Max and Chad head to Marin Heavy Athletics in Marin County, CA to talk with Coach/USAW Board Member Jasha Faye about his lifting career, USAW’s place in international lifting and the shifting world of weightlifting.

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Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson went into the Europe Regional as the number 1 favourite. He finished the first day in 19th position, a bad result for an athlete that rarely found himself outside the top 5, but by the end of event 6 he had fought his way back up to fifth and earned his fifth trip to The CrossFit games. 

In this interview with Snorri Bjorns, Bjorgvin explains exactly what happened, the obstacles he had to overcome, how he pulled off this impressive feat and exactly what was going through his mind the entire time. 

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I decided to make the competition exciting this year _ Big thanks to everyone who supported me, encouraged me and cheered me on Berlin. I had to dig deep and push through a lot of pain to claim the fifth and final place for the Games. I´m not sure I would have been able to...
As global rates of short-sightedness - or myopia - increase around the world, Singapore is hoping to buck the trend with three simple but innovative solutions.
A restaurant aims to give diners with dementia and their carers the "best possible time".
Here we were, 80 eager physicians from across North America in a large teaching kitchen in northern California.
Births decreased among young women and teenagers but increased among those aged between 40 and 44.

By avoiding these mistakes, you'll be a smarter and faster runner.

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An international team of researchers found that resistance exercise works just as well as cardio to treat depression. If you, or someone you know, is feeling down, find a workout program and get your pump on.

Bahamian sprinter Shaunae Miller-Uibo set a new world record on Sunday at the Adidas Boston Boost Games. With a time of 16.23 seconds,

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Volcanic eruptions on the Big Island of Hawaii have triathletes around the world on high alert.

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The new study found that those who ate a large amount of dark-colored fruits and vegetables had a slower per year decline in lung function compared to those who ate fewer of these anthocyanin-filled foods.

Per Bernal

Please allow me to put this particular discussion to bed here and now, because the truth is that both free weights and machines have their advantages and disadvan­tages, pros and cons. In fact, the strengths of one can often be said to be the weaknesses of the other—and vice versa. However, without delving too far into the science, bio­ mechanics, EMG studies, and physiology, I can assure you that it is a proper balance of free weights (i.e., movements that require barbells and/or dumbbells) and machines (i.e., plate­loaded, selectorized, and cable exercises) that will pave the most rapid and efficient path to building the Herculean physique you are after—not just one or the other alone.

With that in mind, this article is going to focus on some of my favorite machine­ based exercises and why I feel that they’re so valuable in one’s pursuit of building more muscle. I will not be naming any specific machines by brand but rather simply discussing various types of machines in general—most of which are common to any decently equipped commercial gym. 

NBC / GettyIn the game of life, the marquee matchup might be Father Time vs. Prime Time. Aging has an unbeaten record and a merciless reputation, but it has never lined up opposite Deion Sanders, the original NFL shutdown and showtime cornerback, who made a Hall of Fame career by containing and controlling the league’s most feared wide receivers. And he did it with an unmatched swagger that remains the standard for next-gen athletes in all sports. “I’ve always been the hunted, never the hunter,” Sanders says. Prime Time is now 50. Even though it has been more than a decade since his last sideline streak for a touchdown, Sanders still looks game-ready. “I’ve got about a quarter of a game in me,” he says. Sanders is remembered as a rare two-sport player: a two-time unanimous All-American for the Florida State football team, two Super Bowl wins (with the 49ers and Cowboys) and 53 career interceptions in the NFL, and one day when he became the only athlete to play in baseball and football games professionally on the same day. This storied career is enshrined in his personal studio...

Among kids aged 5 to 17, about 1,660 black children took their own lives, versus 13,300 whites, the findings showed.

kelseywells / InstagramFitness blogger Kelsey Wells has more than a million followers on Instagram, and a quick look at her feed will tell you why. Wells' many followers can always count on her to provide some motivation—whether it's an abs selfie, an empowering quote, or one of her many workout videos. She's fit, she's confident, and her story is more relateable than you might expect at first glance. Wells is open about her personal fitness journey and often shares her past struggles with followers. In a recent post, she addressed a common struggle that many women go through after childbirth: postpartum depression. The photo on the left was almost exactly four years ago. Four years ago...
Since your blood vessels are the pathways that transport oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, it helps to keep those pathways strong. This new-ish supplement promises to do just that.

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Steve Prezant / GettyYou’ve probably read about fasted cardio a million times on the internet and within the pages of this magazine. That’s largely because the vast majority of the leanest physique athletes swear by the practice, as do those who have lost large amounts of weight. Without flipping through a single research journal, it makes sense, right? In the absence of food to use as fuel, the body must go on the hunt for alternative sources—in this case, body fat—during the workout and subsequent recovery. But does the anecdotal evidence that fasted cardio works hold up to the available science? Let’s dig in. WHAT IT IS Fasted cardio is the practice of performing cardio—usually at a lower intensity on a bike or a treadmill—on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. THE CLAIM Those who adhere to fasted-cardio regimens report achieving lower body-fat levels while retaining more muscle mass. [RELATED1] THE SCIENCE A 2014 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition compared fat-loss results between two groups of hard-training athletes, one of which was fed beforehand while the other trained on an empty stomach. There was...

“Text Neck” is the modern, digital-age term to describe a repetitive stress syndrome caused by looking down at mobile devices.

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Low vitamin D levels have been linked to poor bone health, as well as increased risk for respiratory infection, autoimmune disorders and heart disease.