When re-reading this classic article written by the late Tony Federici, its amazing how many online A/V websites fit the mold laid out herein which gives one pause to wonder if they actually had product in hand when conducting their "reviews". Did they actually do any objective analysis or measurements? Did they discuss the inner details of how the products function? Did they furnish their own images of the product under review? As a reader, this is something you must decide for yourself. Things are getting even foggier now that it seems apparent Google is actually rewarding "comparison" style articles monetized with embedded Amazon affiliate links. Are fake reviews the new norm?
ATI is a well-known amplifier manufacturer that also builds amplifiers for Lexicon, Outlaw, SAE, and most recently Monoprice. Their Signature Series amplifiers are their top-of-the line reference offering. It is a fully balanced class A/B design using two toroidal transformers and independent secondary windings to provide separate power supplies for each channel. With configurations from 2 to 7 channels the ATI AT6000 series amplifier performance is as massive as its dimensions and weight; and yet, completely silent. Their performance matches and exceeds many mono-blocks while versatile enough to support bi-amplified and multi-channel audiophile systems.
James Loudspeaker recently introduced a series of passive 2.1 sound bars, producing left and right-channel audio as well as bass energy from a center-mounted built-in subwoofer. These LR-S format sound bars designed around their SPL5-SPL8 soundbars can be customized to match nearly any flat-panel display. They are designed to bring clarity and full-range sound to applications where an external subwoofer is impractical. The starting price is $3,500. Are they worth it? Read on to find out.
A room dedicated to home gaming has become an almost vintage concept, but it remains as good an idea as ever. If you play a lot of games, be it card and board games, conventional video games, or the latest in virtual reality, it’s nice to have some space set aside for the activity. This article clues you in on some great ideas for decking out your gaming room with an audioholic flare.
Audioholics released a detailed analysis of PSB’s wired M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones with mixed reviews in 2016. Although the M4U 2 received high marks for sound quality and battery life, the build quality, compactness, and cable durability was severely lacking. This year at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, PSB released and update to the M4U while cutting the cord. The M4U 8 is PSB’s first wireless headphone and the company’s most advanced design to date. Did they take our advice and make improvements in the areas needed? Read on to find out.
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If you’ve been looking at wireless whole home speaker solutions recently, you’ve probably come across SONOS. Started in 2002, SONOS’ goal was to reinvent home audio for the digital age by connecting devices in multiple rooms for seamless integration. With the multitude of wireless speakers flooding the market with dozens of streaming options will SONOS stand out? Read our in depth review and check out our YouTube video of their Play 5 wireless speaker and Playbar soundbar with wireless subwoofer to see if SONOS is the right multiroom speaker system for you.
In 2015 we rated SVS' Prime Bookshelf Speakers in our top seven $500/pair bookshelf speakers available. SVS has cut the cord with an active version; the SVS Prime Wireless Bookshelf Speaker System. With a ton of input and streaming options and 50 watts/4 Class D biamplification, this small setup packs a lot of punch for its size with the added convenience of cutting the cord to go wireless. Oh did we forget to tell you, the price is still $500/ pair! Check out our detailed YouTube video interview for even more great details on these new speakers from SVS.
The HiFiMAN SUSVARA represents the latest update to original HiFiMAN’s HE-1000 flagship headphones. Featuring CNC-milled casing and double-sided magnets, the Susvara incorporates the cutting edge of planar technology. With that said, the headphones come in at a considerable $6000 price tag. For those without money concerns, and those wishing to seek world-class sound, the Susvara certainly deserves an audition. To find out more, please read on.
Memorializing the Compact Disc. Once upon a time, the CD was the ubiquitous music platform. Our story outlines how the disc-based music technology was adopted, loved and eventually abandoned by a generation that arrived a little too late to collect vinyl record albums. In its day, the CD weathered a storm of competitors that sought to usurp the audio throne by offering key improvements in storage capacity and audio resolution. But behind the inevitable fall of the CD is a story of how the music industry refused to read the writing on the wall. Now that the once dominant audio platform's days are behind us the question remains: Did you like CDs?
V-MODA and Focal arguably have made two of the finest affordable wireless Bluetooth headphones to hit the market in 2017, both carrying an MSRP of around $300. But what happens when two contenders for best new wireless headphones are pitted against each other in a head-to-head, feature-by-feature showdown? Which will emerge the victor in the arena of one curmudgeonly editor’s opinion? Let’s get ready to rumble with a good ol' fashion shootout!
Acurus has updated their 13.3 channel ACT 4 Processor to 20 Channels. Indy Audio Labs (IAL), owner of the high-performance audio brands Aragon and Acurus says this is the first processor to offer that level of immersive-audio performance for less than $10,000. The Act 4 supports full 7.3.6 native Atmos/DTS:X speaker configurations with 4 additional channels, HDMI 2.0b, PEQ speaker tool and much more. This is one pre/pro to get excited about and we can't wait to take a closer look in the near future.
Often referred to as the leaders of the neo-progressive movement of the early '80s, Marillion are a great deal more than that. They are purveyors of soulful, powerful, and deeply-moving music, with a long-standing reputation of impressive live shows and an imposing, faithful and loyal global fanbase. From January through September 2018, a carefully curated and strictly limited (5000 copies each) and numbered series of Marillion live albums will be released in retail stores across the globe for the very first time.
Dayton Audio proudly announced the newest addition to their best-selling line of home theater speakers. The MK402 is a simple 2-way, rear ported speaker featuring a 4" woofer and a 3/4" soft dome tweeter, with bass extension down to 60Hz and a real crossover network all for the almost unbelievable low price of $70/pair. Can these really be an audiophile dream speaker for those on a tight budget? Read on to find out.
Among room correction EQ programs, Dirac Live has garnered a reputation for being one of the most effective solutions for removing the room from interfering with the sound. It accomplishes this by correcting problems with the time-arrival in sound as well as the frequency response. Other room correction equalizers ignore the time domain, but a complete solution isn't possible without addressing the time domain since latent arrivals from acoustic reflections are apart of what colors the frequency response in the first place. Let's take a brief look at how it accomplishes this, and some of the other neat features that comprise the Dirac Live package.
Klipsch and Jamo audio companies announced that IP Ethernet network control drivers from Control4, Crestron, and RTI now communicate with and command its powerful DSP amplifiers for seamless control and optimal sound.
This year we saw a big shift in the soundbar market from trying to recreate 3D sound through reflections to recreating 3D sound through discrete speakers. Also, with the popularity of affordable Smart home automation systems like products from Amazon, Google, and Roku, we’re seeing a push towards incorporating these products right into the soundbar. In this article and related YouTube video, we selected some of the most interesting soundbars we saw at the 2018 CES show.
PSB announced the release of their first Bluetooth set of earbuds at CES 2018. The M4U TW1 looks to be a heavy hitter in the sound department housing high-performance 6mm drivers, advanced A2DP Bluetooth connectivity, and a five hour battery life. If the M4U TW1's offer the high level of sound quality that PSB's other headsets are known for, then they should be a phenominal deal at only $149!
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If you’re in the market for a 4K/UHD-compatible projector that can deliver a taste of the full potential that 3840 x 2160 resolution, high dynamic range (HDR), and the BT.2020 expanded color gamut that today’s UltraHD Blu-rays can deliver, then you can’t go wrong with Epson’s Pro Cinema 6040UB. The 6040UB projector is simply superb. With the potential for 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut, 4K-enhancement technology, HDR10, and ISF support all in a price point well under $4,000, you have a winning combination.