Get the classics back. There are loads of amazing games that came out when the PlayStation 2, but after the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 came out, not many of the games were able to be played on those consoles. Sometimes you need some nostalgia in your life, if only to play all of the previous Kingdom Hearts games before the new one is released later this year. Now, you have access to loads of PlayStation 2 games that you can play on your PS4. With games like Destroy All Humans! and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, you can grab all of these classics for your console. ADK Damashii Ape Escape 2 Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Art of Fighting Anthology Bully Dark Cloud Destroy All Humans! Destroy All Humans! 2 Eternal Ring FantaVision Fatal Fury Battle Archives: Volume 2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Kinetica The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate March The King of Fighters 2000 The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga Manhunt The Mark of Kri Max Payne Metal Slug Anthology Okage: Shadow King PaRappa the Rapper 2 Psychonauts Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Red Dead Revolver Red Faction Red Faction II Resident Evil -Code: Veronica X Rise of the Kasai Rogue...

We love playing great old video games on our great new Nintendo Switches. And based on stuff like how many of your read our post on “Switch’s Virtual Console” or how many of […]

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SCUF Gaming has made a name for itself by producing high-quality customizable controllers. It has released PlayStation controllers in the past, but today, the company reveals its newest PS4 controller: the SCUF Vantage. […]

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Alcatel is bringing the budget-friendly 3V to the U.S. next week for an attractive $149 price. This phone has many of the buzzword features, like face unlock and an 18:9 display, and more for that low, low price. It's unlocked and will work on GSM carriers.

Specs Software Android 8.0 Oreo Display 6" 2160 x 1080 CPU MediaTek MT8735A Cameras 12MP+2MP rear, 5MP front Battery 3,000mAh

TCL is quick to point out that the FHD+ display is actually manufactured in-house (in partnership with China Star Optoelectronics Technology, a sister company under the TCL umbrella), helping to keep costs down. Read More

Alcatel 3V coming to U.S. next week...

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 Lite has landed in China, but it's not quite what we were expecting. The new device, which leaked out earlier this month, is actually named the Galaxy S Light Luxury. It sports a gorgeous Infinity Display and a much cheaper price tag.

Samsung has launched Lite versions of its popular flagships before. They used to be an annual occurrence, giving fans who didn't quite have the budget for its flagship models a smaller and more affordable alternative. Read More

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Anker's currently got deals on Amazon for all kinds of products to keep your electronics juiced. Two of the best: a three-port 26,800 mAh power bank bundle for $80, and a five-port USB wall charger for $38. Both items support power delivery over USB-C.

We've seen this power bank go on sale before, but not at this price. The bank features two USB-A ports and one USB-C port with high-wattage output, and enough capacity to top off your phone (or Nintendo Switch) six or seven times over. Read More

[Deal Alert] Get an Anker PowerCore+ 26,800 mAh USB-PD power bank for $80 ($30 off), 5-port USB-C wall charger for $38 ($16 off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

You won't have to wonder much about what Mark Zuckerberg will say when he meets with the European Parliament later on May 22nd. Business Insider has obtained the Facebook chief's introductory speech, and contrition is clearly the order of the day. Zuckerberg is expect to apologize for his company not taking a "broad enough view of our responsibilities," including the need to curb fake news, fight election interference by countries like Russia and, of course, prevent developers from abusing data. He's also expected to reiterate the changes Facebook is making to mend its ways, such as "doubling" the number of safety and security staffers.

The exec will simultaneously paint Facebook as a "force for good" in Europe, pointing to the use of Safety Check in the wake of terrorist attacks as well as presences in multiple European countries. There will by over 10,000 people employed in Europe by the end of 2018, according to Zuckerberg's speech, a significant jump from 7,000 right now.

The statements aren't exactly coming out of the blue. They echo some of what Zuckerberg said to Congress in April, and they're part of a long-running apology tour emphasizing Facebook's awareness of its mistakes in the past few years. Still, they suggest the tone you can expect at the EU meeting: Zuckerberg is at once set to acknowledge that change is necessary while doing what he can to gain trust and head off...

