Intro:For my schoolproject I decided to make a "Hot Potato" game packaged in a retro robot. The challenge was to make something interactive and unique, and this was kind of the first thing that came to mind that I really liked and wanted to experiment with. I really like the outcome and hope to shar...
By: ChristianZ21

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First things first! I owe a big hat tip to htmOwlet who originated the “How to Make a Tiny Owl” Instructable. I love it and have made entirely too many tiny owls ever since I came across it.Every chance I get, I am in the woods, looking for real owls. I like photographing them, recording their calls...
By: SusanLand

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In this Instructable I will try to explain how I made the device above.It functions as a Game Boy cartridge reader, which can read the ROM and read/write the RAM of a Game Boy game.Afterwards the game will automatically boot so you can play it on your computer. This currently only works on Windows.I...
By: nvriezen

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When I had bought the Acurite 5 in 1 weather station I wanted to be able to check the weather at my home while I was away. When I got home and set it up I realized I either had to have the display connected to a computer or buy their smart hub, well having it connected to my laptop or desktop wa...
By: jackp77

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Hello! This instructable will tell you how to make a super comfy hand knitted blanket. I made this blanket because I love crafts and making things. Surprisingly, my mom showed me this craft. She showed me a video and I instantly wanted to do it. It is super comfy and warm and it is so easy to ma...
By: laurenxander

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I made this wallet several years ago. It's a simple one that holds a few cards and some cash. It's inspired by the Saddleback wallets. I'll try to supplement the video with this instructable. Needed You'll need:Duct tapeRulerRazorScissors Fabric To make this wallet, we'll make a sheet of...
By: f1racer

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So you need quick cosplay or costume ideas? Or you want to spice up things with a X-23 cosplay. Or add claws to your current costumei or heck yeah used them in daily life because why not!Whatever the reason you want this (not judging), here is a very easy cosplay to do. It goes great with some white...
By: YunusG5

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What I used:- Arduino MEGA- 2x Arduino UNO- Adafruit 3.5" TFT 320x480 Touchscreen HXD8357D- Buzzer- 4Ohm 3W Speaker- 5mm LED lights- Ultimaker 2+ Printer w/ Black PLA Filament- Lasercutter w/ MDF wood- Black spray paint (for the wood)- 3x nRF24L01+ Wireless Transceivers- 2x 16mm Button- 2x Pressure ...
By: Canur11

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Hi everyone, so......I have the tennis ball hanging from the roof in my garage to show where to stop when parking in the garage. (You know.....the one that constantly lobs you in the head when you walk around in your garage!) :oThis does not solve the entire problem though and it is a very old solut...
By: GhengisKhan1981

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Are you tired of making the same old desserts? Do you want to make something new that people will be talking about for years? You have come to the right spot. I am going to take you step by step through the process of making your next amazing dessert. I am not in anyway a professional baker, but I d...
By: CarrieClemmons

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With a bit of careful organizing, you can make a small bathroom feel spacious and tidy. Divide your cabinet space with storage containers and baskets. Make use of every inch of wall space by hanging floating shelves up to the ceiling and over the toilet. You can even add racks, rods, or more storage on the back of the door. Embrace creative storage options, like glass jars, for odds and ends.

EditSteps EditArranging Your Cabinet and Drawer Space
  1. Put a lazy susan in the cabinet. It can be easy for the bottles and small items inside your bathroom cabinets to get disorganized and tough to reach. Place a lazy susan towards the front of the cabinet where it is easily accessible. Set your extra shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or other products on it.[1]
  2. Install a styling tool holder inside your cabinet. The cords of blowdryers and curling irons can become a real problem under your cabinets and can knock over your toiletry items. You can buy a metal styling tool holder at a home goods store that will hang on the inside of your lower...
Children are difficult to tear from their tablets. I propose to combine their passion for games and real toys. Most likely, you already have a box with the children's railway, and this instruction will allow him to drive the locomotive from his favorite tablet. For this, only three details are neede...
By: Steve Massikker

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"Robot-Car: Design Fused with Obstacle Avoidance Technology"Recently, there is an intensive research undertaken in the field of intelligence robotics and autonomous mobile robot applications. Through the this project we wanted to explore this field by building a robot car that can potentially avoid ...
By: joony786

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This project is developed in the environment of fusion 360 of Auto desk.I have used model and rendering environment of fusion 360.I have prepared the rook, the king ,the pawn , the queen , the knight ,the Bishop. I have used red and blue glossy colors for the characters .I have used black and whi...
By: ankitthakur1998

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Pi Zero W NoIR 8MP Camera BuildThis Instructable was created to help anyone who wants an Infrared Camera or a Really Cool Portable Camera or a Portable Raspberry Pi Camera or Just wants to have fun, heheh. This is the most affordable and configurable camera I have used. The software used allows yo...
By: RichShumaker

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Hey everyone!In this project I'll show you how I've made this wooden chest with 4 big drawers and a reclaimed pallet wood cover that I've burnt for extra fanciness.Here's a complete video of the making, check it out!Please consider subscribing to my channel if you like this project.Here's a list of ...
By: Darthorso

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Today, I am germinating Date Palm seeds. I sailed a lot on the internet, so I find as a tree grown from seed can take up to 8 to 10 years, so I decided to try to reduce the chronology of its growth in this project, I have covered two phases here ;1. Faster Germination Method and 2. Re-Potting,This ...
By: RajenderK4

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The idea here was to make something for a bit of fun and to incorporate a Teddy Bear. Initially the aim was to put this onto a tricycle although the price of these on ebay seem a bit extreme. So in the interim I was going to get a second hand electric scooter and use the motor and wheel. However tha...
By: Ajaxjones

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Where I live, winters can either be a winter wonderland or a muddy mess. In either case it makes it rather difficult to keep up to par on my unicycle riding!! So like any true Maker I decided to try my hand at coming up with a solution to the problem of either not being able to even move because of ...
By: tatebullrider

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Hello and happy weekend! Today I’m finishing up some articles for publication on the blog next week so I can relax on my 8 day trip to Norway. I’m excited to see the country in winter having visited last year in late spring. Of course I’ll be taking pictures along the way and sharing favorites on Instagram.

Tomorrow I’m attending a baptism for my nephew, I’m his godmother so I’m quite honored to be a part. I’m also watching the NFL championship games. I don’t really have a favorite this year, but I’m rooting for the Vikings simply because it’s my brother in law’s favorite team and so there you go.

Favorite links:


I love absolutely every detail in this Mediterranean home.

Have you toured the 2018 HGTV Dream Home yet? Very cheerful decor :)

The backwards books trend, silly or stylish?

This kitchen backsplash is very bold.

These gorgeous wedding cakes are stunning works of art.

Jupiter’s clouds look just like a painting.

Interesting: raising a social media star.

I love this dad so much.

Work from home: 100 companies with remote jobs.

10 things learned from traveling to 75 countries.

As a Vespa rider, this tour appeals to me!