Whether you are a weekend warrior or a die hard, never miss a day athlete, CrossFit has left some kind of stamp on your life. And you love it. The anticipation alone of walking into a gym knowing or not knowing what WOD is going to kick your ass this time can get your blood pumping and heart pounding.. even releasing hormones in the process…

So while you are in the BOX doing rope climbs and box-jump burpees take a look around.. your perfect match might be the one threading muscle ups together like you can only dream of.


An important reason that many people do some kind of physical exercise is because they want to look better naked

Being naked around another person (generally) leads to sex, which of course you want to be great. Its already been proven by other people that high intensity workouts like CrossFit leads to a release in endorphins which invariably lead to increased sex drive. So it seems like a no brainer that dating a girl that participates in your Box’s body numbing workouts probably has a higher sex drive than those that don’t! Yes, I know, endorphins are your best friend.

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The son of the President of the USA takes part in Murph and does CrossFit at Mount Kisco.

“Did ok but 5 minutes off my PR of 31:56.”

Oh boy after being really inconsistent in my workouts coming back to @Crossfit #murph is a recipe for disaster. Did ok but 5 minutes off my PR of 31:56. @crossfitmountkisco Run 1 mile do 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 air squats then run another mile. Was excited to have Kai run the last mile with me to keep me going. #crossfit #memorialdaymurph A post shared by Donald Trump Jr. (@donaldjtrumpjr) on May 29, 2017 at 7:36am PDT

Andrew Moose, a former CrossFit coach and current owner of Ethos Strength and Conditioning in Sacramento said of his time:

“2015 CrossFit Games men’s division first place time: 38:56. Nothing else needs to be said really. He is completely full of shit.”


Chris Pratt has starred in...


“The main goal was to address two common technical mistakes in the snatch and at the same time being challenged strength wise.”

Playing around with some barbell accessory on this fine evening in Madrid. I have never tried or seen anyone do this exercise before but it's a wide grip front raise into behind the neck press. The main goal was to address two common technical mistakes in the snatch and at the same time being challenged strength wise. (1) So many people let their wrists fall back in the overhead position, which often have the effect of the elbow externally rotating making it more prone to hyperextension and increases the risk of losing the bar behind. (2) Bar placement overhead is important yet many people either have the bar too far forward or too far back and if they manage to get it right it's rarely consistently. In this exercise you get to practice the overhead position both by stopping the front raise at the right time and when pressing the bar overhead again....

If you’re reading this, I don’t need to tell you the benefits of squatting deeper.  But just in case you forgot, they include stimulating more muscle, developing and retaining greater range of motion, burning more calories, catching more cleans and snatches, and dipping it even lower in the club.  So without further ado, 3 ways to get deeper:


And I don’t mean in the gym.  We’re all aware of the fact that Western cultures don’t squat as well as others, where it’s common to see elderly citizens squat ass to grass, just to chill.  Why is this?  Because they never stopped squatting.  As children we all possess beautiful full range of motion squats and will use them all the time when we drop our crayons/fidget spinners to the ground.  However as we grow up, we start sitting in chairs all the time and train our bodies to stop at about parallel, ingraining that partial pattern into our nervous system instead.  No bueno. 

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Rather than weigh in on a specific nutrition plan, I believe that athletes and everyday Crossfitters will find their best personal solution with the right mindset about nutrition.

The truth is that people out there are getting great results from Paleo, the Zone or some other form of clean eating. There are those who get great results from measuring their macronutrient intake and those who get results from not measuring at all. So considering the expansive variety of successful nutrition approaches, what separates those that work from those that crash and burn? When choosing between various healthy eating plans or performance-driven nutrition programs, your success might be determined more by your overall approach to the role of food in achieving your goals. That is not say that what you eat is not important, but that the plan you choose and how you implement it will be primed for success with the right mindset about nutrition. The wrong mindsets will lead to failure, regardless of how great a plan you have.