Techstars Mobility has a new home. The accelerator program is moving from its in Ford Field to the 7th floor of WeWork Merchant’s Row. This puts the program in a central location in Detroit’s growing tech scene, giving participants the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs looking to be, as they say in Detroit, a big fish in a small pound.

Techstars Mobility has made in impact in Detroit since its first program in 2014. The program has invested in 33 startups who have raised $45 million. Focusing on all areas of mobility, the program leverages partnerships with top automakers and suppliers to utilize Detroit’s long history of innovating mobile transportation.

The 2018-2019 program will work with CSAA Insurance Group, Bosh, Ford Motor Company, Honda, Volvo and others. It’s an impressive group spanning the mobility space from automakers to insurers.

I’ve long pointed to Techstars programs as a good example of using an area’s strengths to grow startups. Detroit’s Mobility program is the perfect example. To me, it makes more sense to build on an area’s proven industry than try to copy what works elsewhere. It allows the Motor City to continue to be the Motor City rather than trying to become Silicon City.

Fortnite is finally coming to Android…in a matter of months. After dominating the iOS gaming charts since March, the wildly popular sandbox survival game will be hitting the world’s top mobile operating system at some point this summer.

Creator Epic Games buried the news in the middle of a larger blog post titled, “The State of Mobile,” noting, vaguely, “We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first.”

That news comes amid a flurry of other Fortnite-related announcements this week. Earlier this morning, Epic unveiled a Battle Royale competition with a large in-game cash prize. This morning, the company also laid out plans to bring voice chat and improved gameplay and controls to the mobile side of things. Stats are coming to mobile, as well, along with a reduced install size.

Not that any of those issues have hampered the game’s success, of course. Earlier this year, the game was reportedly bringing in $126 million in monthly revenue — even before it arrived on iOS. With its imminent release on Android, that number’s likely to get a whole lot larger. 

OnePlus didn’t include wireless charging on the OnePlus 6 because it didn’t “really feel the need” to include it. A spokesperson for the company provided the recent comment, adding that OnePlus didn’t want to “add a feature just for the sake of it.” The company has previously ruffled feathers with feature omissions, like NFC on the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus has explained the reasoning behind why it didn’t include wireless charging on the OnePlus 6. Speaking to Business Insider, a OnePlus representative said: “We don’t really feel the need to add wireless charging. We’re not going to add a feature just for the sake of it.”

The new OnePlus flagship launched last week. Starting at $529, it’s the most expensive OnePlus device yet and comes with a brand new design and premium features. With wireless charging being a top-tier smartphone function found on Android flagships like the Galaxy S9, LG V30, and Nokia 8 Sirocco, some expected that the OnePlus 6 may also implement this. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

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Which came first, the file format, or the camera capable of shooting it? For the Red Hydrogen One’s holographic-like display, the answer is the file format — but a camera to shoot the HV4 files isn’t far behind. On Tuesday, May 22, Lucid announced a partnership with Red to build an 8K prosumer camera capable of capturing 3D content and the H4V format introduced as part of the upcoming smartphone’s unique display.

The companies aim to create the first dual camera with 8K video and stills that can be converted into 4V in real time. That capability will allow the camera to shoot content that works on the smartphone’s 4-View display, and will allow the smartphone to work as the camera’s electronic viewfinder to preview what the shot will look like in the new format. The real-time capability will also allow for live-streaming, Lucid says.

Along with the smartphone’s essential role in the camera, the new camera will also take on a similar look as Red’s cinema cameras, the company says. Unlike the cinema cameras, the 4V camera will use two synced 4K cameras and a beam splitter, hardware essential to creating the 3D or 4V files. 

Lucid’s role is to integrate the real-time 3D Fusion Technology, already part of the LucidCam VR180 3D camera. The software, Lucid says, turns the intensive...

Autonomous cars are the future and promise safer roads and fewer accidents, but they are far from perfect right now. Uber’s autonomous car killed a pedestrian recently and now an autonomous ride from Mobileye, a company owned by Intel, has run a red light and the driver failed to stop the car. The incident happened while testing in Jerusalem in … Continue reading

As sensors become cheaper and easier to install, the whole process of maintaining equipment and assets is starting to shift from just scrambling to fix problems to getting a hold of issues before they get out of control.

