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On January 10th, Perrotin Paris will be opening a solo show by Josh Sperling titled Chasing Rainbows. With his first international show, the NY-based artist is being added to gallery's stellar roster along such names as Takashi Murakami, JR, KAWS, Daniel Arsham, Maurizio Cattelan, etc. For this showcase, Sperling produced a new series of signature works that include composites, or shaped canvases and plywood panels, a series of monochrome canvas reliefs and a large-scale installation. From the images that the artist shared on his Instagram, the new works feature some new lopsided shapes which see him stepping away from the strict geo-based forms he is know for. Also, using a peculiar production process, he created much more complex compositions, playing with negative space but also with texture or pattern. Still working primarily with bright colors on clean forms, his clusters of custom made objects blur the lines between painting and sculpture. Using layers of plywood to add an extra dimension to his custom shaped canvases, Sperling forms distinctive topographical-like structures, adding an organic feel to otherwise exact looking creations. The show will stay on view through February 24th. Photo credit by @valentineblondel & @joshsperling.

Today in London, Lazinc new flagship gallery in Mayfair opened their doors with an exhibition from JR (interviewed) entitled Giants. The show focuses in on the French artist's series of large-scale outdoor installations that started back in 2016 for the Rio Olympics (covered). Visitors will be able to view the details of the photographer and street artist's project (which also made an appearance at the US - Mexico border), including architectural plans, photography, and studies. Rounding out the exhibition is a sweet installation sticking out of the gallery's facade, a miniature version of the public art projects documented in this show. Photo credit: @jeffmo69 (top image). Discuss JR here.

On January 13th, Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles will be opening a group show entitled EAST/WEST curated by Caro Buermann. Included in the show are artists Aaron Li-Hill, Akika Kurata, Akiko Ijichi, Alex Gross (seen above), Bao Pham, Chie Yoshii, Christine Wu, Dima Drjuchin, Dominique Fung, Eric Joyner, Erika Sanada, Gosia, HUSH, Happy D, Haroshi, Kelogsloops, Hikari Shimoda, Hirabayashi Takahiro, Hueman, Jana Brike, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Kaori Ogawa, Kazuki Takamatsu, Keun Young Park, Kristen Liu-Wong, Lauren YS, Lu Cong, Luke Chueh, Maika Kobayashi, Mandy Cao, Masao Kinoshita, Masao Kinoshita, Masao Kinoshita, Miho Hirano, Naoto Hattori, Natalia Fabia, Nicomi Nix Turner, Sarah Emerson, Sasha Ira, Simone Legno, Sylvia Ji, Tarntara Sudadung, Teiji Hayama, three, Yoko d’Holbachie, Yosuke Ueno, Young Chun, Yuka Sakuma and Yumiko Kayukawa. Caro further explains - "Having worked remotely in Asia for many years, this is an exhibition that I have wanted to curate since I joined Corey Helford in 2016. Hikari Shimoda was the first artist I presented to the gallery, which has since gone on to feature several exceptional talents I’ve come across on my trips. When I invited the artists to exhibit in 'East/West', I left the theme loose as I wanted to pull from what naturally inspires them and see how they interpret the idea of ‘culture’. What we got is romantic, fun, wacky, eccentric; a unique celebration of Asian culture and beauty from various perspectives. It’s the perfect compliment to our new exhibition...

Amid the planning for the annual Nuart festival in Stavanger and the upcoming second edition of Nuart Aberdeen, the team behind these two major public art events just finished their first project for 2018. Continuing the collaboration they started with Ian Strange back in September (covered), they've entered the new year with two new art billboards by the Australian artist installed in Stavanger East. Self-funded and erected in silence, these billboards are a permanent new public art platform in Stavanger. Following Strange's ongoing body of work that is challenging the notion of "home" as a stable, sacred object, these works are also aiming to bridge the gap between art and everyday life. By employing the omnipresent ad billboards as a way to present art, trigger critical thinking and encourage conversation, these works appeared just in time as Stavanger’s Mayor Christine Sagen Helgø recently expressed her appreciation for Nuart’s recent Social Inclusion Through Street Art project. As a part of Nuart’s ongoing Art City program that aims to find convergence points between street art and the region’s city development plans, the images from artist's Target series proved to be the perfect fit for the project. Poetically expressing the fragility of home, the images are fitting in these times when Norway's oil capital is going through massive social changes, and while the Nuart team works hard on developing the region as an international "hub" and destination for street art culture. Photo...

