Nintendo updated the lifetime shipment numbers for the Switch and the 3DS, and a whole lot of units of whole consoles have hit store shelves. ...Read More

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Bold and bright, stuffed with charm and whimsy, For the King is gorgeous.

And its beguiling world is all a little misleading. Yes, the animations bring this oh-so-cute board game to life, and no, the game doesn't take itself too seriously. But beneath that day-glo veneer For the King is brutal, unflinchingly unfair in the way only a roguelike game can be. Right at the heart of it lies the stone-cold heart of a savage RPG... and pretty or not, this is not a game for the faint-hearted.

The story's one you've likely heard before; a cherished leader is dead, chaos is unleashed across the kingdom, and it's up to you - yes, you, mysterious stranger - to put things right again. Only in this instance, Chaos is a malevolent force of the same name that's intensified by too many lurking baddies, the sad demise of your squadmates, and even so much as a hint of dilly-dallying.

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With its latest earnings report, Samsung notched its fourth straight quarter showing record operating profits of $14.4 billion. As predicted, that's mostly due to the memory chips it makes that go inside its phones as well as many other devices, but...

Nihon Falcom showcases more returning characters in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - The End of Saga for PS4. ...Read More

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A couple of contrasting bits of news coming out of the whirlwind that is Detroit: Become Human: a demo is out now and developer Quantic Dream is suing a couple of French publications.

First up, the demo. It includes the first scene of the game, called Hostage, and is available to download from the PlayStation Store now.

Now onto this legal action. Detroit developer David Cage told Kotaku that Quantic Dream is suing journalists, which Kotaku confirmed relates to lawsuits aimed at French newspaper Le Monde and French website Mediapart over articles that reported a troubling company culture at the Paris studio.

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Now that Facebook is facing the possibility of stronger government oversight, it's putting someone who knows how the government works in charge of public policy. The social network has appointed former FCC chief Kevin Martin, who led the agency from...

Editor's note: Ubisoft's South Park RPG hits the Switch today, so to mark the occasion we're returning to our original review, first published in October last year.

For nearly two decades, South Park's creators have been working to a weekly production schedule. It's an inconceivable cadence that must raise stress and caffeine levels well beyond what medical professionals would endorse, but crucially it allows the show the agility to satirise events as they're happening in a way that most television can't. By contrast, South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been in development at Ubisoft San Francisco for over two years. Perhaps it's this fact, above all else, that best explains why it falls just faintly but consistently flat.

It's not simply that the game isn't topical. The well-recieved Stick of Truth spent five years in gestation, after all, and didn't feel at all lacking relevance or bite back in 2014. But The Stick of Truth had the advantage of going first. It was the vessel for every observational gag about gaming that had ever occurred to Matt Stone and Trey Parker up to that point, and on those terms it was a real pleasure. Familiar RPG design met naturally in the middle with the series' humour and made a cohesive whole. But with the jokes about gaming already made once before, and South Park's defining current affairs-based humour kept out of reach by game development's longer timespan, The Fractured But Whole can't help but miss the...

From the creators of acrobatic narwhal combat simulator Starwhal comes Pizza Titan Ultra, another combination of quirky premise, arcade-y gameplay, and colorful graphics. In this futuristic action game, you run a mobile pizzeria planted within the chest of towering mech, in a tongue-in-check pop culture-inspired adventure.

Time is money (and customer satisfaction) as you stomp, bash, and race through city streets to deliver pizza on time, all the while attacked by the evil forces of Cheezborg. It's part Crazy Taxi-style racing against the clock and smashing through destructible environments and fighting enemies with melee attacks and rocket slides, part story-driven adventure with the members of your pizzeria and others inspired by characters like Captain Planet and Parappa the Rapper.

New characters, new paint schemes and parts for your mech, and randomized challenges provide incentive for better times and higher scores. As you advance through the game's stages and various zones. additional challenges task you with approaching stages through different strategies, such as racing through a stage while trying not to cause any damage versus trying to level entire blocks.

Pizza Titan Ultra can be purchased for $17.99 on Steam and Humble. More details on the game and developer Breakfall are available on their site, Twitter, and Facebook.

Developer Team Cherry has released Lifeblood, its new "under-the-hood" update for the gorgeous bug-themed Metroidvania adventure Hollow Knight.

