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F U Z Z by Florian Gruet

Florian Gruet: Photos

Mario by Alex Timmermans
11x11"tintype 16"hermagis petzval at f 4.5 No photoshop!
Alex Timmermans: Photos

summer in the city by Carlo Prearo
residential district architecture in a minimal summer concept. A balloon and a beach umbrella come out from the top of a city building
Carlo Prearo: Photos

DS-48 by Dariane Sanche
Modèle Alex-Sandrine Proulx Photographe Dariane Sanche @ DS sanchez
Dariane Sanche: Photos

Cup of black coffee with flowers on purple coloured art background. Good Morning coffee floral... by Andrea Obzerova
Cup of black coffee with flowers on purple coloured art background. Good Morning coffee floral setup concept.
Andrea Obzerova: Photos

Lady in purple by Mustafa Selcuk

Mustafa Selcuk: Photos

Magical light by George Probst
This one was a "happy little accident" (as the late Bob Ross would have described it). I was hoping for a sharp silhouette of this great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) but ended up with a faint reflection of the lens ring being captured on the inner surface of my dome port, so I had to dial the exposure down some more and boost the contrast, which resulted in a "magical" quality to the sunlight breaking through the water's surface.
George Probst: Photos

light by ja shang tang

ja shang tang: Photos

... by Dragan Djuric

Dragan Djuric: Photos

Misha 4 by Anna Kuznetsova

Anna Kuznetsova: Photos

Quiet by Chris Fischer

Chris Fischer: Photos

Untitled by Giulia Muraglia

Giulia Muraglia: Photos

italian greyhound by Alessandro Manco

Alessandro Manco: Photos

Cotton Candy Hair by Zach Sutton
Twitter | Facebook | Website | Instagram Beauty Photography with Angel. Profoto B1 into a 2'x3' RFI Profoto Softbox from above, Reflector from below. Additional lights on the BG.
Zach Sutton: Photos

The Fair by Danny Owens

Danny Owens: Photos

Falling Alseep by Erik Johansson
This is a project I've been working on since November 2017 where I photographed the girl floating in water. The idea is to capture the feeling of falling into sleep, the feeling of falling out of control of the environment around you. I would love to hear your thought about it! What's the first and second thing that comes to your mind when you see it? ...I also made a BTS video for this one if you'd like to see how it came to life:
Erik Johansson: Photos

Powerpaola | 2018 by Rafael Roncato
Powerpaola | 2018 | foto Rafael Roncato Power Paola (born Paola Andrea Gaviria Silguero; June 20, 1977) is a Colombian-Ecuadorian cartoonist. She is the author of graphic memoirs Virus Tropical (2011), Por Dentro (2012), Diario (2013), qp (2014), and Todo Va a Estar Bien (2015).[2] Her work deals with themes of sexuality, feminism, family, and personal identity.
Rafael Roncato: Photos

Dani by Elad Nissim
Elad Nissim: Photos

Moscow look up by 19TONES
The Moscow City district
19TONES: Photos

stuntin' in dem stunna shades by Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson: Photos