Five years since his last, and inaugural exhibition, with Cheim & Read, Barry Mcgee opened his latest solo last week at the New York gallery. The show is once again an eclectic mix of original works, installation, sculptures, various paraphernalia and personal objects, all displayed and installed in the most unexpected and uncompromising manner. For this large showcase the American artist transported everything from his San Francisco studio that “resonates” for him, as he has describes it. A large, floor to ceiling stack of vintage surfboards dominates the space, once again showing his passion for one of his favorite activities. Opposing those is a large cluster of various works on paper installed on a bulging wall. These pieces are done with acrylic, ballpoint pen, gouache, aerosol paint, or are found photographs with an emphasis on newer works in which his sad men characters are treated as "connect the dots" points using black spray paint. The other rooms include various works on panel, including his recognizable pattern pieces, geo based forms, and newer works constructed using color gradient square forms that resemble a stack of vintage TVs, something the artist has done in the past. In between those are different sculptural pieces made of wood, paper mache and ceramic, with a separate shelf focused solely on hand painted ceramic plates. The elaborate show also includes a L. FONG HEALING ARTS CENTRE section, tables displaying different zines and memorabilia produced or collected by McGee, as...

Jealous Gallery in London just released a new limited edition print by David Shrigley titled I am Currently on Fire. Based on one of his original acrylic paint and oil stick works that combine drawing and text, the piece has all the elements of artist's recognizable satirical approach to creating work. Along with an unusual composition in which an extraordinary large image of the flame dominates as the center point of the piece, the vibrant image also includes the text that has a misspelled I AM CURREN(T)LY ON FIRE. Usually referring to determination and raw energy, the popular phrase is changed by the British artist by adding "currently," implying that the state is only temporary which basically nullifies the entire message from the start. This 15 color screenprint with 2 varnish overlays on somerset tub sized 410gsm paper measuring 75 x 56cm is available from January 9th in an edition of 100, directly from the gallery, and will be publicly exhibited for the first time at the London Art Fair from 17th - 21st January. Discuss David Shrigley here.

On January 11th, Jamian Juliano-Villani will be opening an exhibition in the works for over a year at JTT in New York entitled Ten Pound Hand. As evidenced by her unconventional choice of show title, the New Jersey-raised artist has a dark sense of humor and seemingly has no boundaries her artistic vision. Known for her unsettling amalgamations and appropriation of source materials such as pop culture, movies, and other and art history, Juliano-Villani's is sure excite her fans with some new surreal compositions on her return to the gallery. Count KAWS as one of those admirers, and based on one of JJV's paintings for the show (seen below), the feeling is mutual. Discuss Jamian Juliano-Villani here.

GRIMM Gallery in Amsterdam is entering a new year with last few days of the solo exhibition by Daniel Richter, titled Music for Orgies. The third solo show by the German artist opened on November 24th and will stay on view through January 6th. Eight years since his last showing in Amsterdam, Richter finally came back to introduce a new body of work. Even though the work he started developing in the 90s was widely recognized and well accepted, the artist felt it was time to depart from that direction and develop something new. The result are these strong large canvases, reduced in the amount of imagery used in a single piece, but rich both in texture and stimulating color scheme used. The new works are more defined and explicit, using pornographic imagery as a source to explore energy, movement, surface and color. Through expressive brush strokes and layering of vibrant tones, the Berlin-based artist constructs dynamic compositions that suggest human figures captured in a vigorous movement. The fragmented and reduced figures are assembled from sharp lines and vivid hues that depict body parts. This fragmentation accents the motion and the interaction between the bodies, pushing the works into the realm of abstraction. The interaction of elements that is meant to guide the observer to interpret the image individually, seeing them as violent, sensual or simply awkward. By combining the figurative segments as an information layer, with strict linear gradient backgrounds...