That’s opened the door for startups like Fiix, which are creating workflow software that helps companies manage equipment and assets. That software enables companies to keep a close eye on equipment and resolve issues quickly before they become more complex to the point of costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. Every percentage point of efficiency, for some operations, can translate to revenue significant enough to the point that this kind of software is an easy sell. Fiix said today it has raised $12 million in a new financing round led by BuildGroup.

“It was one of the last bastions of enterprise software that’s yet to go through the same disruption that every other major software co,” CEO Marc Castel said. “If you look at human resource software, CRM software, accounting software, they’ve all gone through the same transition. This market was one of the last ones to go through that transition.”

Fiix takes the process of managing work orders, assets and inventories and throws it all into a set of software that’s designed to be easier to use when compared to existing complex asset management software. That includes making sure all of this is available on a phone, where managers and employees can...

Readdle, the company behind popular email client Spark, is releasing a major new version of Spark on iOS and macOS. Spark is expanding beyond a personal email client. You can now work on emails with your team.

While some of the features made me think about Front, the company says that it wasn’t the inspiration for this update. Front lets you share inboxes, such as so that the entire HR team can collaborate on inbound emails. With Spark, you can’t share inboxes altogether.

But you can create links and invite people to an email thread. After that, it works pretty much like Google Docs. Multiple people can write and edit emails in real time. You can comment and have a private chat about the email before writing a reply.

Along the launch of those new collaboration features, Readdle is launching a new premium subscription. Existing features remain free forever. You’ll get limited access to the new collaboration features. It works pretty much like Slack’s free plan — comments search history is limited to one month, your team is limited to 5GB of storage, etc.

You’ll be able to pay $6.39 to $7.99 per user per month to unlock everything. Each team member will get 10GB of storage to share files in comments, you will be able to add more collaborators to an email thread, etc.

It’s a software-as-a-service business model, and it’s good to see that Readdle finally plans to make money...

As companies start to gather more and more data on their users and customers, including a firehose of information from a nigh-endless flow of tests, managing and maintaining that data isn’t the only place companies are hitting a wall — and figuring out who can actually access it is becoming just as big of a problem.

That was the experience Amandeep Khurana had throughout his career and as he kept talking to more and more larger companies. So he and his co-founder decided to start Okera, which is looking to make it easier for stewards of various sets of data to ensure the right people have the right access. With data coming in from a myriad of sources — and hopefully ending up in the same database — it can be increasingly complex to track who has access to what, and the hope is that Okera can reduce that problem to flipping a few switches.

Okera is coming out of stealth mode and said it has raised a new $12 million financing round led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with existing investors Felicis Ventures and Capital One Growth Ventures participating. Bessemer’s Ethan Kurzweil and Felicis’ Wesley Chan are joining the company’s board of directors, and Okera has raised $14.6 million to date.

“I was very underwhelmed by what other vendors were offering, there was pretty much nothing happening,” co-founder Khurana said. “There were not a lot of good solutions, and...

LG’s new G7 ThinQ has a horrendous name, but the phone itself is pretty important. It’s not a stretch to call this a restart for the company. LG has said that going forward, it’s not going to rush out new phones on the same schedule as Samsung just for the sake of it. Instead, LG plans to spend more time making its new hardware really count. The G7 is the first product designed under that philosophy. It’s got a notch, good cameras, and some AI smarts, but ultimately it’s not as good as it could’ve been or needed to be to really compete.

The biggest problem is price. Some US carriers are selling the G7 for as high as $750, which is even more expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy S9. The S9 is typically the default Android smartphone purchase for many consumers, so it’s genuinely perplexing that LG isn’t trying to undercut Samsung in any meaningful way. I think the G7 offers a strong enough package to cost somewhere between $600 and $650, but over $700 is just pushing it too far.

The G7’s overall design has a lot in common with last year’s V30: glass on both sides, curved edges, and a refined look. It comes in a range of nice colors. My production retail unit is the black model, and I’m starting to feel really over black, slippery, smudgy phones. I’m sure the red and silver versions hide fingerprints much better. The...

