SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Inc, which has made waves in recent years buying art-house movies at the Sundance Film Festival, is heading to the prestigious event this week with a long-term change in the works: It plans to shift resources from independent films to more commercial projects, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
Spain’s international, children-focused pay-TV network Clan has been added by Axtel TV across its 120,000 households in Mexico.
British distributor all3media international has inked a major deal with Discovery Networks Latin America.

Kew Media Group has closed a raft of drama deals across Latin America, which have been unveiled at NATPE Miami.

Studiocanal has sold the Italian thriller La Porta Rossa and the BBC TV movie Danny and The Human Zoo to AMC Networks International Latin America.

Brazil’s media giant Globo has launched its international content offering for 2018 at NATPE, powered by its successful in-house telenovelas.

Telefónica’s in-house production La Peste has become the most watched series premiere ever for Spain’s Movistar+, with 90% of viewers watching it on-demand.

Increasing its bet on local content, Turner has announced a set of LATAM productions to premiere across its main channels in the region.

The Newsnight presenter speaks about being harassed by a former friend for more than two decades.
The Oscar nominated actress has hit out at a lack of leading roles for women in the film world.
The singer helps a nine-year-old fan with cerebral palsy move towards her $15,000 (£11,000) fundraising goal.

There are five reasons why you should be excited to watch Flower starring Zoey Deutch, and while your five reasons might be different from mine this is what I came up with. If you couldn’t tell by the trailer the female lead will be forming what amounts to a very unstable and somewhat strange bond with her new stepbrother in a way that is highly suspect. While the two of them are linked by marriage the distance between them seems insurmountable until it becomes clear that they’re bound to eventually bond in some way that a lot of people might

Five Reasons We’ll Be Seeing “Flower” Starring Zoey Deutch

After about a month-long winter break, Riverdale returns this week with “Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle,” and if you were afraid that the takedown of the supposed Black Hood in December’s winter finale would cause the show to turn down its craziness a few notches, don’t worry at all: Riverdale remains TV’s most wonderfully insane teen drama. Need proof? Within the first ten minutes of tonight’s episode, we discover that Cheryl’s mom is a prostitute, and an FBI agent approaches Archie to help him with an investigation without receiving his father’s permission and before the kid can even walk home from school. And

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 10 Review: “Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle”

The new world record for a free fall with a static rope, not a bungee cord, was just broken. Correction, it was just shattered. Call Guinness as well and tell them that they might need to tack another record onto that as well, the longest free fall that didn’t involve anything being jarred loose from a human body to splat on the rocks below. Seriously man, how in the world did that harness help the guy to avoid having anything broken, dislocated, pulverized, or even just yanked so hard that it snapped? I’m hoping that people do realize that a

The New World Record For Longest Fall With Just A Rope (No Bungee Cord)

2018’s My FrenchFilmFestival kicks off this Friday, and among the shorts which have made their way through the festival circuit and to the online event, is Mélanie Laleu’s second short, “No Drowning.” The film has already screened at a dozen festivals across the globe, including TISFF and Palm Springs. It was co-produced by Paris-based companies […]
Georgian filmmaker Zaza Urushadze had a well-deserved international breakout with 2013’s “Tangerines,” a gentle seriocomedy about the futility of war whose sleeper success carried it all the way to an Oscar nomination. His new film, “The Confession” is another handsome miniature set in a tiny village, but further comparisons aren’t useful — or flattering. As […]
“Romper Stomper” is heading to the U.K. after the BBC bought the Australian series, a sequel to the controversial 1992 movie of the same name that launched Russell Crowe to fame. The BBC will run the drama on its online BBC Three channel later this year. Crowe played the lead role of Hando in the […]
After depicting a dysfunctional father-daughter relationship in “Florida,” popular French director Philippe Le Guay is back with his long-gestated comedy/drama “Normandie Nue” starring Francois Cluzet as an endearing French mayor on a mission to save his village’s community of struggling farmers. The film tells the story of this modest Normandie village getting turned upside down […]
One of Europe’s leading film companies, Playtime (formerly Films Distribution) has partnered up with Charles Gillibert’s CG Cinema to co-produce and handle international sales on Olivier Assayas’s anticipated tragicomedy “Non Fiction.” “Non Fiction,” Assayas’s follow up to Kristen Stewart starrer “Personal Shopper” which earned him a best director award (along with Cristian Mungiu for “Baccalauréat”) […]

Comedian Michael Rapaport ripped into Donald Trump yet again on Wednesday night after Trump released his “Fake News Awards” on the GOP website earlier in the evening.

Rapaport expressed his displeasure with Trump’s agenda in the form of a brief, 38-second video rant that he posted on Facebook that featured, in standard Rapaport style, many curse words.

“Dopey ass, b—- ass, d— stain Donald Trump,” Rapaport said to start off the video. “Motherf—ing clown ass, fake ass president. Bum ass, botox in the face, corny ass, big tooth, overweight, bloated motherf—ing president. All the s— that’s going on in the world and you release the ‘Fake News Awards’? You f—ing bum.”

Wow, what a mean rant. Oh, wait, we’re only halfway through. Hold on, here’s the rest.

“I’m releasing the ‘Fake President Awards’. You’re the f—king winner. Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington are kicking and screaming, turning over in their graves with what you’ve done, you f—ing slob.”

OK, that’s all of it. That’s six uses of “ass” and five utterances of the F-word in that 38 seconds, for those of you keeping score at home. Also, though Rapaport may have mentioned Benjamin Franklin because he was one of the Founding Fathers, we should note that he was never president of the United States.

You can watch the full rant embedded below or on Facebook.