I think most would agree that we're near the day of a major shift in the photo industry, and after that change, there will be some winners and losers. This great video takes a comprehensive look at the future of the industry beyond just the biggest brands.

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It can be hard to measure long-term progress in photography, as we grow in slow, small steps. But it's important to know how far you've come and where you still need work, and this helpful video will give you five ways to check just how much progress you've made.

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I love photographing actions sports like surfing, skateboarding, cycling, MTB, and of course motocross and Supercross. Motocross and its cousin Supercross are great sports to photograph and are easy for fans with cameras to get close to the action. Read this first article of a three article series to get some tips to make your first outing or your hundredth outing a little more rewarding.

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Javi by Guillermo Álvarez

Guillermo Álvarez: Photos

Sconset - Nantucket by Gonzalo Blanco
Gonzalo Blanco: Photos

Primo scatto del nuovo shooting con Anna che emozione vi trasmette questa foto? . Ringrazio... by Ergi Murra
via Instagram
Ergi Murra: Photos

_ by Ilya Fedorov
street style photo
Ilya Fedorov: Photos

Stripes by David Curry
One of many interesting outdoor art installations in the La Defense area of Paris, France.
David Curry: Photos

“Palm Trees & Sunset” by Esteban Roman
This picture was shot with Sony a6000
Esteban Roman: Photos

Baby Signe Marie by Anna Rosalie Sullivan

Anna Rosalie Sullivan: Photos

self by Celeste Berutti
Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
Celeste Berutti: Photos

uno by Tomek Rykała

Tomek Rykała: Photos

人在江湖 by 蓝鲸物语

蓝鲸物语: Photos

The first time I did light painting was by mistake. It was New Year’s Eve, it was cold and dark, my brother was holding a sparkler, and I was playing with my camera.

I was immediately fascinated by the result. Until then, I had always thought of and used photography as a way to capture what I saw. But there was a photo of something ephemeral I hadn’t perceived with my eyes but could see only thanks to the camera.

That was a long time ago, but it’s when I started appreciating the camera not just as a tool to record what I saw, but as an additional sense that could help me see even more. My appreciation of light painting has only grown since then.

What is light painting?

Light painting is a pretty broad term that includes everything from using a light source to illuminate specific parts of a scene, to using the light itself as the main subject.

The light source can be everything from a flashlight or a phone...

Most of you might be saying: "you're nuts! Haven’t you been sailing? Luxury car driving? Golfing all over the place?" And luckily, I have, and let me tell you, photography is the most expensive sport I have ever practiced.

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Though Adobe Photoshop CS6 came out more than six years ago, there are a good many people still using it in 2018. Some don’t need to upgrade, others can’t afford the monthly fee, and still others refuse to buy into the software as a service model.

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There are a couple of different ways to use drones for light-painting. Some people will attach LumeCubes to their drone and paint an environment with them or will fly a drone around the sky or an object and have the drones lights creating images in the sky. However, there is another way to use them that isn’t widely used yet: using the drone’s camera to capture light-painting from above.

Drones are becoming more and more popular these days and it’s not too expensive to buy one and play with its possibilities.

Note: Always be aware of your surroundings when flying a drone and make sure that the area you are in allows drones in it. This includes following FAA regulations and noting the current airspace you are in. With top-down drone light-painting, this generally shouldn’t be an issue but you should be aware.

In order to do top-down drone light-painting, I recommend having an assistant to get the drone in the right spot and monitor your position to make sure you are centered and focused as well as you can be. Or you can focus it yourself and just have them press the shutter if you’re more comfortable.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of shooting with the DJI Mavic Pro:


  1. Tripod mode (this helps keeps the drone as steady as it...

The Sustainable Singapore Movement is an ongoing effort by the island city-state to create an environmentally clean and beautiful home for future generations. Photographer Klaus Tan Yihong shot a photo project titled Space Sustainable that provides a beautiful look at the new green spaces found through the country.

Yihong, an 18-year-old student of Anglo Chinese School, was selected as the overall winner in the Junior Category of the prestigious City Developments Limited Singapore Young Photographers Award 2018.

Sustainability means that our rate of consumption is lesser than our rate of resource production – social and economic progress are the end rewards. This project, shot exclusively within Singapore, features 5 microcosms representing the spaces we spend our life in – housing spaces, relaxation spaces, work spaces, transportation spaces and city spaces. Each photograph tells a unique story of how the featured element contributes towards sustainable living in Singapore, and emphasizes the beauty of adopting a sustainable style in city development.

The photos cover the microcosms of city, housing, relaxation, transportation, and work. The captions below are by Yihong.

The art of photography can mean a lot of different things but no matter what it means to you, the fact is that what we know as photography is the product of an endless journey of experimentation from artists all over the world.

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The Lofoten archipelago is one of the most photographed regions in Norway. Its images have flooded social media in the last couple of years — certainly both you and I have seen them. And at some point, both you and I have been dreaming of visiting either Lofoten or other places we have seen in the form of breathtaking imagery.

I have finally made it to my dream location in June 2018, and it was exactly as I have seen on photographs. I made sure I stopped in all the places recommended by other photographers and pressed the shutter button so many times I am amazed it still works. After some days of driving around the islands, my travel companion and I moved on to a neighboring archipelago – Vesterålen. And we were both a bit disappointed.

The mountains did not rise directly from the sea as we expected, and there were more flatlands and occasional crop fields. It did not feel right though not to appreciate the beautiful nature there. It is, after all, a magnificent place. When the trip came to an end, and I was browsing through my photographs from the comfort of my sofa back at home, I discovered, to my big surprise, that I hated most of them.

I have already seen most of the pictures I have taken during my travel through archipelagos in the north — in the form of...