I think it becomes clearer if we draw comparisons between a nutrition plan and a training plan. There are things we would never do within a training plan and expect results. In many ways, nutrition and the results we can achieve with it follow similar principles.

These are some of the funniest memes around, and I guarantee that you will find a lot that relate to the common problems that all athletes, especially Crossfitters, face.

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We can boast of at least forty CrossFit affiliate boxes, spanning from the Cayman Islands all the way to Guyana and Suriname. Though the Caribbean is known in the sporting arena for cricket and soccer, CrossFit has grown exponentially within the last six years and have added at least three new CrossFit affiliate boxes (CrossFit Eximious 462 – Aruba, WeHeart CrossFit – Trinidad and CrossFit Flamingo – Bonaire) at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018!

Now with that in mind, let me mention the various inter-island competitions starting with Women Who WOD in Barbados (CrossFit 246), Battle of the Fittest (Iron Shore CrossFit), Barbados IslandFit Games (CrossFit IslandFit), Fit Ville – three day fitness affair in Aruba, Battleground by CrossFit 758 in Saint Lucia, CrossFit 12-12-12 Throwdown in Trinidad, Guyana Fitness Games, Limitless Team Wars by Limitless Performance CrossFit in Barbados and Fitness competition held in Grenada by CrossFit True Blue.

Switching gears to the French speaking islands, Simply CrossFit (in Guadeloupe) are in their second edition of their throw down event, likewise Mada CrossFit in Martinique has called out our fellow athletes with their Caribbean CrossFit Contest (second edition as well!) and CrossFit CACT Throwdown.

You might be thinking, “What more is there to know about the Squat?”

We could all benefit from being able to move heavier loads in the Front Squat, Back Squat, and/or Overhead Squat. The truth is that no matter how tenacious and well-conditioned you are, it will not allow you to move a load that you’re not strong enough for.

As Cj Martin once said, “You can’t fake strength.”

Being able to move heavier loads opens up opportunity for you to express your conditioning and tenacity.

Have you ever noticed how the first thing that comes to mind for improving your strength in the squat is simply squatting heavy? This is not always the answer and I’m excited to show you why.

I remember reaching a point where my squat numbers were going up, but I was grinding through these reps in a way that didn’t feel the best. The numbers stroked my ego. But I knew something was off. I didn’t feel as stable and in control as I would’ve liked.

One side felt like it was working harder than the other. I was starting to develop hip and knee discomfort. But hey, that’s apart of the game right?


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How you approach your scaling progressions largely influences your likelihood of attaining a skill and the amount of time you will need to invest. This is where you have to think! If you are using assistance for certain exercises you have to take into account that you could actually be hindering your progress by using too much of a crutch or… not enough.

There is a fine line between selecting the right scaling progression for you personally, and the sad reality is that it is usually the one you don’t enjoy, it doesn’t look very cool and you still find it challenging. Let’s take the strict pull up for example, if you haven’t got your first one yet how are you approaching it? Where are you building the movement from?


Using a band?

Well at the bottom of the pull up that is when the band is most elongated therefore making the hardest initiation of the pull up the easiest part, also the thicker the band the more tendency there is to start swinging, you may feel like you’re doing pull ups because your chin is going over the bar but you’re not going to build any real strength. Fine for wods and getting your sweat on, not for pull ups if you can’t do them yet.

Jumping pull ups?

No, just no.

You’ve deleted the entire start of the movement, even if you can lower down slowly you’re still not initiating the movement yourself, your body isn’t learning anything.

Ring rows?



We all know that good quality nutrition is essential for Crossfit and life. We need the right fuel to power our training, the correct macronutrients for recovery and quality food to keep us fit and healthy for long term health. One of the major problems that is overlooked is simply getting enough.

Many athletes underestimate what they actually need, get wrapped up in eating clean 100% of the time, and as a result don’t eat enough to fuel themselves properly. It’s worth talking to your coach or nutritionist to find out how much you actually need to be eating, so that you avoid this mistake. Check out these articles to learn more:

The Crossfitters Guide to Meal Prepping

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The ladies in CrossFit are some of the fittest and most dedicated athletes on the planet. Check out these action shots from CrossFit Inc and get motivated for your next workout!

