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Flooding and raining fun by Thomas Tham
Even thunderstorm would not stop our kids from having fun.
Thomas Tham: Photos

Falling dive by Kristen Elsby
A North Korean man falls in a crouching ball off an offshore diving platform at Songdowon Beach. Wonsan, North Korea, 2013
Kristen Elsby: Photos

Breaking down the walls by Kasper Nybo
Haiti 2010. In a cloud of dust a wall collapses in a back-alley in Port-au-Prince as the rebuilding process slowly begins. The work is extremely dangerous and casualties are high due to the unstable remaining buildings and complete lack of safety equipment. More at
Kasper Nybo: Photos

Water 2 by Maldito Vincent

Maldito Vincent: Photos

In The Flesh by Stanislav Istratov
Model: Ila MUA: Nataly Skopcova Hair: Irina Tiney Dress: Marina Marchenko Assistant: Inna Kikhtenko Retouch: Big Bad Red
Stanislav Istratov: Photos

Nero by Rose Richards

Rose Richards: Photos

[ Axel ] by Le Guen Jérémie

Le Guen Jérémie: Photos

In Your Eyes by Kaja Kramek

Kaja Kramek: Photos

Barber Pole Lightning by Roger Hill
Incredible rotating storm over the Nebraska prairie lands. When a storm spirals into the sky due to wind shear causing it to rotate, we often call it a "barberpole" as it can resemble the red and white spiraling stripes of one. Amazing to watch, more amazing to photograph. Check us out at !!!!
Roger Hill: Photos

Magnolia! by Julia Dávila-Lampe
Julia Dávila-Lampe: Photos

Ice Patterns by Mark Cornick
Abstract Ice Patterns created in Jokulsarlon, Iceland More Ice Patterns
Mark Cornick: Photos

Indus Valley by FootlooseFotography
A young monk at Thikse Monastery pauses from daily duties to take in the incredible view out over the winter landscape of the Indus Valley near Leh in Ladakh.
FootlooseFotography: Photos

work in progress... by Catherine MacBride
working in paper.
Catherine MacBride: Photos

Les piscines de Badamier by Gaby Barathieu
At low tide, the reef of Mayotte is almost entirely discovered. This phenomenon is due to the 4 meters of tidal range that rhythms the tides of Mayotte. Here we can see an anemone and its clown fish almost out of the water. My website : A marée basse, le récif de Mayotte se découvre presque entièrement. Ce phénomène est due au 4 metres de marnage qui rythme les marées de Mayotte. Ici, nous pouvons voir une anémone et ses poissons clowns presque hors de l'eau.
Gaby Barathieu: Photos

eternity by Justin Lim
instagram | website
Justin Lim: Photos

Purple Rain by Romina Kutlesa
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Romina Kutlesa: Photos

Noelle by DAVALI Photography

DAVALI Photography: Photos

Stockholm by Locarl
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Locarl: Photos

如烟 by 心静如水

心静如水: Photos

Untitled by Zachary Snellenberger
Model: Garrett Borns
Zachary Snellenberger: Photos