Canadian studio Naturehumaine has overhauled a 1950s duplex in Montreal, placing a slatted black volume at its centre alongside other stark contemporary surfaces. Read more

Exploring teamLab Borderless: a digital art museum in Tokyo, Japan AoiroStudio Jul 17, 2018 I am personally quite excited to share this exhibition currently happening right now at the Mori Building, more precisely in Roppongi, Minato. In this exhibit and as I quote: "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless present a borderless world that visitors can explore freely without following routes". Just to give an idea, you will experience about 50 interactive artworks, some completely new, in a huge 10,000 sqm area with five zones. The interactive artworks have no borders separating them from the other works. Some extend beyond their installation rooms and into the corridors, some overlap with other works and some even fuse with other works. Since there are no boundaries, the immersive works keep the boundaries between people in a state of continuous flux. Visitors physically enter and explore the works as well as experience interactions with other visitors. The result is a totally...

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made a blind robot that moves by feeling, without the need for sensors and cameras. Read more

Has anyone else become exhausted from seeing every brand on the face of the earth from Zara to Balenciaga to Nike attempt to wow teens with their latest iteration or rerelease of the dad shoe? All the different options now blend together, and I'm beginning to yearn for the day the trend cycles out (except putting comfort first, that can stay forever). This one track industry mind makes it exceptionally difficult to discover footwear designers exploring other ideas outside of the dad space. Cue my excitement when stumbling upon recent Artez Institute of the Arts and Dutch Shoe Academy grad Evita Bouwmeester's fascinating footwear collection while browsing one of my favorite resources, Concept Kicks.

Bouwmeester's  footwear collection, aptly titled Régénéré, aims to counteract the fast fashion model where clothing and shoes are copied by brands at all price points, forcing the industries to move at a quicker pace and use cheaper materials to keep up—like with the dad shoe. To create the collection's trippy silhouettes, Bouwmeester used a scanner to copy and rearrange design details found on popular sneakers. Some of the shoes even feature double mid- and outsoles, flipped and piled on top of one another. 

"My graduation collection Régénéré derives from my interest in the fashion industry, where high production speed, low prices and rapidly rotating collections...

As a UX designer, you want to make sure that your team is doing everything possible to boost your organization’s innovation and the return on investment (ROI) of your work. After all, the better the ROI on your work, the more resources you will have to create awesome user experiences, which – again – will affect ROI and so on and so forth. But how do you know your team is working in the most optimal way? In this video, we will teach you which activities and work processes your UX team should be engaged in if you want your work to achieve maximum, organization-wide impact that truly makes a difference to your end users. The Takeaway UX teams can impact your ROI in three ways:...

The votes are in! After tallying up your votes on who had the most exciting work of 2018 in the Core77 Design Awards, we have a grand prize winner of this year's Community Choice prize as well as 13 category winners.

The grand prize winner doesn't just earn a brag-able title, they're also taking home a ticket to our 2018 Core77 Conference taking place this fall in New York!

The 2018 Core77 Conference takes place in Brooklyn on October 25th and will focus on starting and running a design business or launching your own product line. We hope this conference will help provide our winner with tangible skills to take their design ideas to market and realize their dreams!

Grand Prize Winner: Design Build: Street Seats

This undergraduate course at The School of Constructed Environments at Parsons School of Design that enables students to partner with the New York City Department of Transportation to design and build social public city spaces in underused street space garnered the most votes from the Core77 community. As stated in their project brief, Street Seats' aim is to promote urban social and environmental sustainability—"the class is predicated on collaboration and the idea that a group can accomplish what an individual cannot."

A big congrats to these Parsons students for a...

US artist and designer Michael Jantzen has envisioned a non-denominational chapel in New Mexico, featuring a series of gabled frames that stretch up to the sky to represent its "openness to all". Read more

KC Design Studio is behind the design of this moody, black apartment in Taipei, Taiwan. Apartment L was designed for a single person who desired a more fluid layout and a darker color palette of grey, black, and wood tones. Despite the dark color scheme, the apartment still feels open and filled with natural light.

The open floor plan benefits the homeowner who enjoys entertaining, so the kitchen features an island with an attached dining table for both casual and sit-down meals. The setup allows for increased interaction with guests while continuing food and drink preparations.

Most of the walls were have a concrete texture finish while the rest of the surfaces were given a special black painted treatment. The wall behind the main kitchen counter was clad in wood helping to balance the space to prevent it from being too cold.

If you're an industrial designer and you want to find out if you're getting paid the right amount, well, that's why we have the Core77 Salary Guide. But those of you simply interested in the profession as a whole may wonder if, in this age of digital, our profession's importance will increase or diminish.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' stats on Industrial Design as a profession…the outlook isn't fantastic. While ID isn't shrinking--by 2026 there will be 1,800 more ID jobs than there were in 2016--that's only a growth rate of 4%. Across the board, the average job growth rate is 7%.

"Consumer demand for new products and new product styles should sustain the demand for industrial designers," the BLS writes. But the fact that we can now do more with less (thanks, technology!) means firms need less of us than they once did.