[See image gallery at]

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A lack of endurance-based training will leave large gaps in the fitness of any athlete. A well-developed aerobic capacity is an essential aspect of any individual’s physiological skill set. Intensity is key for, but endurance work that improves VO2 max will also have many positive effects on your performance in many other ways.¹


Building a better engine will help you with all of the following points:

  • Improved conditioning across a broader range of different workouts
  • Quicker recovery times between sets during strength work. This is also perfect for heavy EMOM workouts, to help you recover and prepare quicker for the next rep.
  • A general improvement in endurance-based workouts involving running, rowing, swimming and high rep rounds at lower intensities and weights.
  • Endurance training is an effective way to develop mental toughness.
  • Promotes structural changes to your cardiovascular system that will benefit your heart, lungs and long-term health²
With the right technology, there’s nothing a little creativity can’t handle. #Climachill — @Angie.Kerber @JamesRodriguez10 Training starts here: A post shared by

Clean up your Olympic lifting technique with these 5 fixes!

  1. Snatch, losing the bar in front or jumping forward: hip snatch
  2. Snatch, losing the bar behind: muscle snatch
  3. Split Jerk, unstable: elbow position
  4. Clean, catching too high: hip clean
  5. Jerk, push presses, forward bar path: weight in heels

There is nothing I love more in the world than weightlifting! No two people lift the same and no two coaches teach the same. There are hundreds, if not thousands of strength drills, speed drills, mobility drills, programs, you name it. All of that…. And it’s just two lifts, the snatch and the clean & jerk.

An advanced athlete to me, is someone that can do the basics extremely well and that has precision and consistency. A beginner athlete should only focus on those things. Precision first of all, can you hit every position needed to make a good lift and can you do it at speed? Then could you take a video of 100 lifts and be able to tell them apart? Only really when you have your consistency should you think about loading up, by all means go as heavy as you want in the rack but don’t cut corners with your technique or you’ll get stuck later on down the line! Play the...

CrossFit Riviera won the Meridian Team category to earn their spot at The CrossFit Games. They issued the following statement.

“To all our supporters, fans, friends and family, with a heavy heart and with great disappointment, our team CrossFit Riviera was informed today, by the Director of the CrossFit Games, Justin Bergh, that our team, according to their best judgement, stands in violation of one of the points in the rule book and hence has been disqualified for the 2018 Games season. We would like to take a minute to explain the situation to all of you who cheered for us, who supported us and everyone that made us push harder than we could have ever done just by ourselves.

Point 1.18 of the rulebook states that only one member of the team can be on official licensee of a CrossFit affiliate. In our case, this used to only be Mareck for CrossFit Riviera. At the beginning of the year, Cynthia filed for her own affiliate and her request was approved much quicker than anticipated. Hence the violation of rule 1.18. However, as further stated in the rule book there is an exception to the clause which we firmly believed and still believe applied to our team. 

As a result, our team has been disqualified for an administrative and not a performance based reason. This however does not diminish the fact that our whole team has sacrificed a lot to get to the point where we are today. We are sad...

EMOM stands for “Every Minute on the Minute” and is a training protocol that requires you to complete an exercise (or combination of exercises) for a certain amount of reps in under a minute. If you complete the exercises or movements before the minute runs out, then you rest for the remaining time.

