An easy plant-watering system, that not just conserves a lot of water but also makes watering a very fun and easy task. Dirty water, which is left in your washing machines, or dishwasher can be used in a very effective manner to make the plants at your home, healthy and nutrient rich!You don't need ...
By: shreyap11

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Inspired by Ben Heck's Hex GameThis is a binary game I made to teach my friends about binary. In the end I play with this in class to keep myself awake.You convert random denary(0-255) or hexadecimal(0-ff) values on the screen to binary, and then use the 8 main switches to input that binary value. ...
By: Hackin7

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Here's my process for welding up a set of steel legs for a coffee table I made a while ago. Check out the video to see this tutorial in motion! Removing the Old Wooden Legs In a previous video, I made this mahogany coffee table with wooden legs. The wooden legs were ok, but I decided to upgrade ...
By: robertjkeller

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So Ide got my dream car , but I wanted to add a little personal touch so I decided to make. A mini bobble head for my dash. Tools and Materials For this project you wil need a drill , screw driver , a screw a small spring a small washer and obviously a match box car. Drill Hole Drill screw si...
By: elyk_nerok

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I don't know how many people on Instructables are Cat lovers, but I am. I have had cats, since I was a little boy, and my current cat, named Tiny, well she is special. So I decided to make her a personalized Cat Bowl feeder.In this Instructable I will try and show you how I made it, I have also uplo...
By: davethewoodworker

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This one is a very simple but cool project that I posted on my website a while back. Something that I would recommend to anyone who is interested into DIY electronics, gadgets and learning new stuff in general. It is definitely one of those projects that don’t require too much time but you can learn...
By: ColdKeyboard

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This is meant as a guide to anyone soldering their own Arduino from a kit, which can be purchased from A2D Electronics. It contains many tips and tricks in order to build it successfully. You will also learn about what all the different components do.Read on and learn what it takes to build your ver...
By: A2D Electronics

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This is probably the easiest project in the world to do and makes for a fun date night that costs less than 20 dollars. What are we doing? We're painting the back side of glass with acrylic paint. Sounds simple because it is. Whats great about this is it takes almost no artistic skill and looks awes...
By: Hardcore DIY

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This table is built specifically to host my Glowforge laser cutter, but could be used for an array of other things. The reason for the multiple layers is to be able to store materials underneath the Glowforge, while providing a stable base for the laser cutter. The table is on casters, so it can b...
By: MichaelMikkelson

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Root beer has long been a favorite soft drink. Its sweet sassafras root taste was used in the early Americas for culinary and medical purposes. Since then, root beer has spread across the world and has been enjoyed by many.In this Instructable I'll cover a simple recipe for homemade root beer and th...
By: jfryar30272

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Here is how I made a Circular Polarizing Filter for my Roav C1 Dashcam. This will help reduce glare coming off the windshield from sunlight during the day and headlights during the evening. Supplies Needed The essential supplies needed to make this filter are all inexpensive and should be easy to...
By: skweekymagee

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This is my young brother's Instructable. So I leave you to his graces. Tools. So first I'm sorry that I didin't take that much pic's so first you need a square,then a file,and a tape,and a screwdrill and a chopsaw Measuring and Cutting measure three 1ft. board's,then measure two 1ft1/4 board'...
By: Goatius Maximus

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This project is a new and updated idea of the store brand toothpaste tube squeezers. With our modifications, one is able to put their toothbrush in the circular hole and squeeze toothpaste too. This entire project is 3D printed and the files will be attached. You can stretch, choose any color, and m...
By: Shhhane

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Thanks to the rise of 3D printing technology, an opportunity has emerged for the first time in the history. We can make the Earth a better place for everyone.In this instructable, we want to show one way, how by creating something new at home, we can actually help save energy, material (such as tree...
By: Sammy50

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I needed a tablet for the home automation system in my vacation rental property ( After buying and testing a few different tablets (HP Stream 7/8, Samsung Slate, rooted Kindle Fire) I finally settled on an Acer Aspire Switch 10 (SW5-012). It's sturdy and flexible, it has an e...
By: Tod-SoS

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I just LOVE cooking. I started cooking and baking when I was around 4. Both my parents are the worst when it comes to cooking, so I had no choice but becoming the family's chef. Which means every Family dinner is up to me. Considering the fact, my close family includes 12 people and adding my uncle ...
By: HadasW

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Q. What have we made?We have made TECHICISE; a perfect blend of technology and exercise to benefit mankind.Q. Why have we made this?The main aim for making this is to encourage people exercise which will result in their good health and also electricity.Q. For whom have we made this?This is to make e...
By: techycise

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Hi friends...In this instructable I am going to explain how to make a bicycle speedometer, in fact I have an old exercise bicycle which its mechanical speedometer was broken a long time ago, and I decided to replace it with an electronic one, but since there are many speedometers reported in instru...
By: shahrokhani

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This instructable will tell you how to 3D print a space shuttle.Required tools ComputerGood internet access 3D printer3D printer filament (preferably PLA)An SD card with a readerOrange, black, blue, grey, and gold paint (optional)Paintbrushes (optional) Download Cura The first step is to downloa...
By: shakaweaaron

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Hello! Welcome to my first instructable. I'll be showing you how to make this origami flower, in instructable form! I followed this tutorial by Jessica from Craft TV, please check it out and thank you so much Jessica for the amazing tutorial!Materials:1. Paper in the color of you choice (preferably ...
By: p.peeravatanachart

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