Earlier this month, Cai Guo-Qiang launched one of his explosive new works in Chicago that he entitled Color Mushroom Cloud. Realized at exactly December 2, 3:25pm CST, the timing of the 75 meter tall piece coincided with the 75th year anniversary of the first controlled, self sustained nuclear chain reaction at the same location at the University of Chicago. Commissioned by the UChicago Arts the Smart Museum of Art, the site-specific creation from the Chinese artist is part of an ongoing series of public events - Reactions: New Perspectives On Our Nuclear Legacy. Via Designboom. Top photo by John Zich, courtesy Cai Studio. Discuss Cai Guo-Qiang here. [caption id="attachment_328740" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Photo by Zoheyr Doctor and Reed Essick, courtesy Cai Studio.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328741" align="aligncenter" width="919"] Photo by Jean Lachat, courtesy Cai Studio.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328743" align="aligncenter" width="738"] Photo by Zoheyr Doctor and Reed Essick, courtesy Cai Studio.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328744" align="aligncenter" width="927"] Photo by Wen-You Cai, courtesy Cai Studio.[/caption]

With Christmas soon approaching, now would be a good time to tell you about a project from Dabs Myla that opened recently in Los Angeles. With the support of LeBasse Projects, the Australian duo created a series of installations at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Covering three blocks of the popular shopping & dining thoroughfare with holiday themed imagery, the two artists were able to give visitors perfect photo opportunities to remember this festive season. Discuss Dabs Myla here.

Finok was recently invited to take part in the fourth edition of Festival Concreto that took place in Fortaleza, Brazil. Working along with 20 international and 20 other artists from all around Brazil, the Sao Paulo-based artist created a simple intervention on one of the local houses. Constantly inspired by local traditions and the mixture of various cultures in his homeland, Finok created a piece that is directly influenced by local celebrations of São João. Taking his signature green character as the base, he wrapped it inside a line of lights, following the local tradition of putting illumination on the streets and churches during celebrations. Visually elevating it from the ground with a yellow section with wave-like patterns, and connecting it to its environment with subdued silhouettes of palm trees, Finok once again successfully blended his creation with its surroundings. Photo credit by Igor Barbosa. Discuss Finok here.

The National Gallery of Victoria recently commissioned Ron Mueck to create an installation for their permanent collection, his most ambitious project to date. Entitled Mass, the work which debuted at the inaugural NGV Triennial, features 100 fibreglass and resin skulls, each one measuring about a meter high. As one of the most gifted living Australian sculptors, Mueck almost exclusively creates smaller or larger than life-size pieces. Judging from the stunning result of these skulls being housed in the 17th to 18th Century European Paintings Gallery, we think we can agree he made the right choice in this case. Discuss Ron Mueck here. Photos via The Art Newspaper (top image by Eugene Hyland). [caption id="attachment_328703" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Tom Ross[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328704" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Tom Ross[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328705" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Tom Ross[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328706" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Sean Fennessey[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328707" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Sean Fennessey[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328708" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Sean Fennessey[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328709" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Sean Fennessey[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_328710" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Photo by Sean Fennessey[/caption]

Currently at Château La Coste in France, JR (interviewed) has an exhibition on view featuring a nifty installation that is a play on some of his most well-known works like his Women Are Heroes project in Kenya. Entitled Mind the Gap, the piece in the Renzo Piano Pavilion features a series of hanging circular tracks that have miniature trains running in different directions, all pasted with the French artist's photographs. The hypnotic motion of the 700 train cars creates a captivating sight for visitors of the exhibition which runs through the end of February. Discuss JR here.

After revealing two new pieces in the holy city of Bethlehem on the eve of Alternativity play held around the corner from his Walled Off Hotel, Banksy premiering the The Alternativity film on BBC Two this Sunday, the 17th of December.  The feature directed by Danny Boyle follows his experience of directing, producing and setting up this performance together with local theater director, performance artist, actress and teacher at Bethlehem University, Riham Isaac. The film premiere was announced with a new artwork from Banksy that mixes his commonly used chalk doodle style with more elaborate stencil and hand painted elements. In this particular case, the characters are doodled as simple stickmen figures, with obvious emphasis put on the drone hoovering above, one of the separation wall towers "watching" over them, and a can of CS tear gas, commonly used by the Israeli forces, laying in front of the stable. The image is a hint on the theme of the play and the movie, which places the story of nativity in the context of modern day Bethlehem, described by Banksy as “the least Christmassy place on earth.”  