30 min EMOM from Sara Sigmundsdottir
  • 1 Power clean
  • 1 Clean
  • 1 Split jerk
Thank you but not thank you @mcquaid175 for this idea 30 min EMOM 1 Power clean- 1 clean – 1 split jerk @90kg Everything as TNG @niketraining #niketraining #justdoit #nike @FitAID #teamFitAID #FitAID @wodcrusher #gloiceland #glofakafeni #sklz #sportvorur #harfaktory #teampowerfactory #cfsudurnes #thetrainingplan #crossfit #weightlifting101 @cfsudurnes A post shared by Sara Sigmundsdóttir (@sarasigmunds) on Feb 16, 2016 at 3:25pm PST

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The Icelandic women dominate CrossFit. Both Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir have won the CrossFit Games twice. Sara Sigmundsdottir has finished in third two years in a row and won Regionals on numerous occasions. With other Games Athletes such as Thuri Helgadottir, the country consistently produces high calibre athletes. For such a small population (330,000), living on a volcanic rock in the cold watery expanses of The Atlantic Ocean, this is an incredible achievement. Time to embrace your inner viking and add a few of these workouts from dottirs into your training.

Step 1 is to drink your pre-workout, as Sara demonstrates here…

When the preworkout kicks in and you have no control…. Yes if you were wondering next level is to drink preworkout out of a Bowl @niketraining #niketraining #justdoit #nike @mission6nutrition #OnAMission #Mission6 @FitAID #teamFitAID #FitAID #jaw #jawsome #jawgrips #jawambassador @compexusa #compexusa #musclestim #gloiceland #glofakafeni #harfaktory #cfsudurnes #dismakeup #crossfit @jaw_australia A post shared by

When it comes to AMRAP workouts, mental toughness is an irreplaceable factor. The higher rep ranges that you will face will push you to your limits and the inexorable running of the clock will test just much pain you can stand.

These AMRAP workouts provide a broad range of different exercises and formats. They have been selected so you can choose a few to tackle for your next WOD.


20 min AMRAP 

  • 20 Deadlifts (275/185)
  • 40 Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 20 Hang Cleans (185/135)
  • 40 Wall Balls
  • 20 Push Press (135/95)
  • 40 Wall Balls

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Squat-Run Workout

For time:

  • 15 Back Squat 275/185
  • 1 Mile Run
  • 12 Back Squats
  • 1 Mile Run
  • 9 Back Squats
Yes I used a rack and no the squats were not unbroken. This workout is summed up nicely by my friend @blacksmifff when he says, "They can hide, but they can't run!" #CrossFit #CrossFitLinchpin #RogueFitness #BTWB A post shared by Pat Sherwood (@sherwood215) on Jun 30, 2017 at 5:29pm PDT

Your legs will be destroyed after this!

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Mat Fraser is a household name when it comes to CrossFit, but here is an archive photograph of him competing as a young weightlifter. 

Mat Fraser has a formidable background of strength and weightlifting.

  • He was 13 years old when he won his first national title in weightlifting.
  • In 2003, 2005 and 2007 he was the school age champion
  • Mat became the junior national champion in 2009.

On the day he graduated from high school he moved to Colorado and began to train full time as an Olympic Weightlifter. Within one year he was Snatching 130kg and Clean and Jerking 160kg (at 77kg bodyweight). Then he broke his back due to coaches forcing him to continue to compete, even after he knew something bad had happened.

Although he found weightlifting hard at the beginning, he persisted, and it paid off:

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CrossFit is a multi functional sport that uses compounded exercises. As your chest is a large muscle group, it is an part of those compounded exercises. It is important for many upper body exercises such as push ups, dips and almost every overhead movement such as presses and even chin ups.

Therefore a well trained chest will brings you advantages. But the more muscles you build, the slower you may get. And not only slow but immobile. A huge chest will hinder you to pull yourself high enough for a muscle up. Leave this for the Bodybuilders, that is indeed impressive but totally useless for the sport of CrossFit.

We do not train for volume or a harmoniously looking body (well, not primary). We need power, we need speed, we need strength. What we want to achieve are strong and conditioned pectorals and here is how to achieve that:

You will not find the Barbell Bench Press here. Why not?

If you are looking for new incentives for your leg training, would it be helpful to mention back squats? We will assume that you are already very familiar with these exercise and want to expand your training stimulus. Of course that does not mean that you shouldn’t skip bench pressing from your training.

For more information on the bench press check out this article:

Why Crossfitters Should Bench Press More Often

Pull Overs

I did them in my old Bodybuilding times and forgot...