Custom console game controller maker Scuf is today announcing a new custom PlayStation 4 peripheral that sports an additional two buttons. The device is also Scuf’s first ever wireless PS4 controller for the US and Canada market. In the absence of an official Sony-made controller in the vein of Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite, this new Scuf model is about as close to a pro gamepad you can get for the PS4. Other options include the wireless Hori Onyx and the pair of official licensed pro gaming models from Razer and Nacon.

The new product line, called Scuf Vantage, sports two so-called “sax” buttons that are described as “unique side-mounted right and left” buttons and positioned on either side of the controller next to the existing bumper and trigger buttons.

The controller also features a few features new to Scuf’s line of PS4 gamepads, including a new audio control option for adjusting volume and muting various sound sources via the PS4 touch bar. Sucf says the Vantage will also come with a removable faceplate for easy customization of the thumbsticks and other aesthetic options.

Image: Scuf Gaming

The device isn’t all that different than Scuf’s current PS4 line, which includes the standard Scuf Infinity Pro and the slightly pricier four-paddle Scuf Impact. With the Vantage,...

“[Forty] percent of men by age 40 struggle from not being able to get and maintain an erection,” exclaims the website for Hims, a recently launched telemedicine startup that sells generic versions of popular baldness and erectile dysfunction treatments. Worried you might be in that 40 percent? Hims has a solution: with the help of sildenafil (also known as generic Viagra), you can have “an erection when you want one, not just when your penis says it’s allowed.”

“Nobody wants to go to the doctor,” says Hims founder and CEO Andrew Dudum as we talk on the phone. With a “sensitive and uncomfortable topic” like erectile dysfunction, seeking help can feel especially intimidating. The Hims model allows users to upload photos and chat with a physician remotely. Instead of having a face-to-face conversation with your physician (or a sex therapist), you can submit your info online and sign up for a monthly subscription of erectile dysfunction medications. You don’t even have to worry about whether or not your insurance company will cover your prescription: Hims sells low-priced generic medications directly to consumers, taking insurance out the equation entirely. (At present, Hims exclusively offers sildenafil. Cialis and Levitra are not currently available as generics.)

Hims is aggressively promoting the idea that a healthy sex life is one where erections occur on demand and last as long as you want

Yet in their attempt to help men sidestep awkward conversations about erectile embarrassment, Hims is...

Enlarge / Days Gone shows off the old "run past an explosive barrel, then turn around and shoot it" trick. (credit: Sony Bend) SANTA MONICA, California—Twenty minutes behind the motorcycle handlebars of Days Gone was long enough to determine one thing: 20 minutes isn't nearly enough to get us excited. Greatness may very well hide within this upcoming PS4 exclusive from Sony Bend, but I got nowhere near excavating that during a pre-E3 hands-on event. Instead, I found an experience that sounds as standard and predictable as this description: an open-world, side-quest-filled, post-apocalyptic battle against zombies and survivors alike through which you must scavenge and craft to get ahead. There's clearly a bigger story going on in Days Gone, and Sony Bend appears to leverage some incredible motion-capture and lip-sync technologies to bring its stories and actors to life in attractive fashion. But that's not what I got to experience.

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Me, I love beating the un-living daylights out of zombies. Whether it's the ecchi cartoonishness of Lollipop Chainsaw, the clever weapons crafting of Dead Rising, or the heart-pounding intensity of Left 4 Dead, if it's an unholy abomination risen from the grave to feast on the flesh of the living, I'm more than happy to de-brain it for you. So yeah, I've been more than a little excited to get my hands on Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic open-world zombie survival game from developer Bend Studios since it first debuted at E3 in 2016. That is, until I actually got my hands on it.

This game is Far Cry but with zombies. It's the same mission-driven narrative that studios have been leveraging since the release of Vice City and, quite honestly, I'm getting rather over it.

You play as Deacon St. John, a biker living in the American Northwest with a name that the Sons of Anarchy writers would have rejected for being too on the nose. As the survivor of a pandemic that has transformed a large portion of the US population into undead killing machines, St. John must undertake a number of Sisyphean tasks to not only survive but also slowly unravel the mysteries of the outbreak. You know, just like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Also similar to HZD is the game's scrap collection mechanic wherein you collect detritus from the environment, using it to repair or upgrade your weapons and motorcycle....