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The Oksana blend has a bit of the attitude this morning. It’ll get your day started right!

I shouldn’t be surprised that the big kittens have figured out how to climb atop the crate, but I am. STOP GROWING, KITTENS.

All alone on the bus, woe.

I suspect there’s a large contingent of the Virtue-Moir fandom who would like to believe the human version of this pair also sleep snuggled up like this on the regular.

Katarina keeps the little ones company at the milk bar.

Ohno, showing off her white paws (well, one of them.)

Those whiskers are outta control, Katarina. I think maybe we need to put some mousse on them.

That box (Emmy’s box!) has gotten quite popular with the little ones.

Oksana and Katarina, babysitting.

Oksana, is that a SMILE I see on your face?

Keepin’ the toes clean.

“Who, me?” Yes YOU, Deanzilla.

Torvill, up close.

Tiny Debi in the Tiny Basket.

“Hallo, lady.” Oh, that Picabo.

The older 4 kittens went on a field trip to my bedroom for a couple of hours yesterday morning. They have literally spent their entire lives in the foster room, so seeing this new room (AND they could get into the bathroom from there!) kind of blew their minds. They ran around...

Being the prey for a natural-born "predator" has never been so endearing/cute. Moar animal gifs over here! Squee! Spotter: Unknown Tagged: baby , cat , gifs , Hall of Fame , jump , jumping , kitten , pounce , pouncing , Predator , prey , stalking Share on Facebook
Free! -Take Your Marks- sells 6,336 + 1,991, followed by live-action Fullmetal Alchemist, Land of the Lustrous, Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru., live-action Ajin
Terasoma plays Kiroranke, Takemoto plays Tsukishima
Dogs are one of the more well-known farters of the animal kingdom. As you know from my previous posts on the Dog Fart Suit, we’ve not only peered into the content of dog flatus, but have even considered how to make their farts less stinky.Tags: blogguest editorialbook reviewsreviews
Citizen science opportunities for dog loversYou are the expert on your dogs. You’ve spent years observing them closely, noting their habits and feelings and quirks. Your watchful eyes are capturing data that could help researchers understand and improve care for dogs in all stages of life. You can share that data by participating in canine citizen science. Citizen science projects rely on large numbers of volunteers to collect data, and then submit it online. More and more canine researchers are turning to the internet to gather information about pet pups. These projects allow you to participate in science research taking place all over the world.Tags: blogresearch
WARNING: GRAPHIC. Cat is viciously mauled by pack of wolves. Blood is everywhere. Submitted by: (via KingKendrickLamar) Tagged: dogs , gifs , cute , Cats Share on Facebook
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This is my baby, Keanu (Never let your mother named your pets!). Ever since he got diagnosed with Feline Aids, he seemed gloomy and I was horrified, but as I was finished gardening, I found him rolling around in the flowers and playing like when he was little, until he snoozed off! It gave me lots of hope that regardless he will have a good life! Squee! Spotter: Pikalunna Tagged: cat , feline aids , frolicking , heartwarming , optimism , positive , reader squees , sleeping , touching , undeterred Share on Facebook
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