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Before the Mobile World Congress, an Alcatel 3V promo video was published and we soon learned the entry-level phone will be out in the US soon. The phone may be a budget device but it already boasts a dual rear camera system plus a large 6-inch screen with 18:9 display, fingerprint sensor, Face Key, and […]
In choosing file explorer apps in Android, we understand the hopelessness of an Android newbie in choosing one, as there are hundreds upon hundreds of these apps and only very few that actually prioritize being a great file explorer. There may be apps that are widely used, but only because people don’t know better – […]
Motorola is one of the more prolific phone makers in the market today. The brand is already owned by Lenovo and so it has more time to focus on development and improvements. Moto G and Moto E smartphones were recently unveiled in Brazil and earlier than usual and this time, we’ve got more details about […]
Razer knew that a gaming smartphone would be marketable long before others jumped into the bandwagon that mostly Razer built. Backed by a brand name already popular with gamers, Razer created a whole new niche in mobile devices – the gaming smartphone. That was what the Razer Phone was – a beast of a phone […]
The LG G7 ThinQ is the latest premium flagship smartphone from the South Korean tech company. It’s the first phone to be introduced as a result of LG’s rebranding efforts so people are interested in this one. It was launched earlier this month and we’ve got our hands-on feature. A number of leaked information have […]
Samsung is expected to announce their new smartwatch, the Gear S4 later this year. There are all kinds of rumors about it of course, but what people are not sure yet is to whether it will be running on the Korean OEM’s in-house Tizen OS or if they will come back to the Android Wear […]
While it may be convenient to stream music on your phone, you pay a hefty price in terms of battery performance. And that’s precisely what makes the Mighty, price dropped from $85.99 to just $79.99 at Android Community Deals, so attractive. With a capacity to store over 1000 songs, the Mighty removes a significant amount […]
As promised, Samsung has launched new Galaxy J and Galaxy A smartphones in India. These are no ordinary mid-range models as they already boast Infinity Display. It’s something only found on premium Galaxy units but the South Korean tech giant decided to extend the technology to the J and A series. The ‘To Infinity & […]
LG isn’t done with the mobile business. The other South Korean tech giant has been changing its business strategy the past few months and we’re crossing our fingers all the efforts of the company will bear fruits. Even before 2017 ended, we heard bits of information about the G7–that it would feature an iris scanner […]
It hasn’t been a year since Xiaomi launched the MIUI 9. The new user interface version was introduced July last year alongside the Mi 5X. MIUI 9 Beta Testers were recruited before launch and before we learned about the new features and enhancements. We got the features and functions previewed in a quick rundown including […]
We don’t have a lot of things we like from Apple’s iPhone X (ten), because frankly, we like our Android devices better (Ha!). But we realize some of you might be looking rather longingly over at your friend who owns that iPhone X, particularly at the gesture navigations. What do we mean? Well, Apple designed […]
Much has been said about the Huawei P20 Pro and its vaunted triple camera system, branded with Leica technology, of course. Currently, the P20 Pro sits at the top of DxOMark’s mobile photography rankings, numbers that measure the quality of images produced by mobile phones. This shows you that the triple camera system does work, […]
While many people are already anticipating for the Galaxy S9 Active, there are still some waiting for another Galaxy S8 variant. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite is expected to be revealed soon after being sighted with model number SM-G8850 and with photos over on Weibo. This is somewhat premium mid-range phone and not exactly affordable […]
Over the past couple of years, Google has gone and pursued side projects that normally would complement the devices and technologies they have in the mainstream. And like the common experience of any other manufacturer of technology, some of these projects have been failures – like Google Glass and Project ARA, where even a tech […]
The next-gen Xiaomi Mi phone is said to be the next flagship phone to have an in-display fingerprint scanner. It could follow the Vivo X21 with its in-glass fingerprint sensor which is already a follow-up to the Vivo X20 UD released last year. A video showed us the limits of the in-glass fingerprint sensor of […]
It’s the 5th month of the year, and we’re still not done giving you new games specifically for your Android devices. If you’re the type who gets bored quickly, then new games might be the best thing for you. If you’re a gamer by heart, then these games listed here might be worth looking at. […]
While much focus on artificial intelligence has been on the bigger players like Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, etc, there is also a growing number of brands and services that are exploring AI particularly when it comes to customer service. Bank of America has now announced that they are rolling out the first AI virtual […]
Aaah, OnePlus 6. The early arrival of the new OnePlus flagship is no longer a surprise because as early as March, we’ve started hearing rumors and speculations about it–that it would have a 19:9 display, a Snapdragon 845 processor, notched design, and the promise of ‘the speed you need’, and for the comic geeks, there’s […]
If you’re confused with all the new YouTube and Google Play subscriptions that are available, you’re not alone. The addition of two new YouTube services last week was supposed to make things easier for users but it will probably take us a bit more time to get used to these new products and eventually Google […]
Ever since Google released their video-calling app Duo two years ago, they have been pushing really hard for it to become the default app when you want to do video calls, either for personal reasons or for business purposes. A year after it launched, the company says it already reached the milestone of 100 million […]