In the early days of the Kindle Fire, Amazon had a feature where you could immediately start a video call with tech support.

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Excited for Dark mode in macOS, but not ready to install the Mojave developer beta? You can enable an experimental version right now in High Sierra.

You buy a gaming console to play games, but then it ends up being a centerpiece of your home theater.

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Your iPhone will soon share accurate location data when you call 911, allowing emergency workers to know exactly where you’re calling from even if you can’t tell them. This is a new feature in iOS 12, which is coming later this fall.
You may not think of Word as a tool for designing web pages, and that’s okay—it’s really not very good at it, anyway. But, if you have an existing Word document that you need to turn into a web page for whatever reason, Word has you covered with some built-in tools.
It may be silly to assume that your alarm will still work if your phone is off, but a lot of phones actually used to work this way. In fact, some Android devices still do.
A UV filter is a glass filter that attaches to the front of your camera lens and blocks ultraviolet rays. They used to be necessary for film photography, but now most photographers use them to protect their lenses.
Windows 10’s dark app mode is easier on the eyes at night, but there’s no easy option to automatically enable it at night—unlike macOS Mojave’s dark theme. Instead, you can automatically turn it on and off with scheduled tasks.
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Everyone’s seen the horror stories. Someone placed an Internet connected camera in their home and left it open to attack, allowing strangers to eavesdrop on their most private moments. Here’s how to pick a camera that guarantees your privacy.
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There are a lot of really great smarthome devices that are truly useful, but a smart thermostat isn’t one of them.
If you’re thinking about getting the Nest Hello to replace your existing doorbell, it’s a great option. However, there are some things to keep in mind about the installation that makes the Hello a bit different than other video doorbells.

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Whether you’re charging your Android phone, Bluetooth speaker, or other device, you likely put a lot of miles on your micro USB cables.

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Why is search in Windows Explorer so slow after all these years? We don’t know, but Everything is a free Windows search app that’s pretty much instant.
Apple’s macOS 10.14 Mojave offers “Dynamic Desktop” wallpapers that change based on the time of day. You can get something similar on Windows, either by using the standard background settings or by digging into the Task Scheduler.
Android and iOS are constantly running in parallel, copying (and expanding on) each other’s features. But they’re not always at parity. Here’s a closer look at a handful of things Android can do that you won’t find on iPhone—even after you upgrade to iOS 12 this Fall.
If you start to move from photography into videography, you’ll quickly start hearing about something called a t-stop, which are a combination of a lens’ f-stop and light transmittance value. Let’s take a deeper look at what that means.