After dropping hints on Instagram for the last few weeks, KAWS is ready to finally release his SMALL LIE figures. This new sculptural limited edition features his popular companion figure (a remix of Mickey Mouse with a skull and crossbones head), with the addition of a Pinocchio nose. The figure will be produced in the usual Black, Grey, and Brown colorways and will be available tomorrow at noon EST on the Brooklyn-based artist's website. Discuss KAWS here.

Last weekend, KP Projects in Los Angeles closed a group show entitled Gilded Horizon that featured the work of six artists - Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Johnny "KMDZ" Rodriguez, JP Neang, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, and Melany Meza-Dierks. For her part of the exhibition, Kawasaki took inspiration from ethnic women in Mongolia, Armenia, Kenya, Yemen and more for her stunning portraitures on wood, adding in some intricate jewelry and headwear for her increasingly complex compositions. Take a look at more detailed photos below including shots of some drawings and the limited edition that was available.   Discuss Audrey Kawasaki here.

Tomorrow at 4 PM (Paris time), Social Animals will be releasing an intriguing limited edition fashioned from the collaborative efforts of JR (interviewed), Os Gemeos, and Pharrell. Entitled BOOMBOX, the piece features imagery from the street artists on two vinyl records with exclusive tracks from OsG and Pharrell hidden inside along with a cassette box with 10 instant prints of the three artists. Produced with an edition size of 300, the project that was influenced by their love of hip hop culture will come numbered and signed by all the artists. Discuss Os Gemeos here. Discuss JR here.

Up until 23rd of December, Amala Gallery in Tokyo will be showing the first international show by Mike Lee. The works on view were painted exclusively for this exhibition and are meant to be representations of his positive outlook on everyday life. After successful solo shows in LA and Portland earleir this year, the NY-based artist focused on producing a small body of work for his Japan debut show, Happier Together. Taking the local love and appreciation of cartoon and manga culture as a starting point, Lee created five new pieces that feature a stronger graphic aesthetic than previous work. Meticulously rendered in oils on panels or canvas, these figure based compositions utilize the skills he developed through years of work as a digital media professional. Minimizing his subjects to merely a gathering of almost geometrical objects, his work is a balance between abstraction and figuration, hoping to develop an universally understandable visual language. Through velvety gradients and punctilious use of light effect, Lee creates an uncertain atmosphere that is in direct juxtaposition with the bubbly characters. The show was very well received by the local and international crowd and has already sparked other international projects for him. Discuss Mike Lee here.

Four young contemporary urban artists - Sebas Velasco (Spain), Francisco Bosoletti (Argentina), Spok (Spain) and Luis Gómez (Venezuela), will be showing their distinctive works at Adda&Taxie in Paris from December 9th until January 27th. The show will continue the efforts of the gallery owners Anna Dimitrova and Valeriane Mondot, to breathe a fresh life onto the Parisian art scene by showing works by young international artists. The exhibition Ronde de Nuit (Night Round) takes the title of Rembrandt's masterpiece, both for the chiaroscuro present in the works and the symbolism of the night for graffiti artists. Challenged by the exceptional light and shadow play, unique color tones and the idea of secrecy, these artists often choose a night setting for their works. Using the sensitivity of chiaroscuro, they achieve great drama and expressive capacity in their work - Velasco with his intense and accented brush work, Bosoletti with poetic classic compositions rendered as inverted images, Spok with his vibrant color selections and smooth light effects or Gomez with Baroque and Caravaggio inspired renderings of the human body. The selected works present some what of a bridge between their current practice and the works of great masters.

Like in recent years (2015, 2016), KAWS has planned a limited edition release through Pace Prints tomorrow (December 6th at 11 am EST) for Basel Week Miami. The portfolio of nine tondo prints (run of 100), entitled THE NEWS, featuring the Brooklyn-based artist's pop culture infused abstractions, have a tiered pricing system with the cost going up as the edition sells out. Although available initially only in person at the gallery's booth (F28) at the main fair, a limited quantity of the set will also be be offered at random to people who email between 11:00am and 11:05am EST with their name, phone number, billing and shipping address but note that a 20K deposit will be required within 15 days. Discuss KAWS here.