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The attack on Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel has left at least five people killed and six others injured.
Many say model engineering is becoming a lost art due to the digital age.
Many of the films in this year's lineup, being featured in Park City in Utah, tackle topical issues.
Shared bikes have become ubiquitous across China's major cities, causing safety concerns.
The Dakar rally covers more than 9,000km through three countries and some of the most challenging terrain in the world.
President Donald Trump's first year in the White House has seen big changes in US foreign policy.
Germany's Social Democratic Party is meeting later on Sunday to decide whether to start formal talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel to form a coalition government.
Female politicians have failed to find their way in parliament, now some are calling for a quota for women.
Turkey's prime minister says part of the operation is to establish a 30km 'safe zone' in Syrian enclave of Afrin.
While the border wall remains a gleam in the US president's eye, he has taken aggressive action against immigrants legally in the US, seeking to deport those previously protected by DACA and other programmes.
Conflict over the region has been exacerbated by Sudan's support for a Somalian hydroelectric dam that will limit the amount of water that reaches Egypt.
On the anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration, organisers hope to encourage women to get more involved in politics.
Temperature in the Australian city continues to climb with the peak expected on Monday.
Tens of thousands brave snow in Bucharest to protest laws that critics say would weaken judicial independence.
Demonstrators brave police and poor weather to protest against law that will make it more difficult to prosecute high-level officials.
Seoul proposes the two Korean teams march together at the Games' opening ceremony, after rare talks.
The repatriation plan, similar to a previous plan from the 1990s, will move refugees to joins thousands of already displaced Rohingya in Myanmar.
An air, sea and land blockade imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt is now in its eighth month.
Some sports are now offering equal prize-money but critics believe majority still have a long way to go.
Democrats are attempting to force an agreement on the DACA immigration programme by refusing to pass a temporary spending bill, but argue the far right is preventing political compromise.