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Glass is scratch-resistant but not drop-resistant. Plastic can protect your phone from drops but can’t protect it from scratches. Glass looks more premium and plastic makes it look like a cheaper version. So smartphone makers seem to not be able to find a material for their displays that can protect it from both scratches and […]
Every time you log onto the internet, you risk losing your data and identity to hackers. Those risks increase whenever you use public or semi-private Wi-Fi networks like those you’ll find at your neighborhood coffee shop. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s easy — and relatively inexpensive — to protect yourself […]
The OnePlus 6 may not have a follow-up anytime soon as the Chinese OEM is still busy promoting the device. We recently featured the DxOMark review where we agreed it is one solid flagship camera for less. We even showed you one way to mod your OnePlus to add stereo speakers. The OnePlus 6 Red […]
The story of the new BlackBerry KEY2 happened so fast since the phone hit TENAA and Weibo before launch. We called it as the next QWERTY phone as an obvious follow-up to the KEY2. Looks like there won’t be just the KEY2 as the BlackBerry Luna has been sighted. It is said to be the […]
If you follow tech news, you know that the European Union has not been happy with how Google is running its Android platform especially since they’re big on fair competition. And now they’re imposing a record $5 billion fine on the tech company for what they say are antitrust violations. They’re also giving them 90 […]
While Samsung is busy doing the last touches to the Galaxy Note 9, another OEM is ready with its own Note 10. Well, it’s not really a copycat but Huawei has the Honor Note line. We featured the Honor Note 8 in 2016 and the Honor Note 9 last year. Now it’s time for the […]
No more rumors and speculations as Xiaomi has finally and officially announced the Mi Max 3. You probably heard all you needed to know about the new flagship phone but nothing is more comprehensive than the company’s very own announcement. As expected, the screen is impressive in its 6.9-inch glory–we’re thinking it may compete with […]
While Samsung is still a formidable global brand, it has been struggling sales-wise in light of the increasingly tough competition from Chinese brands and other OEM stalwarts. The less-than-impressive Galaxy S9 has probably hurt their bottomline and so they need to come up with something extraordinary to rock the market again. We’re all waiting for […]
We’re not expecting LG to introduce a new smartphone at next month’s IFA event but the other South Korean tech company is believed to be rolling out something by October. The LG V40 is expected to be unveiled only a few months after the V35 ThinQ was released. The next-gen LG V will be out […]
There’s no stopping Samsung these days with all the preps for August 9 Unpacked event. It’s back-to-back with the IFA 2018. The latter is happening next month and it is where the new Galaxy tablets will be launched. A total of three Android tablets will be introduced: the premium Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab Advanced […]
The rumors only turned out to be half true, based on the latest leaked information about the upcoming Samsung smartwatch. It looks like it will indeed be rebranded as the Galaxy Watch but it will still be running on Samsung’s own Tizen OS and not Google’s Wear OS as previously rumored. We may also see […]
The Nokia X5 is official. Earlier this month, the smartphone was leaked. Later on, we noted that it is similar to the Nokia X5 and the Nokia X6. The latter is more like the Nokia 6.1 Plus while the X5 is the Nokia 5.1 Plus although there is no confirmation yet. What we know is […]
Netflix has been changing how we think about media and entertainment. Admit it, you’re this close to ditching your cable subscription (if you haven’t yet). The streaming service is also bringing some of our old favorites into the small screen. We can go on and on listing them down but we won’t. We remember the […]
Yes guys, World Emoji Day is a real thing and every year, we get more and more people and brands celebrating it with cutesy posts and sometimes even promos. As a gift to emoji-loving Android users everywhere, Google is bringing back something we never thought we’d miss, but we apparently do: the blob! No, they’re […]
Take your workouts to the next level with wireless TAMO Go-Sport In-Ear Sports Headphones. These comfortable and versatile headphones are perfect for anyone that enjoys an active lifestyle. Just pair them via Bluetooth to your favorite audio device — such as your Android smartphone — and you’ll enjoy a premium listening experience that’ll last through […]
Since it started, Android Auto has always connected to your Android device via a wired USB connection. And while this system has worked for most of us, we all understand what a boon a wireless Android Auto connection would for us. For one, you can actually charge your phone while being connected to Android Auto […]
Xiaomi is busy, busy, busy. A global launch is happening next week featuring the Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite, as well as, the new Mi Max 3. We’ve been telling you several details about the phones especially the Mi Max since images and specs were leaked back in January. We noted it would […]
While Samsung is busy prepping the Galaxy Note 9 for the August 9 Unpacked event, other OEMs like Sony are working on products to be revealed during the IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. It’s another big tech event anticipated by most geeks and consumers who always want the latest gadgets and technologies. We haven’t featured […]
MediaTek is adding a new feather to its hat, and probably more feathers after that, with the launching of the Helio A22 SoC (system-on-a-chip). This new chipset will be the first for the new midrange Helio A series for MediaTek, which will attempt to bring a more feature-rich experience for midrange devices. Of course, MediaTek […]
We used to wonder if DxOMark had something against OnePlus, being that they did not usually review OnePlus phones. But the image standards outfit partnered with OnePlus in planning for the OnePlus 5 – specifically for tweaking the phone’s camera app performance, so we know that DxOMark has nothing against the Chinese phone manufacturer. And […]