Lifeblood is out now on PC and is a bit of a departure from Hollow Knight's previous updates - Hidden Dreams and Grimm Troupe - in that it's primarily focussed on improvements and optimisations, rather than significant content additions.

Much of Lifeblood, Team Cherry explained in a blog post last month, consists of improvements made as part of ongoing work porting the game to Switch. It said these changes were beneficial enough to warrant bringing to other platforms.

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We're giving away a God of War Limited Edition 1TB PS4 Pro, grey DualShock 4 Controller, and copy of the game!

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The internet might be slightly safer against distributed denial of service attacks in the near future... slightly. Police in twelve countries have taken down WebStresser, believed to be the world's largest service for paid DDoS attacks. The joint cam...

Developer Lazy Bear Games has released the first gameplay trailer for its intriguing new cemetery management sim Graveyard Keeper - which has more than a hint of Stardew Valley about it, albeit ripe with the stench of corpses.

Lazy Bear, which previous created boxing management game Punch Club, describes Graveyard Keeper as "the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of all time".

Your goal is to build, expand, and manage your own graveyard, "while finding shortcuts to cut costs, expand into entertainment with witch-burning festivals, and scare nearby villagers into attending church". As you'd expect, there are locals to impress, crops to be farmed, resources to be gathered for crafting purposes, and even a spot of alchemy.

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Hot on the heels of the Netherlands declaring loot boxes are gambling and therefore illegal, Belgium has had its say.

The Belgian Gaming Commission looked at Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and found only Star Wars was not in violation of the country's gambling legislation - and that's only because EA stripped out the game's loot boxes after its launch debacle.

It determined FIFA 18, Overwatch and CS:GO's loot boxes are a game of chance and so are subject to Belgian gambling law. Battlefront 2, at the time the investigation was conducted, did not have loot boxes, so escapes unscathed.

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Nintendo’s new line of cardboard "build, play, and discover experiences" is aimed at "those who are young and young at heart." The $70 Labo Variety Kit definitely fulfills the first part of that promise: in the hands of a child, its five buildable toys take on an entirely new dimension that blends the digital and physical worlds of play. For the average adult, though, building can be tedious and not particularly challenging, and the games you play and activities you do with these fragile toys mostly lack real substance.

As a concept, Labo’s DIY accessories are particularly interesting for a few different reasons: There's a hint of alchemy that Nintendo has created by mixing both the digital and physical worlds of play, but there’s also a pretty big educational element to it. Not only does Labo let you build fun things like pint-sized cardboard pianos, it also provides a ton of insight into the technology behind how these bizarre accessories work because you have to assemble them piece by piece.

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Remember when Facebook was a place where you wished happy birthday to people you never interact with otherwise and occasionally pulled up an ex's current pictures to see how they're doing? In an apparent bid to pull the narrative back from its execut...

Bandai Namco released a batch of screenshots of New Gundam Breaker showing huge enemies, new mobile suits, and a new character. ...Read More

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Bandai Namco released a metric ton of screenshots of the action RPG Code Vein showcasing special attacks, Mia, Louis and more. ...Read More

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Does David save Syd from her mental-maze? Ryan and Greg are here to break down Chapter 12 of FX's Legion. Find out their favorite moments and everything you need to know about Syd's Memories.

Despite there being no real structure for Fortnite as an esport, Team Secret of Dota 2 fame has announced they have put together a team for the game, including a player still in middle school.

Team Secret CEO John Yao has been looking toward a future for Fortnite esports organized by Epic and wanted to get in on the ground floor of the best players. "Our guess is that Epic Games is also going to announce something and get behind the esports scene," Yao told ESPN. "And so, before everybody else jumps in and all the good players get signed up, we wanted to make a preemptive strike."

Yao ended up picking players from Norway, the UK, and Latvia. The UK-based player, Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson, was discovered afterwards to be a little younger than Yao thought.

"I actually had no idea he was 13 until the team told me," Yao said. "Because when we looked at some of the videos and we looked at their game play, it was not apparent. What immediately stood out to me was how mature he was, and he sounded just like one of the other guys."

Mongraal started playing games with Call of Duty when he was nine years old and got into Fortnite relatively recently, but has been an ace at it, even if he needed his parents' consent to sign on.

While Team Secret waits for an official Fortnite League to spring up, they'll be taking on all comers and entering...