So what can you working industrial designers do to ensure that, by 2026, you've held onto your current gig or are part of the 1,800 new ones? As the BLS states,

The increasing trend toward the use of sustainable resources is likely to improve prospects for applicants with the knowledge to work with sustainable resources.
In addition, as more products become digitized and Internet-capable, applicants with experience in user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and interactive design (IxD) may have better job prospects.

The BLS has also compiled a lot of geographical data on where...

i’ve always wanted to venture to capri but now the desire has dramatically deepened. after virtually visiting casa solaro, a holiday rental home in capri, italy i’ve fallen even further innamorato. this home designed by matteo thun & partners is just dreamy — can’t you just see yourself sipping a campari & soda on that sofa at sunset? i love all of the subtle pops of bright color against the white canvas they’ve created. i do believe my sofa is just begging for some little velvet pillows after seeing this beauty below. anyway, i’m just a puddle of holiday day dreaming for the rest of the day. for the full tour, visit casa solaro.

In his latest series Monumental Nobodies, Australian artist Matthew Quick paints images of famous sculptures, but adds a mischievous modern twist to the classic statues by integrating modern gadgetry and pop culture references into the picture.

The idea of the series hit him as he pondered over history’s tendency to destroy art for ideological reasons: the destruction of buildings, burning of books, and the pulling down of statues. His paintings of statues, then, are vandalised in a unique way — he draws them listening to iPods, wearing rubber gloves, or surrounded by CCTV cameras. “From the people who build monuments in the first place, to those who destroy them… there is a thread running through all: the universal connection is about leaving a mark,” he says. “They are all trying to say: Here I am. I have existed.” Enjoy more of his work on his website and Instagram.

In this week's comments update, an interview with Trump Baby blimp designer Matt Bonner caused a stir. Read more

In collaboration with the Institut français, VIA presented a global exhibition at this year’s ICFF that looks at the elegance of French Design. The exhibition, called NO TASTE FOR BAD TASTE so Starck, so Bouroullec… so le French Design features 40 design pieces chosen by 40 designers, to celebrate 40 years of VIA’s support of modern design, assembled within fun, irreverent scenography designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The exhibition also included a program of conversations about design with de Castelbajac, as well as representatives from Fermob, Ligne Roset USA and designers like Valérie Maltaverne, Julie Richoz, and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. Editor-At-Large has the scoop:

For more about this exhibition and to see images of the pieces, follow Le French Design here.

Japanese cut paper artist Riki Fukuda (previously) continues to create mind-bogglingly detailed designs using simple tools: a cutting mat, blade, and paper. The artist shares her in-progress and finished works on Twitter, including the pencil sketches that she cuts into for her final works. More recently, Fukuda has been working on smaller-scale creations and experimenting with holographic paper. You can stay up to date with new work by following her on Twitter.


mySafeguard is a concept of a smart soap dispenser with the purpose of teaching kids all about hygiene by making hand-washing a fun experience. It can visualize germs in a playful way, and a countdown timer makes the user experience very intuitive. An interactive projection is cast directly from the dispenser around the rinsing area to entertain and instruct kids on how to make hand-washing more effective. Parents can track progress of their little one's hygiene with a connected smartphone app that also offers kids incentives like more playtime if they wash their hands properly.

View the full project here
The idea of shadowing someone to see what they are doing is not new. It is a technique that is widely implemented in user research. The idea is simple; the researcher accompanies the user and observes how they use the product or service within their natural environment.Shadowing also takes place in other fields of business and in particular internal business process design and human resource situations where a potential recruit learns from someone who is already handling an existing role in a business.Khoi Vin, the VP of UX at Wildcard, says; “Asking users to adopt new behaviors or even modify existing behaviors is very, very hard.” Shadowing lets you understand existing behaviors so that yo...

Swedish tech startup Einride has designed T-log, a fully electric and autonomous logging truck, which is designed to hit public roads by 2020. Read more

Sometimes, the strongest statement-making forms come from the most basic of shapes. That’s the inspiration Canadian lighting designer Saleem Khattak of Archilume used to create his latest three luminaire systems: Alto, Aura and Balance.

Alto resembles the craftsmanship of a cut diamond with its strong upper conical shape and transparent base. Using Archilume’s signature “total internal reflection optics,” Alto’s warm, glare-free glow ranges from a full brightness of 3000 degrees Kelvin to a dimmed down color temperature of 1800 degrees Kelvin.

Aura is divided into two hemispheres that make up its bold spherical form. The top half is made of aircraft-grade machined aluminum...

Herman Miller's Brand Design Team based in West Michigan is seeking a talented and passionate design leader with a minimum of ten years of experience in art direction, design, and team leadership for our North America Contract business. This key position partners with our businesses and is responsible for the creation of concept development for executions across print, digital, and branded environments. The ideal candidate has a demonstrated interest in our brand, is a confident communicator, and is a collaborative leader.

View the full design job here