chad teaching Doug how to squat [23:23] How to ensure functional training [25:53] It’s tough coaching MMA and CrossFit athletes [29:00] Specificity is most important, but don’t take it too far [33:20] Chad’s 7 Scientific Principles of Strength Training 1:20 Chad Wesley Smith’s book: Scientific Principles of Strength Training “One of the most comprehensive resources available on the topic of building strength. Scientific Principles goes far beyond just giving you sets and reps...
Stan “Rhino” Efferding is the strongest bodybuilder on the planet. He is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and a powerlifter competing in the Southern Powerlifting Federation. He currently holds the all-time raw world powerlifting records in the 275-pound-class in the Total without knee wraps (w/o 2,226.6 lb) and in the Squat without knee wraps (854 lb). More info: Scroll to the bottom to watch the show, listen to the show, and connect with Stan Efferding. Note: timestamps are based on YouTube version. [2:20] Stan “Rhino” Efferding is F’ing strong! [3:00] The best athletes play more than one sport [8:27] The two big components of healthy training [10:38] Powerlifting influence on Bodybuilding [12:30] How did Stan get into powerlifting and bodybuilding [15:35] Best recovery practice [18:30] Training in space [20:45] As you get older, watch your fatigue [23:20] It’s hard to gain, but a lot easier to maintain [28:00] Working with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson [31:10] A juice cleanse may not be good for you [32:10] Preparing your stomach [40:18] Nutrient partitioning [46:03] 10 minute walks [52:08] Gains come in tiny increments [59:16] Man on a mission
2:20 Stan “Rhino” Efferding is F’ing strong! Stan is a beast of a human...

This was one of the most enjoyable shows we’ve done all year.   Really, really enjoyed speaking with Dr. Scott Lynn.

He earned a PhD in Biomechanics and is now an associate professor of Kinesiology/Biomechanics at Cal State Fullerton.  Loosely put, biomechanics is the study of how forces effect your body (stress —> adaptation) as well as how the forces produced by your body effect the world (moving yourself and objects… in our case heavy barbells).

Want to know how front squats are different than back squats?  Is there a difference in muscular activation?  Is there a difference in the stresses on the hips, knees and lower back?  Scott has you covered.  Collecting, analyzing and interpreting this kind of data is exactly what biomechanists do on a daily basis (often using cool things like 3D motion capture systems like the ones used to make video games and animated movie characters).

In this episode Dr. Lynn teaches us:

  • Why scoring well on a movement screen could actually make you MORE likely to get hurt
  • How you can use “movement variability” to stay healthy and minimize injury
  • Why your lower back isn’t designed to “move under load” and how to avoid lower back pain
  • How he tests muscular activation in his laboratory

Enjoy the show!

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Also, check...

Derrick Johnson has won 6 senior national titles, 8 American Open titles and is a world team member (scoring the most points of any athlete in over 10 years for United States at the 2014 World Championships).

Bursting with passion for the sport, with decades of knowledge to share, Derrick one hell of an athlete and may be an even better coach (the youngest Level 5 Senior International Coach in history and has coached weightlifters for the Olympics).

Competing in weightlifting for over 20 years, Derrick is the American record holder for both the snatch (double bodyweight!) and the total in the 62 kg class.

He’s as legit a weightlifter as you can get, enjoy the show!

-Mike and Doug


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From training and operating with the elite of the elite Navy SEALs, to going to the CrossFit Games as an individual 3 times (2009, 2011, 2013), Zach Forrest has attacked some of the hardest physical training in the world.

He’s now a Level 4 CrossFit Trainer and since the Navy opened the first CrossFit affiliate in Las Vegas in 2008; CrossFit Max Effort (go train there next time you’re in Vegas, great gym!).

He’s been in the game for over a decade, from not newbie, to competitor, to coach, to gym owner, he’s seen it all.  If you’re pursuing functional fitness mastery, Zach shares some great advice to guide you on your journey.  Enjoy!

