…because he knew he would be put there anyway, as he has been the last two days (to no apparent effect…).

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She never makes me feel badHarlow is a sweet dog with many fine qualities, several of which I have already written about in a previous blog. In that piece, I discussed how incredibly nice she is, and I alluded to the fact that she welcomes attention from everyone but is not pushy about it. When we recently hosted Harlow again for 5 days while her guardian traveled for work, I noticed this quality of non-pushiness and thought a lot about how wonderful it is.Tags: behaviorlife with dogsblog
Dog's name: Hank & Zeus How did you name your dogs? Both of these boys were rescues and we decided to keep their names as they fit them so well. Hank is a Cattle Dog and Zeus is full of lightning and thunder. Tell us the story of how you adopted your dogs? Zeus was rescued just after losing one of our seniors. Zeus was skin and bones with no fur. His ears were three sizes too big at just 12 weeks. We rescued Hank at two years old after he spent time in at least four homes (that we know of) and unfortunately was exposed to many terrible things. It was instant love and the two have been inseparable ever since. What makes your dogs smile? Hank loves his granddad more than anything else. He and his grandad like to sneak junk food when they think Mom doesn’t know.Tags: smiling dogs
Ginger was still wearing the same collar she had on when she ran off three years ago.
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Daisy Mae loves her brother the cat, especially his poo.

“I jumped over the baby gate so I could snack from the cat box.”

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I peed on our rug, because I thought it was Purple Shaggy Grass… I’m Sorry!
– Roman

Roman is a rescue dog, that had never had an accident in the house, until now. He just had a moment of confusion… But at least he’s sorry.

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Andi decided she would surprise mummy with breakfast in bed… or breakfast on the couch… on the floor… It’s the thought that counts.

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Endless reasons, endless joyMy parents, despite being otherwise lovely people, are just not that into dogs. My Mom once said, completely seriously, “I just don’t understand why people would want to have an animal living in their house.” Though her view presumably matches exactly zero people reading this blog, I think the question of why we want to share our lives and our homes with dogs is an interesting one. There are certainly plenty of reasons NOT to want a dog (cleaning up vomit, fur on the furniture, budget woes and trash parties anyone?) Clearly the up side of having a dog outweighs the inconveniences of having one, much like the cost-benefit analysis of having human children makes them worthwhile despite the many drawbacks of parenthood. Tags: life with dogsblog
Research indicates that for wolves to be effective at directly reducing red deer numbers and allowing nature to recover in the Scottish Highlands they may need to be reintroduced to very large fenced reserve.
The whole Lugdon family was enamored with Miss Maggie Moose, but Leo, their dog, may have been the most smitten of all.
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Once my dog brought in a dead bat which most likely killed by who knows what. She brought it in as a “gift” and put it on our SOFA..
Why animal control? That was not us, that was our grandmother after we told her the story.
Here is what the sign says:
I brought in a dead bat and went nuts when the animal control people came over to check me for rabies. That is just 1 of the bad things I have done.
Sorry for poor handwriting. :/

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Laurel wilt disease has had a devastating effect on the avocado industry in South Florida in past harvest seasons. Early detection can be instrumental in deterring a widespread infection. The use of scent-discriminating dogs has shown to offer the avocado industry legitimate signs of hope in their fight against the spread of the disease throughout their groves.
Bassets are swift, deadly and ever vigilant. They are known to enslave humans. (This video is seriously hilarious.)
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When an injured dog found her way to this family's porch, they couldn't turn a blind eye.
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Meet Cooper and his new memory foam bed. “It wasn’t me… It must of been defective.”

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A new study shows how veterans with PTSD may benefit physiologically from using service dogs. This study used a physiological marker to define the biobehavioral effects of service dogs on veterans with PTSD.
Sasha's owner believes the dog's quick action may very well have saved their lives.
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I ate moms pork chop off of her plate when she wasn’t looking. Then to show her how bad I felt about it…I threw it up on the couch.


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Evidence of environmental effects on behaviorThe dogs who colonized the island of Bali before the end of the most recent glaciation differentiated into their own unique breed at least 3000 years ago. In ancient times, far fewer people visited Bali than other islands such as neighboring Java, which limited migration of new dogs to Bali. For most of the last 100 years, a strict program designed to control rabies meant that few new dogs came to the island. Though genetic studies have found too much diversity among Bali Street Dogs (or BSDs as they are also known) for them to be considered a truly isolated dog population, they are believed to have bred freely and roamed the island with limited outside gene flow for thousands of years. Additionally, unlike many dogs around the world, BSDs have not likely been actively selected for specific morphological or behavioral traits.Tags: behaviorblogresearch
Saving Florida Avocado GrovesJust when I was thinking if it is possible to train my dog Lola to “detect” aphids on our backyard apple tree, I learn that dogs trained at Florida International University have a leg up on us. The Florida researchers looked at using “the highly sensitive canine olfactory system that is capable of detecting odor concentrations at exceedingly minute 1 to 2 parts per trillion” to help in early detection work to find the red-bay ambrosia beetle, a nonnative insect that was introduced from Asia in untreated wooden packing material. That transplant beetle is responsible for the spread of “laurel wilt” that is decimating avocado groves in Florida. Tags: work of dogsresearch