I came home to an empty box of tissues and this little face. Scully, what’s your excuse?

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Wow! I like taco pizza too.

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River's rescuer had initially planned to adopt him, but her other dog found the situation too stressful. Jennifer Vaz said surrendering him was the hardest thing she ever had to do.
Emaciated stray finds new homeThe dog was alone on a tropical island and in rough shape. She was starved, full of ticks, had a sliced ear, and vultures were following her around. It’s unlikely she would have survived much longer. Her health was terrible and the island she was on would disappear with the seasonal rise of the Amazon River. It was hours away by boat to the nearest human settlement and the island offered little to sustain her. She was rescued by an Irish tourist named David Foster who was on a tour that stopped at that island for lunch. When the dog came running to the people on the boat, they didn’t immediately recognize her as a dog because she was so emaciated. Her eager approach suggests that she was desperately happy to see people, perhaps recognizing that a stroke of luck had come her way.Tags: travelblog
Marine vet, adoption snafu, unauthorized dog adoption, Humane Society of Central Texas, yellow lab, great pyrenees, golden retriever
Marine vet, adoption snafu, unauthorized dog adoption, Humane Society of Central Texas, yellow lab, great pyrenees, golden retriever
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Researchers have uncovered new details in how the olfactory epithelium develops. The new knowledge could help scientists prove that turbinates and the resulting larger surface area of the olfactory epithelium are one definitive reason dogs smell so well.

“I tore apart my bed…AGAIN!! Mom says ‘no more nice beds for me’. -Kahle”

Kahle seems to think she is too good for her $75 bed.

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The rogue pup was safely apprehended thanks in part to Trooper Corey Brown, whose quick thinking helped get the dog off the highway and out of danger.
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Luck be a lady! Tina is a senior-dog jackpot, available in Las Vegas, NV. Let's find her a forever home.
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Choices, decisions and compromiseIn Blake Shelton’s “I’ll Name the Dogs” he sings about his desire to make a life with the woman he loves, saying, “You name the babies and I’ll name the dogs.” Dogs receive equal billing with kids in the lyrics of this hit song, and they beat out the children for the song’s title. This makes sense to anyone who truly understands the prominent role of dogs in our lives. It’s a love song, but Shelton proposes something practical—a division of labor for the naming duties. Though most people prefer to work together when naming dogs or babies, splitting the decisions could prevent a lot of conflict. Tags: lifestylelife with dogsblog
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Everyone has tried it at one time or another: attempting to identify a dog’s breed by its physical appearance. With purebred dogs the task can be easy—Dalmatians sport the classic spots, Pomeranians are a distinctive ball of fur. Even breeds with more variable appearances, Australian Shepherds, Greyhounds, Pointers, generally hold true to their breed’s distinctive physical traits. But guessing the ancestry of a mixed-breed dog is a lot harder than it looks.Tags: DNA/Genes
Fed up by dog owners who fail to scoop their poop, a small town in Italy is using science to deter the practice. Some U.S. communities are doing it, too!
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Should we allow dogs to sleep in our beds? Watching dogs sleep —limbs akimbo, eyebrows twitching, paws paddling in a dreamland chase—is one of the joys of living with them. Another is the coziness of sharing our beds with them. Whether for emotional comfort, warmth (you’ve heard the expression “three-dog night,” right?) or because the bed is their go-to spot, many of us sleep with our dogs. Yet, while it makes us happy, we occasionally wonder if it’s something we should actually be doing. One concern relates to old-school ideas about dominance. For many years, we were told that allowing our dogs on the bed with us would interfere with our attempts to dominate them, which was supposedly essential to having a well-trained dog. While shame about sleeping with dogs is far less common than it was a decade or two ago, a lot of us still fear being judged on the nighttime canine company...
A new blood test can quickly spots early signs of liver disease in dogs, a study suggests. The test means that fewer dogs will have to undergo invasive liver biopsies.
Airlines are not the only organizations grappling with the complexities surrounding emotional support animals. Colleges and courts are also questioning the need for these animals and the effects they may have on students and juries, respectively, according to new research.
A new, inspiring video produced by Mutual Rescue™ prompted us to check in with the innovative initiative we first profiled in 2016. We lauded the debut of their first film short “Eric & Peety” on Valentine’s Day 2016, and we were not alone in our appreciation. The film became a viral sensation with over 100 million views in two years. The newest release from Mutual Rescue tells the story of “Mike & Abbie”—two lost souls who were fortunate to find each other and discover their true passions in life. Abbie’s love of surfing has propelled her to become the most honored canine in the sport’s history. It’s a must-see.Tags: blog
For nearly 60 years, the red fox has been teaching scientists about animal behavior. In a long-term experiment, Russian foxes have been selected for tameness or aggression, recreating the process of domestication from wolves to modern dogs in real time. Today, with the first-ever publication of the fox genome, scientists will begin to understand the genetic basis of tame and aggressive behaviors, which could shed light on human behavior, as well.
Another success story for the Throwaway Dogs Project, which took a hapless victim of the legal system and turned him into a happy, healthy police dog.
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