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Mike Bledsoe

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Ben Greenfield.  Bodybuilder, to Triathlete, to Spartan Racer.

Want advice from an accomplished athlete and the ultimate biohacking self experimenter? Ben Greenfield takes us from meditation, to photo bio-modulation for you balls to increase testosterone, and even putting cannabis up your ass for increased performance in the bedroom.

You don’t need to do everything that Ben does, but you can definitely learn from him about what you may want to try on for yourself and how to go about collecting your results for better decisions.

This week is full of useful information so get your pen and paper ready to take notes. It can be confusing with all the information out there about which tests you need to use to better understand you body and Ben helps us wade through a lot of the BS to help us find what we should be doing next.

Because this show is chock-full of great advice I will list some of the topics we cover below:

  • Analyzing your poop to learn about your gut biome
  • Genetic testing
  • Light therapy
  • Marathon Obstacle Course Racing
  • Elevation training without going into the mountains
  • Kratom and marijuana for performance
  • How to choose your supplements wisely

Ben was also previously on Episode 128, click here to watch!

BONUS: Check out the “Foundational Guide to Neurohacking” (it’s free) to find out what Ben Greenfield and Barbell Shrugged have been taking to increase our mind/body connection for better performance

If you’re interested in checking out any of the...

“Lift hard. Laugh harder.” – Jesse Burdick

He’s strong. He’s smart. And, he’s damn good looking! He’s one of the few people who has hit elite total in five different weight classes, Jesse Burdick (@jesseburdick). Jesse is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), Active Release Technique (ART) Therapist, and well respected in the strength community for his insane numbers and big emphasis on mobility.

Jesse has worked alongside industry leaders like Mark Bell and Kelly Starrett. He creates elite athletes and elite coaches in a way that’s enjoyable. Jesse is as serious as it gets when it comes to stepping under the barbell and hitting a lift. But, when it’s not go time, you can find him laughing and having a good time. Jesse discusses how lifting has evolved over the years and where the industry is headed. If you want to get strong, elite level strong, while enjoying the process, Jesse Burdick is your guy!

If you’ve hit a plateau in strength or mass gaining, it’s been rumored that if you licking his head could be the fastest way to strength and weight gain. But, you may want to ask him first. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation; we sure as hell did!


This week on Barbell Shrugged, we interview powerlifter and mobility coach, Jesse Burdick and discuss:

  • Weight Cuts in Powerlifting / Weightlifting
  • Crossfit’s Impact on Lifting
  • Creating a Good Training Environment
  • Having Fun While Working Hard
  • New Trends in the Industry


Mentioned in Episode:

  • Kelly Starrett, “The Supple Leopard”
  • Mark Bell, Super...

What’s better than peeing in a cup every two weeks? If you thought, “listening to this week’s podcast of Barbell Shrugged,” then you’re more than right. On today’s episode, we spoke with the [Fat-Burning] Man himself, Abel James (@fatburningman), about his super-successful Wild Diet, how the philosophy behind it is nothing new –– yet still absolutely revolutionary –– in terms of helping one achieve physical success, and why making the most of the food that you eat every day is so important for attaining and maintaining optimum health.

Abel’s path to becoming the authority of eating right started in his early twenties, when trying to do everything “right” just wasn’t… right. After experiencing the hardship of a fire that consumed everything he owned, Abel refocused his efforts, got in shape, and took on the moniker Fat-Burning Man. During this process, he realized that many of the so-called experts were hawking products and services that were more gimmick than substance, so he began thinking in terms of natural remedies to get in shape. Ultimately, he found that a diet is not about starving yourself, but instead treating health as nature intended and eating in a way that becomes a sustainable, lifelong habit.

From this emerged Abel’s credo of eating RAW (Recently Alive and Well), and it’s the bedrock of the Wild Diet. He discusses how avoiding processed approximations of food and getting wild-caught, free-range food can help consumers become mindful of what is going into...