We first met Brigitte Lindholm in the Honor and Glory animated short.
The surging price of bitcoin (among others) in 2017 led more than a few companies to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with hopes of striking it rich almost overnight. Many of their initial coin offerings seemed dodgy from the outset... and it tur...

It has been roughly a year since we last heard about the Papers, Please short film, but the project is now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. If YouTube isn't your jam, the film is also available for streaming on Steam. Clocking in at roughly 10 minutes, the film beautifully captures the mood and setting of the game, though it doesn't have as many of the moral quandaries that made for such gut wrenching decisions in the title.

Since the fictional country of Arstotzka is based on Russia, the film uses Russian as it's main language, but there are a huge range of subtitles available. I'm actually shocked at how many there are, since even major studio releases tend to only focus on select territories. That being said, definitely give this a watch if you're a fan of the game. While I can't say I'm pining for a sequel, this film satiates my thirst for some more Papers, Please quite well.


[Every time I see someone talk about Kingdom Hearts as an outsider looking in, I'm always blown away by this massive pile of bullshit. The subject of this promoted blog's choice for heel-turn will surprise you, unless of course you've been playing the game for as long as LaTerry. In that case, maybe you saw this heel-turning a mile away like the script changes for The Rock after he became a movie star. ~Marcel]

The Kingdom Hearts series has so many heel-turns that it was hard to pick one to focus on for this blog. The series is long and a little confusing with a lot of twists and turns that provide ample opportunity for characters to abruptly switch sides. Instead of focusing on just one character, I'll give a small overview of the many characters that have changed sides before going into greater detail on the heel-turn that I really want to talk about. This should go without saying, but there are going to be SPOILERS for most of the series in this blog. 


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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet does a lot of things, not including telling you all the important stuff you should know while clearing dungeons.
Martin Klíma, Executive Producer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance at Warhorse Studios, admitted that he wishes the team had more time to polish the game before the release. He also said the game sits halfway between indie and AAA.
CG writes: Konamis Metal Gear Survive takes quite a number of hours before it reveals its true self so you might be of the thought its quite a basic affair after the opening. However, once you reach beyond chapter 10 you will start finding your home base growing and in need of some management. Your character not only has to survive the wilds but also rescue others and make sure they are fighting fit back at base. There are some aspects of management here but its not particularly deep just quite a bit overwhelming at first when you have to factor everything else.
Carlos writes "So, were back once more with the next entry in TheXboxHubs Looking back at series as we take a gander at another title celebrating an anniversary - Dynasty Warriors 6, which celebrates its 10-year birthday this week. It may not be the first entry in the series, but as a long-standing series that has had a longer lifespan than even Xbox itself, Dynasty Warriors 6 is certainly no bad place to start."
Three years after their first game, Over The Moon returns with The Fall Part 2 Unbound, the second part of the The Fall trilogy, is it an improvement?
Shining Resonance Refrain looks lovely in about one hour of gameplay on PS4, showing the English localization and the charming art by Tony Taka.
Sega promises that Shining Resonance Refrain won't have any cuts, talks about an upcoming demo, resolution on Nintendo Switch, and More.
Carlos writes: "Its already been a great year for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, but were still only a few months in and that means there is plenty more to come throughout 2018, with many more of our favourite titles still yet to be added. Whilst the latest additions arent more of the recently promised titles that will be getting Xbox One X Enhancements, they still continue the trend of frequent releases, and it's always good to see old Xbox 360 becoming available on Xbox One. The question is though - are they games that we should be heading back to?"
Wccftech speaks to James Thompson, CEO at Automaton and talk about how the developer plans to cope with supporting up to one thousand players in one game, how they'll tackle latency and how they plan to improve on existing Battle Royale games in Mavericks: Proving Grounds.
Quick Scoping has been a part of the Call of Duty franchise since the very beginning. Though the entire community is divided over whether they love or hate this feature, it is still considered as one of the most popular features of the game. But now Activision has rolled out a new update for the game, let's see how the community takes it. You can also read about all the other changes in the link below.

What cool games are you playing this weekend? Are you sticking with the Switch or are you maybe playing some games on competing platforms? Share your weekend gaming plans with the rest of our readers below.

Personally, I can’t wait to play Stardew Valley on the Switch, and the new Battlefield 1 maps that were recently released.

How about you?

Lara Croft's most recent adventure will be amongst a new slate of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in March. ...Read More

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In the midst of a tricky fiscal year, LG decided to run with a new strategy: cook up interim smartphones to sell between its major flagship releases. The plan was based in part on the surprising success of phones like the X cam, and since the company...
Automakers testing their self-driving cars on California roads might be able to go fully autonomous as soon as April, according to the state's DMV. Instead of putting someone behind the wheel to take over in certain circumstances, such as when the se...